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Extend your living space with large aluminium patio doors and create a very special feel for your home.

Patio door

Aluminium patio doors for a special ambiance

Patio and balcony doors have to meet a variety of requirements. They allow you to create a spacious feel in your house. At the same time, they should meet the highest energy requirements and provide protection against noise, burglary and weather. Patio and balcony doors also have to be adaptable to the architecture of your house. No matter whether you choose a sliding door or a French door: we'll show you what you should consider when you make your selection.

What makes heroal patio doors stand out?

Bright, spacious room

heroal patio doors create a special feel for your rooms. Particularly narrow visible widths allow for light-flooded rooms and an unobstructed view. Whether for a patio or balcony door, in your conservatory or for your patio canopy: aluminium heroal patio and balcony doors offer a wide range of design options.

Cost and energy efficiency

A patio door by heroal offers particularly high thermal insulation thanks to a modular insulation zone with high-quality insulating materials. The result: superior insulation, higher energy efficiency and lower energy costs. Proven and tested heroal patio doors provide maximum thermal insulation and low air permeability.

All-round protection

Aluminium patio doors not only provide increased burglary protection, but are also particularly weatherproof, durable and sound-insulated. Whether you choose a French door or a sliding door, heroal patio doors offer barrier-free accessibility while protecting against moisture damage with sophisticated drainage technology.

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Useful information

  • What are the advantages of aluminium patio doors?

    The choice of the most suitable material – whether aluminium, PVC or wood – plays an important role when it comes to the performance features, durability and look of a patio door. heroal patio and balcony doors are made from aluminium, which stands out for a high-quality, elegant look, a sustainable use, and very effective protection against burglary, weather and noise. In addition, the material aluminium allows for designs with small face widths, and also for the installation of elements in extremely large openings.

    • durable and economic
    • low maintenance
    • easy care
    • made from recycled aluminium

    • high-quality look
    • various designs
    • meeting highest energy efficiency requirements

  • How do I protect a patio or balcony door against burglary?

    Patio and balcony doors are generally located at the back of a building, and therefore not open to public view. More than 40 % of all burglars use the patio or balcony door to gain entry. That makes the patio door the most popular target for burglary, both in one-family and multi-family homes. Therefore, the right burglary protection is very important. When buying a patio door, pay attention to lockable door handles, which make it more difficult for burglars to open the door from inside after having cut a small hole in the window pane. Fittings with mushroom head lock and anti lift devices prevent the doors from being forced upwards or pried open – one of the most common ways burglars enter the home. In addition, the use of penetration-resistant safety glass for balcony and patio elements is to be considered. The German industry norm DIN EN 1627 defines a number of different burglary resistance classes (RC) in order to classify burglary-resistant components used in construction. The police recommend the use of burglary protection class RC 2 for patio and balcony doors.

    Patio and balcony doors by heroal are available including resistance class RC 3. They have lockable window handles, mushroom head locks and anti lift devices. This means that a violent perpetrator will not be able to enter a home for at least 5 minutes, per point of attack. A period in which most burglars have long since given up. This means your home is secure, even when you are on your way.

  • Can heroal patio doors also be designed fully accessible?

    Barrier-free doors with step-free thresholds are not only recommended for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility, but also reduce the risk of tripping hazards. Patio doors by heroal offer barrier-free access to balconies and patios. French doors as well as sliding and lifting-sliding doors can be designed without thresholds. However, a barrier-free, fully accessible door has to fulfil additional criteria, for example a particularly wide door opening, or the electrical operability of the patio door, so that it can be opened and closed without physical effort. heroal also offers a wide range of solutions for this purpose. According to German industry norm DIN 18040-1, passage widths of 90 cm are recommended; French doors from heroal can be manufactured up to a width of 120 cm. An electric motor, which can interact with all conventional smart home systems, even allows for a large sliding door to be opened and closed without much effort, at the touch of a button or by voice command.

    The drainage system heroal DS for French doors and lifting-sliding doors without threshold makes sure that rainwater drains off without any backflow, and that drainage is not impeded. This way, you effectively protect the building against damages due to moisture.

  • Are heroal patio doors made to measure?

    Patio and balcony doors by heroal are individually manufactured and made to measure. Our professional specialist partners take measurements on site, and manufacture custom-fit elements. heroal offers a wide range of designs, opening variants, performance features and colours, so that your tailor-made patio door perfectly blends into your home. Therefore, heroal patio doors can also be easily installed at a later date, which makes them suitable for renovation.

  • Who manufactures and installs my patio door?

    With more than 3,500 specialist partners worldwide, heroal offers an extensive network of professional fabricators. They offer detailed advice on the purchase of your new patio door, manufacture the door according to your requirements, and professionally install and adjust the door on site. If required, heroal specialist partners also take care of the disposal of your old patio door, and offer maintenance and repair services. Use the heroal specialist partner search now, and find a fabricator near you with just a few clicks (no obligations).

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  • What opening and design variants do heroal patio doors offer?

    A patio door from heroal offers greatest freedom of design, and, thanks to large glass surfaces, meets top architectural standards and creative designs. For a perfect look of your patio door, heroal offers you the wide range of RAL colours with different gloss levels – and you can also design frames and sashes in different colours, if desired. Thanks to the exclusive partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, you can also choose from 63 nature-inspired colour shades, which can be harmoniously combined and create outstanding architectural highlights. With its elegant wooden and concrete looks, the surface technology heroal Surface Design (SD) provides for additional options for creative design.

    Patio doors from heroal are suitable for nearly any installation situation and allow for large glass surfaces providing maximum transparency. For example, balcony doors can be created as French doors with one or two sashes, without centre joint or mullion. With heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems, you can create a wide range of sash combinations, including a 90° corner that can be opened.

  • Are there matching insect screens for heroal patio doors?

    Insects such as flies, mosquitoes and wasps are often uninvited guests in your own four walls. Especially in the summer months, patio doors are highly frequented passageways that are often open, but also allow a large number of insects to enter your home. heroal offers various options for effective protection against insects. You can choose between sliding insect screens for patio doors, sliding and lifting-sliding doors, as well as insect screens with a pivoting frame or swing screens for French doors. Pleated insect screens with vertical folding are ideal for very large openings, where sliding insect screens are not possible. Find out more about heroal insect screen systems and their wide range of fabrics now.

    More about heroal fly screen solutions >

  • Are heroal patio doors electrically operated?

    An electric patio door offers you more ease of use, total accessibility and security. Open and close your patio door conveniently, by the push of a button. heroal patio doors are capable of interacting with all conventional smart home systems. That means entry to your home can be controlled using an app. Thanks to modern drive technology, our automatic sliding doors do not require any cabling, and represent a very elegant, aesthetically and technically appealing solution. Even with manual operation, our high-quality aluminium sliding doors offer many advantages, for example easy operability and a soft close system.

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Product characteristics of heroal patio doors

Aluminium patio doors by heroal are the perfect combination of transparency and thermal insulation. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal sliding doors and French doors. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

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  • unlimited design possibilities
  • durable, stable and long-lasting
  • available with advanced thermal insulation
  • smart home compatible
  • barrier-free accessibility
  • easy and convenient operation

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