Aluminium front doors

Design a custom front door just as you'd like it, provide maximum burglary protection and smart operation for the utmost in home comfort.

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Aluminium front doors

High-quality front doors, made in Germany

Front doors have to meet the highest standards: The front door gives the first impression of a house. Front doors should match the house's look and, above all, the design of the windows. In addition to design, front doors also have to fulfil functional tasks such as security and thermal insulation. You should leave nothing to chance when you choose your new aluminium front door. We will show you what you need to look out for and what advantages an aluminium front door by heroal offers you in comparison to front doors made of other materials.

What makes heroal aluminium front doors superior?

Personalized design

No matter what style and colour you choose, Aluminium front doors by heroal always deliver the highest quality. Almost any colour shade and gloss level is possible. heroal front doors are available with a wide variety of door panels. The choice is yours.

Protection for your home

heroal aluminium front doors with resistance class RC 3 can withstand any burglar. At the same time, you get superior sound insulation values up to class 5. The strong weather-resistant coating means that your heroal doors are ready for any weather conditions.

Your smart front door

heroal aluminium front doors are compatible with all common smart home systems to give you more comfort, security and energy efficiency in your networked home. Code key, fingerprint or smartphone – you decide how you want to operate your front door.

Aluminium front doors from A to Z

  • The advantages of aluminium front doors
    The advantages of aluminium front doors

    With heroal, you can be sure you are getting a reliable, durable front door. Aluminium ensures a low-maintenance service life for many years down the line. Front doors made of aluminium are not only durable, they also offer a wide variety of design possibilities. Innovative coating technologies make it possible to create a wide range of different designs, including a broad palette of RAL colours as well as wood and concrete looks. In addition, aluminium front doors by heroal are made of up to 85% recycled aluminium and guarantee maximum energy efficiency with the lowest possible material usage.

    Learn more about the advantages of aluminium front doors now.

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  • Custom aluminium front doors
    Custom aluminium front doors

    A heroal aluminium front door means unlimited design possibilities. Even if your needs happen to change later on. With a range of colours and designs like ours, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Find the perfect front door for your home from a wide range of colours, finishing options, door designs, controls and many extras. Discover the many sides of the heroal front door system!

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  • Front door designs
    Front door designs

    With heroal aluminium front doors, you open up an unlimited number of design possibilities. Choose among the large palette of RAL colours to match the design of your windows, or use the innovative heroal SD surface coating to give your aluminium front door a wood, concrete or rust look. You can also have your front door made to fit your specific needs with heroal's custom front door service.

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  • Certified burglary protection for front doors
    Certified burglary protection for front doors

    Uninvited guests do not stand a chance: Security doors by heroal guarantee increased burglary protection up to resistance class RC 3. A range of components such as hinges, panels, locks and high-quality aluminium put the security of your aluminium front door first – without limiting your door's design or dimensions. With security doors by heroal, burglars meet their match.

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  • Aluminium front doors that meet passive house standards
    Aluminium front doors that meet passive house standards

    heroal front doors provide excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to their modular design, it is possible to achieve U-values that meet any needs, including passive house standards. When you choose an aluminium front door by heroal, you choose the highest quality, energy efficiency and comfort. Learn more about the passive house standard, the importance of U-values and heroal technologies for maximum energy efficiency.

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  • Optimal sound insulation for front doors
    Optimal sound insulation for front doors

    In addition to burglary protection, thermal insulation and design, sound insulation also plays an important role in the choice of a front door. heroal aluminium front doors are available up to sound insulation class 3, which means they can reduce the sound level by up to 39 decibels. A conventional room door, on the other hand, achieves sound insulation of around 15 to 25 decibels. There are several factors that make a good sound insulation door – such as the mass, the tightness and the installation. Every element has to be properly integrated to provide effective sound insulation.

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  • Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door
    Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door

    A heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door combines modern design, high-quality materials and maximum functionality with the distinctive Le Corbusier colour spectrum. You have a choice of 63 colours that are perfectly harmonised and can be combined in any way imaginable. A heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door can be individually adapted to the look of your house, making it a perfect choice for both new houses and modernisation projects. Discover the advantages of heroal front doors and create your dream door with our front door configuration tool.

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  • Specialist partners for heroal front doors
    Specialist partners for heroal front doors

    Do you want to replace your old front door or find a solution for your new house? You can rely on our specialist partners to find the right heroal front door. They will give you comprehensive advice, and they'll install your front door quickly and conveniently. For more information about door displays by our specialist partners or about finding a specialist partner in your area, please give us a call or use our specialist partner search tool.

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Which aluminium front door is right for me?

Discover the variety of heroal aluminium front doors and find the door that matches the look of your windows and your house. heroal offers a broad product portfolio for doors, equipped with a selection of insulation values that extend as high as passive house standards. There is no limit to the creative design possibilities for your aluminium front door. See for yourself and get an overview of all the factors to take into account in the choice of a door system.

The heroal front door configurator

With the heroal front door configurator, you can create your own unique Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door. Discover the broad range of harmonious colour combinations with Le Corbusier colours for your heroal front door. Choose from a variety of designs, leaf types, hinges, handles and technological features to put together a door that is perfect for you and your home. Configure your unique heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door now!

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Our front door systems

Front door designs

Different designs are possible for the entrance to your home, according to your wishes. You are free to choose a side panel on the left, the right or on both sides of your front door. heroal front doors make it easy to turn your ideas into a reality. A transom light above the door can provide additional illumination. heroal also offers round-arch windows as transom lights made with our own in-house bending service. That means fast and flexible delivery for your round-arch transom light. The opening direction also plays an important role in the design of a front door. Your door can open to the right or left as required.

Find the perfect canopy for your front door!

Would you like to make the entrance to your home even more unique? You can find the perfect canopy to match your dream front door. The dimensions of your canopy will be perfectly adapted to your home's entrance. In addition to protecting against wind and weather, a canopy offers you a wide variety of design options. You can match the colour of your front door canopy perfectly to your entrance area, or you can choose to create visual accents. The full RAL colour palette is at your disposal. Our in-house surface coating technology ensures weather-resistant and durable colours. There are almost no limits to what you can design. Find the right canopy for your front door now!

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Innovative coating technologies for aluminium front doors heroal hwr powder coating

heroal hwr powder coating
Aluminium front doors in all RAL colours

Robust, weather- and UV-resistant hwr powder coating maintains the colour intensity of your aluminium front door through the years. Tests have shown that the colour and gloss intensity remains virtually unchanged compared to conventional coating processes, even years after installation. You can choose from the full RAL colour palette with a range of available gloss levels. heroal hwr powder coating makes the surface of your front door particularly easy to clean as well as sustainable and environmentally friendly. Take a look at a small selection of the available colours.

heroal SD
Aluminium front doors with wood, concrete or rust look

heroal SD coating technology provides a broad range of design possibilities for the surface of your door. The profiles are sealed in PE foil in a vacuum process and then the design is burned in using heat exposure. This makes it possible to give the surface of your aluminium front door an attractive wood, concrete or rust look. That means you have even more ways to make sure your house gives the best first impression. SD surface coating stands out for its high durability (equivalent to hwr powder coating) and its refined look. Take a look at some design possibilities.

Front door panels

A front door panel puts the finishing touches on your entrance area and rounds off the appearance of your house. Our specialist partners get front door panels from selected, well-known manufacturers such as Adeco, Obuk and Rodenberg. Whether you prefer a classic design or an elegant modern look – any of these panels can be combined with the heroal front door using an innovative click-in system. Take a look at a selection of possible door panels. Get inspired.

Door handles for front doors

The heroal design lever handle in the fittings series heroal DF guarantees maximum flexibility and a design that can be adapted to your individual needs. This lever handle also features intuitive, easy operation. heroal door fittings are compatible with the latest technologies, such as keyless entry and Bluetooth, which make them even more convenient. Self-locking and multi-locking fitting options can give your front door an extra level of safety.

Barrier-free front door thresholds

With a heroal front door, you can make your door barrier-free. There is a distinction between a barrier-free entrance door, with a maximum threshold height of 20 mm, and a 0-barrier threshold-free door. A solution that provides a stepless threshold is required for barrier-free apartments. A 0-barrier makes it possible to pass freely through the front door without being restricted by a threshold. However, the lack of a threshold can lead to moisture penetration in the case of heavy rain. heroal offers a solution that keeps heavy rain and moisture out while still providing a 0-barrier door. The drainage system heroal DS is designed for a drainage capacity of up to 200 l/m2. And it is practically invisible.

Door hinges for aluminium front doors

Hinges are an important part of a front door because they ensure smooth opening and closing. The selection of hinges for your door depends on its closing direction. The number of hinges required depends on the total weight of the front door. With heroal, you can choose between an aluminium or stainless steel roller hinge, a top hinge or a concealed door hinge that is practically invisible. Hinges are also available in a wide variety of colours.

Front door lock systems

You can feel safe with heroal front doors because they provide burglary protection up to resistance class RC 3. Our locks are tested up to burglary protection class RC 3, which means that they provide real safety.

With the door systems heroal D 92 UD and heroal D 72 you can stay on the safe side, because they provide protection up to class RC 3.

Mechanical lock components

  • choice of locking points
  • in combination with heroal door system RC 2
  • can be used on the right or left

Semi-automatic lock components

  • increased safety with automatic locking
  • in combination with heroal door sastem RC 2
  • can be used on the right or left

Fully automatic lock components

  • increased comfort with motorised opening and closing
  • can be combined with fingerprint, app, etc.
  • in combination with heroal door system RC 2

Front door automation

Keyless entry

Keyless entry allows you to open your front door using a code or fingerprint system. A fingerprint system recognises the stored fingerprints and opens the door only if there is a match. The advantage of a keyless entry system is that you no longer have to carry a heavy bunch of keys with you. And a front door key that you do not have to carry around cannot be lost or stolen. A keyless access system additionally increases your security by preventing theft and burglary.

Smart home

heroal aluminium front doors are compatible with all common smart home systems Mit einem Smart Home System ist nicht nur das automatische Schließen und Öffnen, sondern auch die Überwachung des Verriegelungszustands Ihrer Tür von unterwegs aus möglich. In addition to increasing the comfort, it makes your front door safer. With a smartphone-controlled solution, your front door can open automatically when you come home and close automatically when you leave. The transmitter can register the smartphone in your pocket without you doing anything at all.

Thermally insulated aluminium front doors

The thermal insulation of your front door is an important factor when it comes to energy-efficient building or renovation. At heroal, we are continuously developing our front door profile systems and creating innovative technologies that are unique on the market. Depending on your needs, your heroal front door can achieve different insulation values, from highly insulated to passive-house certified.

heroal thermal break technology

heroal profile systems for front doors and windows set the standards for thermal insulation and always provide both sustainability and cost-effectiveness. At the heart of our systems is a unique thermal break technology that combines maximum strength with minimum heat loss. The geometries of the thermal breaks reduce the energy flow, which lowers the heat conductivity from the door interior to the outside. The heroal D 92 UD front door system can achieve U-levels of 0.7, which qualifies this front door as passive-house certified.

heroal foam filling process

The foaming process of heroal front door profiles also contributes significantly to superior thermal insulation. Filling the insulation chambers up 100 enables more optimal use of the thermal insulation compared to webs that are covered with insulating material.


Product features of heroal aluminium doors at a glance

A front door that meets your individual needs: versatile, strong and long-lasting. See for yourself. We would be happy to advise you on the design options and functional possibilities of heroal aluminium front doors. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure front doors

  • sturdy, durable and low-maintenance
  • Barrier-free accessibility
  • smart home compatible
  • superior thermal insulation up to passive house standards
  • quick and convenient professional installation

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