Security windows

Burglary-resistant aluminium windows provide security and protection from burglary to your house, flat or commercial building.

Security windows

Certified security and burglary protection for windows

Burglary-resistant aluminium windows provide security and protection from burglary to your house, flat or commercial building. heroal safety windows offer a standard, basic protection which, thanks to the modular design of our products, may be further increased on demand. As certified by an independent test of ift Rosenheim, Institute for research, testing and certification, heroal safety windows in combination with lockable handles are resistance class RC 3-rated and thus able to resist loads of 600 kg. The protection from burglary is not visible from the outside.

What is so special about heroal security windows?

Security up to RC 4

The combination of a heroal security window made from aluminium and a heroal security roller shutter made from stainless steel has been tested including resistance class RC 4, and efficiently protects you against break-ins.

Certified by an independent institute

The independent institute “Institut für Fenstertechnik“ (ift Rosenheim) tests all heroal windows on their resistance class in compliance with German industry norm DIN EN 1627. The certification awarded by ift confirms the appropriate burglar resistant features of heroal windows.


The material aluminium considerably adds to the burglary prevention provided by heroal security windows. All windows are manufactured from a strong aluminium-pvc-composite, offering highest stability and durability.

What makes heroal windows so safe

A number of different requirements need to be fulfilled for a window to qualify for a specific burglary resistance class. Security windows by heroal meet the these requirements by their number of locking points, lockable window handles, penetration-resistant safety glass, fittings with mushroom locking bolts as well as a pry-proof protection. In addition, the material aluminium plays an important role for the stability of the security window. Finally, the professional installation also makes a significant contribution to the burglary prevention a window offers.

Locking points

Locking points - The more locking points, the more the burglary protection your windows provide. Four RC locking points put the windows in burglar resistance class RC 2, and twelve locking points put them in resistance class RC 3.

Anti-lift protection

Anti-lift protection - Burglars often break into your house by lifting a closed or locked window. Anti-lift protection makes this considerably more difficult.

Lockable window handle

Lockable window handle - A lockable window handle is mandatory for resistance class RC 3. If the window glass is destroyed, this provides additional burglary protection.

Safety glass

Safety glass - Laminated safety glass makes the window less susceptible to breaking. Depending on security requirements, our specialist partners use this glass as additional protection for your heroal security windows.

Mushroom-head lock

Mushroom-head lock - If a house has new windows but no mushroom-head locks, burglars can break in just as quickly as they could into a house with old windows. The fittings have mushroom-shaped pins that offer optimum protection against levering.


Aluminium - All heroal windows are made of an aluminium-KS composite. Aluminium offers a very long service life and is particularly stable. This makes heroal windows ideal security windows.

heroal security windows RC 3

Security windows with resistance class RC 3 prevent the perpetrator from gaining access to your home at any point of attack for at least 5 minutes. Find the right heroal security window to meet your personal demands on burglary prevention and security now.

heroal W 65

  • Burglary resistance class RC 3
  • Thermal insulation Uf ≥ 2.2
  • Small face widths

Certified burglary prevention with heroal security windows

The security and quality of heroal windows have been certified by the German testing institute Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift Rosenheim). Since 1966, the independent institute has been testing building elements on their safety, function and serviceability. At ift Rosenheim, heroal security windows are tested on their resistance class, on the basis of German industry norm DIN EN 1627. In these tests, a specific kind of perpetrator and the perpetrator’s behaviour are simulated for a predetermined period of time. To qualify for resistance class RC 4, a perpetrator must be unable to gain access through a closed and locked window within 10 minutes, despite using cutting tools, a cordless electric drill and heavy-duty stroking tools such as an axe, mortise chisel, hammer or pick tool.

Security windows with roller shutters – burglary resistance up to resistance class RC 4

The combination of a heroal security window and a heroal security roller shutter made from stainless steel offers significantly increased security for your home. Each one of them alone, the security window and the stainless steel roller shutter, comply with the requirements of resistance class RC 3. In order to achieve resistance class RC 3, the closed and locked window must resist attacks by any perpetrator using tools such as a screwdriver, claw wrench or simple drilling tools, for at least 5 minutes. A combination of both, window and shutter, increases burglary prevention, which then meets the standards of resistance class RC 4. That means this combination can even withstand attacks by experienced perpetrators using additional cutting and striking tools - for at least 10 minutes.

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What do resistance classes (RC/WK) for windows acc. to DIN EN 1627 mean?

The classification of security windows has been defined in the German industry norm DIN EN 1627. This norm uses different resistance classes in order to define for how long a window is able to resist attacks to break it open. After a revision of this norm in 2011, the original German term (WK = “Widerstandsklasse”) was replaced by the international term “Resistance Class” (RC), which has been used Europe-wide since then. The higher the resistance class, the higher the burglary prevention a window provides. The police recommend the installation of security windows which meet at least the requirements of resistance class RC 2. A number of factors contribute to the achievement of a specific resistance class. All of these factors need to meet specific requirements, starting with wall attachment through glazing and locking points to professional installation. Please find below a survey of the different resistance classes and the requirements windows of each class have to fulfil.

Resistance class Resistance time (min.) Type of perpetrator Requirements Recommendation
RC 1 - Opportunistic perpetrator - Not recommended
RC 2 3 Opportunistic perpetrator Laminated safety glass P4A
4 locking points
RC 2N 3 Opportunistic perpetrator - Private
RC 3 5 Opportunistic perpetrator Laminated safety glass P5A
12 locking points
Lockable handle
Private, in areas with a high rate of break-ins
Precious inventory
RC 4 10 Experienced perpetrator Laminated safety glass P6B
12 locking points
Lockable handle
Commercial building


  • Where can I buy heroal security windows?

    heroal security windows are made to measure and perfectly adapted to your individual requirements by heroal specialist partners. Your heroal specialist partner in your area will be glad to provide advice on the best security components for you and your building situation, and also takes care of a professional installation, so that you can feel safe and protected at home. Please use our heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator in your area easily and fast.

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  • Who takes care of the assembly and installation of heroal security windows?

    The mounting and installation of your security windows is essential in order to achieve the required protection from burglary. The individual burglary resistance class can only be guaranteed if the windows are professionally installed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to ask an expert to mount and install your security windows. With more than 3,500 specialised partners worldwide, heroal offers you a wide network of competent fabricators who can advise you and carry out the installation of your security windows in a professional way. Please use our specialised partner search in order to find the competent heroal fabricator near you. So nothing stands in the way of your preventive security.

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Advantages of heroal security windows at a glance

heroal security windows are especially efficient, durable and individually adaptable. They have been certified by the German testing institute ift Rosenheim for burglary resistance up to class RC 3 and, in combination with heroal security roller shutters, even meet the standards of resistance class RC 4 for increased protection against burglary. See for yourself. Our skilled heroal specialised partners will be glad to advise you.

  • High stability and durability because of the material aluminium
  • Professional installation by heroal specialised partners
  • Certification up to RC 4
  • Increased security invisible from the outside
  • Individually adaptable

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