Aluminium front doors

Design a custom front door just as you'd like it, provide maximum burglary protection and smart operation for the utmost in home comfort.

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Aluminium front doors

High-quality front doors, made in Germany

Front doors for a safe and individual home: thanks to a wide range of versatile designs and unique colours and styles, heroal front door systems offer a variety of options to create individual entrance areas. In addition, heroal front door systems have a standard burglary resistance and can be adapted to your requirements for thermal insulation, including passive house levels. Intelligent solutions for access, such as fingerprints and ground-level thresholds with zero barrier, enhance the comfort of your home. heroal front door systems are made from aluminium. Door frames, sash frames and fittings are perfectly matched, and can be combined with the heroal design front door panel as well as door panels from other well-known manufacturers. Flush door sashes, sash-concealing attachment panels and concealed door hinges create subtle, aesthetically appealing designs and seamless looks.

What makes heroal aluminium front doors superior?

Personalized design

No matter what style and colour you choose, Aluminium front doors by heroal always deliver the highest quality. Almost any colour shade and gloss level is possible. heroal front doors are available with a wide variety of door panels. The choice is yours.

Protection for your home

heroal aluminium front doors with resistance class RC 3 can withstand any burglar. At the same time, you get superior sound insulation values up to class 5. The strong weather-resistant coating means that your heroal doors are ready for any weather conditions.

Your smart front door

heroal aluminium front doors are compatible with all common smart home systems to give you more comfort, security and energy efficiency in your networked home. Code key, fingerprint or smartphone – you decide how you want to operate your front door.

Which aluminium front door is right for me?

Discover the variety of heroal aluminium front doors, offering a range of doors with different profile and frame systems and matching front door panels. Together, our systems and panels turn your entrance area into the highlight of your home.

Front doors systems

Front door systems from heroal are the basis for your front door. heroal offers an extensive product portfolio for your entrance area, that provides for different insulation values including passive house levels.

Popular door designs

heroal front door systems can be combined with door panels from many well-known panel manufacturers like adeco, Obuk or Rodenberg. heroal also offers its own range of door panels, standing out for a straight lined design and exclusive surfaces.

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The heroal front door configurator

With the heroal front door configurator, you can create your own unique Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door. Discover the broad range of harmonious colour combinations with Le Corbusier colours for your heroal front door. Choose from a variety of designs, leaf types, hinges, handles and technological features to put together a door that is perfect for you and your home. Configure your unique heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door now!

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Aluminium front doors from A to Z

heroal front door panel

A special highlight is the combination with heroal’s design door panel. With an integrated handle strip and optional lighting, this door panel stands out for its subtle, timeless look. It is available in the exclusive shades of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier range, and can also be coated in colours of the extensive RAL palette, available with different gloss levels, as well as with heroal surface designs offering wood, concrete or rust looks. A complete front door including panel by heroal also captures with best values in terms of thermal insulation, burglary resistance and soundproofing.

Front door panels

Whether timeless or modern design, with or without glazed insert – the front door panel has a significant impact on the look of your front door. In addition to the heroal front door panel, our specialist partners offer a wide range of door panels for heroal front door systems from selected, well-known manufacturers like adeco, Obuk or Rodenberg. All panels can be combined with heroal front door systems using a patented, innovative click-in installation. Get inspired.

Security front doors

No chance for uninvited guests: front doors by heroal offer burglary protection including resistance class RC 3. They resist attacks by any perpetrator using additional drilling tools for up to 5 minutes. Hinges, panels, locks and the extremely sturdy material aluminium are components ensuring that your security is a top priority – without any limitations in terms of design, size and thermal insulation.

Custom front doors

heroal aluminium front doors stand for extensive design options and are individually manufactured to your wishes. In addition to standard sizes, our specialist partners manufacture extremely wide or large front doors, as well as arched or pointed arch front doors with sidelights and toplights, available in different opening variants.

Soundproof front doors

In addition to burglary protection, thermal insulation and design, sound insulation also plays an important role in the choice of a front door, because sound insulation has a major impact on healthy living conditions. Depending on where you live, busy streets, airports or railway lines nearby may create high levels of noise. heroal aluminium front doors offer sound insulation including sound insulation class 3, thus reducing noise levels by up to 39 decibels.

Front door locks

Front door locks are an important component when it comes to the security and ease of use of a front door. As part of he extensive fitting range heroal DF, heroal front door locks can be equipped with various components for additional ease of use and security, and with digital access devices, like a keyless entry control or a Bluetooth interface.

Front door colours

There are more than 500 RAL and 20 DB colours with different gloss levels available for heroal front doors. As an industry-exclusive service, heroal also offers Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, which are inspired by nature and can be harmoniously combined with each other. True to detail surface decors in wood, concrete or rust looks are also available. This way, your aluminium front door can be perfectly matched to your building shell. Explore the heroal variety of colours now.

Door canopies

To protect you against the weather and wind, heroal offers door canopies to match your individual front door. The size and colour of the custom-made canopy are adapted to suit the entrance of your house. Our in-house surface coating facilities create weather resistant, durable colours.


  • What design options are available for heroal front doors?

    With heroal aluminium front doors, a wide range of design options is made available to you. In addition to individually requested sizes, sidelights and fanlights can be added as required. Thanks to the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating, the colour intensity of your aluminium front door will be retained for years. There are up to 500 RAL and DB colours available to you, with different gloss rates ranging from brilliant through satin-gloss to mat, to perfectly adapt your front door to the style and colour design of your house. The exclusive, nature-inspired Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours offer yet a completely new colour spectrum. For those of you who do not want to do without the excellent material advantages of an aluminium front door, but favour looks such as wood, concrete or rust, the coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD) offers a wide range of options. With the heroal colour configurator, you can test the different colours and surfaces already now.

  • Which structural forms are available for heroal front doors?

    Different designs are possible for the entrance to your home, according to your wishes. You are free to choose a side panel on the left, the right or on both sides of your front door. heroal front doors make it easy to turn your ideas into a reality. A transom light above the door can provide additional illumination. heroal also offers round-arch windows as transom lights made with our own in-house bending service. That means fast and flexible delivery for your round-arch transom light. The opening direction also plays an important role in the design of a front door. Your door can open to the right or left as required.

  • Which fittings are used for heroal front doors?

    Door handles for front doors

    The heroal design lever handle in the fittings series heroal DF guarantees maximum flexibility and a design that can be adapted to your individual needs. This lever handle also features intuitive, easy operation. heroal door fittings are compatible with the latest technologies, such as keyless entry and Bluetooth, which make them even more convenient. Self-locking and multi-locking fitting options can give your front door an extra level of safety.

    Door hinges for aluminium front doors

    Hinges are an important part of a front door because they ensure smooth opening and closing. The selection of hinges for your door depends on its closing direction. The number of hinges required depends on the total weight of the front door. With heroal, you can choose between an aluminium or stainless steel roller hinge, a top hinge or a concealed door hinge that is practically invisible. Hinges are also available in a wide variety of colours.

    Barrel hinge
    Surface hinge
    Concealed hinge
  • Are heroal front doors capable of interacting with smart home systems?

    Keyless entry

    Keyless entry allows you to open your front door using a code or fingerprint system. A fingerprint system recognises the stored fingerprints and opens the door only if there is a match. The advantage of a keyless entry system is that you no longer have to carry a heavy bunch of keys with you. And a front door key that you do not have to carry around cannot be lost or stolen. A keyless access system additionally increases your security by preventing theft and burglary.

    Smart home

    heroal aluminium front doors are compatible with all common smart home systems. With a smart home system, it is not only possible to close and open automatically, but also to monitor the locking status of your door while on the move. In addition to increasing the comfort, it makes your front door safer. With a smartphone-controlled solution, your front door can open automatically when you come home and close automatically when you leave. The transmitter can register the smartphone in your pocket without you doing anything at all.

  • What about the energy efficiency of heroal front doors?

    The thermal insulation of your front door is an important factor when it comes to energy-efficient building or renovation. At heroal, we are continuously developing our front door profile systems and creating innovative technologies that are unique on the market. Depending on your needs, your heroal front door can achieve different insulation values, from highly insulated to passive-house certified.

    heroal thermal break technology

    heroal profile systems for front doors and windows set the standards for thermal insulation and always provide both sustainability and cost-effectiveness. At the heart of our systems is a unique thermal break technology that combines maximum strength with minimum heat loss. The geometries of the thermal breaks reduce the energy flow, which lowers the heat conductivity from the door interior to the outside. The heroal D 92 UD front door system can achieve U-levels of 0.7, which qualifies this front door as passive-house certified.

    heroal foam filling process

    The foaming process of heroal front door profiles also contributes significantly to superior thermal insulation. Filling the insulation chambers up 100 enables more optimal use of the thermal insulation compared to webs that are covered with insulating material.

  • Where do I find the model name of my heroal front door?

  • How should I clean a heroal front door?

    The powder-coated or anodised surface of your front door can be cleaned easily and fast with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, which does not damage the finish, and water and a neutral detergent (neutral cleaning agent, pH value 7). Any streaks or remaining water drops can be removed with a chamois leather. Use odourless white spirit or isopropyl alcohol to remove tenacious dirt, grease, oil, grime, silicone rubber mastic or adhesive residue. An ideal care result can be achieved by cleaning and protecting your front door with wax (e.g. car wax) once or twice a year.

  • Can I recoat a heroal front door?

    Generally speaking, powder-coated heroal front doors can be painted over with suitable paints. However, to achieve a satisfactory result for a long time, the powder coating should be removed first. As this requires extensive work, buying a new door is often less expensive. If you do not want to replace the complete door, you can also just install a new door panel. The reversible panel attachment by heroal is a very convenient way to replace the panel: a circumferential clip profile connects the door panel with the sash profile, so that the door panel can be replaced and the door design changed at a later date. Please ask your heroal fabricator about it or use the heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator near you.

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  • Where can I get spare parts for heroal front doors?

    All spare parts and suitable fittings for your heroal front door are available from our heroal specialist partners. Use the heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator near you. Our partners take care of a professional installation, carry out maintenance works on your front door and are able to answer all your questions about heroal front doors.

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Useful information

  • What to consider when buying a front door?

    A front door makes a significant contribution to the security, energy efficiency, sound insulation and look of your home. Therefore, buying a new front door should be carefully planned. We would like to make this easier for you, and have prepared a short checklist for you, addressing all important aspects.

    1. Accurate measurements

    Taking accurate measurements is important to ensure that your new front door fits perfectly into the existing door opening. Only a perfect fit achieves ideal values in terms of tightness, thermal insulation, sound insulation and burglary protection. heroal specialised partners measure your door directly on site. Use heroal’s specialised partner search to find the ideal fabricator near you, among more than 3,500 specialised partners worldwide.

    2. Design

    The front door is a highlight and sets the tone for the look of the house. Therefore, the design of your front door should match your individual ideas and the style of your house. Whether classic or modern: a wide range of colours, surfaces, shapes and panels are available for heroal front doors.

    3. Material

    The choice of the right material has an impact on the quality, durability, security and sound insulation of your front door. We differentiate between front doors made from wood, PVC and aluminium. When choosing the material, remember that your door should be robust, easy-care and durable. heroal relies on the material aluminium. Therefore, heroal front doors achieve excellent performance features and stand out for their thermal insulation, stability, durability, burglary protection and versatile design options.

    4. Burglary protection

    Front doors are popular targets attracting burglars – therefore, they should at least provide for burglary protection of resistance class RC 2. Then, the door will resist an opportunistic perpetrator trying to get in using basic tools for 3 minutes. The higher the resistance class, the better the burglary protection of the door. In addition to the resistance class, it is also important to pay attention to additional components when buying a front door, such as burglar-resistant fittings with multi-point locking, penetration-resistant door panels and door hinges with additional security devices on the hinged side. heroal front doors have been certified up to resistance class RC 3 by the German testing institutes ift-Rosenheim and TÜV-Nord, which means they withstand attempted break-ins up to 5 minutes.

    5. Thermal insulation

    Front doors as well as sidelights and fanlights play an important role when it comes to the energy efficiency of your house. A well-insulated exterior door should at least meet the requirements of the German Building Energy Act (GEG 2020) and have a minimum U-value of UD ≤ 1.8 W/m2K. The lower the U-value, the better the thermal insulation of the front door. The front door system heroal D 92 UD, for example, achieves U-values of UD > 0.7 W/m2K, meeting passive house level.

    6. Sound insulation

    Nowadays, the noise level outside your own house should not be underestimated. Especially in residential areas near busy streets, airports or railway lines, a good sound insulation has a significant impact on health and comfort of living. Therefore, your door should ensure sufficient noise protection for your home. The choice of the right soundproofing class depends on the noise level measured. Ask your heroal specialised partner about it – you will find a specialised partner near you in heroal’s specialised partner search. A partner will use special sound meters to measure the noise level, and determine the individually required soundproofing class.

    7. Professional installation

    The professional installation and adjustment of a front door ensures optimal results in terms of thermal insulation, security, sound insulation and durability. heroal specialised partners provide specialist advice, take measurements on site, deliver and install your new front door – and, if required, also dismount your old front door – , so that the optimal functioning of your new front door can be guaranteed and you can enjoy your new front door for a long time. And they are available at any time as your service partners, if your front door should require maintenance or repair.

  • When should a front door be replaced?

    The ideal time for replacing your old front door depends on a number of different factors. The expected cost of repairing a damaged door plays an important role, but also energy efficiency, sound insulation, burglary protection and changes in design preferences. The tighter and better insulated the front door, the less heat will be lost from the inside to the outside and the lower energy will be required to heat or air-condition your house. Security, or an increased need for security, are also important aspects that may lead to replacing an old door. heroal aluminium front doors offer a basic burglary protection as a standard, and have been certified up to resistance class RC 3.

    With a new front door, you will be able to achieve optimal values in terms of burglary protection, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and thus feel secure and comfortable in your own home. The design of a new front door may also enhance the look of your home, because you can adapt its design to your individual requirements and preferences.

  • Which material is best for front doors?

    Front doors are available in different materials, such as wood, PVC or aluminium. Each material offers advantages and disadvantages. In many respects, aluminium has proven to be the best material. Because it stands out for high stability, resistance to warping, best thermal insulation values, burglary protection, versatile designs, durability, low maintenance and very easy care.

    heroal front doors are made from aluminium. They are not only very secure and durable, they also offer ideal insulation features up to passive house suitability. Thanks to innovative coating technologies, various surface designs can be created, ranging from a wide pallet of RAL colours to wood, rust or concrete looks. In addition, an aluminium front door by heroal is made from 85 % recycled aluminium, ensuring highest energy efficiency with the lowest possible us of material.

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  • How high should the insulation value of a front door be?

    The lower the thermal transmittance value, the better the insulation features of a front door. Extremely energy-efficient front doors, such as the front door system heroal D 92 UD, offer insulation values of UD ≥ 0.7 W/m2K, even meeting passive house levels. It is recommended to select a front door with an insulation value below the statutory value of UD = 1.8 W/m2K, so that your front door, and your home, will also meet tomorrow’s energetic requirements.

  • How can fully accessible front doors be designed?

    Generally, we distinguish between accessible (or barrier-free) front doors with a maximum threshold height of 20 mm, and front doors with zero barrier (also 0-barrier), which describes an absolutely level, step-free threshold. To provide for fully accessible living, a front door with a zero barrier is expressly required. The German promotional bank KfW offers attractive funding programmes to achieve this. All models of heroal’s range of front doors can be designed with an accessible or level threshold. If a ground-level threshold in combination with an uncovered entrance area allows water to intrude, e.g. from driving rain, we recommend a drainage system for barrier-free front doors. With its drainage system heroal DS, heroal offers an integrated solution that keeps driving rain and accumulating water away from your front door and at the same time allows for the installation of a 0-barrier. The almost invisible drainage system heroal DS is designed for a drainage capacity of up to 200 l/m2.

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Product features of heroal aluminium doors at a glance

A front door that meets your individual needs: versatile, strong and long-lasting. See for yourself. We would be happy to advise you on the design options and functional possibilities of heroal aluminium front doors. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure front doors

  • sturdy, durable and low-maintenance
  • barrier-free accessibility
  • smart home compatible
  • superior thermal insulation up to passive house standards
  • quick and convenient professional installation

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