Burglary protection

Give yourself and your home optimal protection against burglary and scare off intruders.

Burglary protection

Why burglary protection is so important

A burglary takes place in Germany every three minutes. Property damage caused by burglaries is estimated at up to 440 million euros a year. According to police crime statistics, 90 % of burglars enter homes through windows and doors. In most cases this is done by wedging open the door or window using a simple tool such as a screwdriver. But material damage is only one aspect. The emotional effects of a burglary are much worse. Almost half of all those affected feel permanently insecure in their own homes and the majority are plagued by anxiety and sleep disorders. Burglary protection should therefore not be neglected. With the right security measures, you can make life difficult for burglars. About a third of all burglary attempts are broken off because the burglars cannot enter the home quickly enough. Investments in burglar-resistant measures pay off. We will help you to find the right burglary protection for your home and increase your security.

Popular burglary targets

Coming through the
front door

Climbing through the

Gaining access through the
patio door

Coming through the
front door

Climbing through the

Gaining access through the
patio door

Burglary protection from A to Z

  • Resistance classes at a glance

    Resistance classes for burglary-resistant components

    For proper burglary protection, it is advisable to select windows and doors with burglary resistance that has been tested and certified in accordance with DIN EN 1627. The overall construction of the frame, fittings and glazing is evaluated in the certification test. The standard that the element fulfills defines its RC (resistance class). This includes the resistance time, perpetrator behaviour and tool type. Resistance time refers to the period of time during which a burglar will definitely not succeed in breaking the test object at a single point of entry. The perpetrator does not succeed in entering within this time span at each respective point of entry. The perpetrator behaviour describes how aggressive the attempt is and how much physical violence is used. Finally, the tool type describes whether the element can resist simple tools such as screwdrivers or additional tools such as crowbars and saws. There are six basic resistance classes. The term "resistance class (RC)" has been in standard use since 2011.

    For effective burglary resistance, police recommend RC 2 resistance class protection. If the value of the household goods is higher or the need for security is greater, RC 3 resistance class protection is recommended. Most versions of heroal products such as doors and shutters are available in resistance class RC 3, and heroal window profiles combined with heroal stainless steel shutters can even reach RC 4. In the simulated test, even violent, experienced perpetrators with cordless drills, saws and impact tools did not make it into the building within a period of 30 minutes – a period in which most burglars have long since given up.

  • Tips for increasing security

    Tips for increasing burglary protection

    Protect your home not only by installing burglar-resistant components such as doors and shutters, but also by observing simple, everyday tips. By following these tips, you can contribute to effective protection against burglars. The police information centre advises you to keep doors and windows closed when leaving your house or flat, regardless of the length of your absence. This applies in particular to tilted windows, as they can provide burglars with easy access to your home. Doors should be locked as well as closed. When you return home, remember not to leave the key in the lock outside the door. The key should also not be left in the lock from the inside, particularly in doors with glass panels. If your key ring is stolen or lost, do not let the cost of changing your locks be a hindrance.

  • Burglary protection campaign K-einbruch

    Burglary protection campaign K-einbruch

    heroal is a partner in the burglary protection campaign K-Einbruch. A network of police and businesses have joined forces to address the subject of burglary protection and provide information and advice. Their main focus is on how to protect your home and increase your safety with appropriate behaviour and the right security technology. Learn more about the burglary protection campaign K-einbruch here.


  • Professional installation for effective burglary protection

    Professional installation for effective burglary protection

    Professional installation of your windows, doors and roller shutters is an important factor when it comes to effective security for your house. Our specialist partners will provide you with expert advice and ensure quick, clean and professional installation. Use our partner search tool to find a specialist partner near you. Find out today about specialists for effective burglary protection in your area.

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Detailed breakdown of resistance classes

Take a look here to find out how the ift Rosenheim testing institute defines standards according to DIN EN 1627 and what the specific differences are between the individual resistance classes.

Resistance class Resistance class Resistance time Type of perpetrator and perpetrator behaviour
*If burglar resistance is specifically required, resistance class RC 2 N is only recommended for components that are not expected to be subject to direct break-in attempts on the glazing.
RC 1 RC 1 - Basic protection against break-in attempts using physical violence such as kicking, throwing weight and ripping open.
RC 2 N*   3 minutes An amateur perpetrator tries to break open a locked and bolted component using simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges.
RC 2 RC 2 3 minutes An amateur perpetrator tries to break open a locked and bolted component using simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges.
RC 3 RC 3 5 minutes A perpetrator tries to break open the locked and bolted component with a second screwdriver and a crowbar or a simple drilling tool.
RC 4 RC 4 10 minutes An experienced perpetrator additionally uses sawing tools and impact tools such as an axe, chisel or hammer, as well as a battery-powered drill.
RC 5 RC 5 15 minutes A very experienced perpetrator uses additional power tools such as a drill, a jigsaw or a sabre saw as well as an angle grinder.
RC 6 RC 6 20 minutes A very experienced perpetrator uses additional highly efficient power tools such as a drill, a jigsaw or a sabre saw or an angle grinder.

heroal products sorted by resistance class

The combination of the heroal RS 37 RC 3 roller shutter and the heroal W 72 or heroal W 77 window systems achieves excellent burglary protection of resistance class RC 4.

Our solutions for increasing burglary protection and security

So that you can feel safe in your home especially in the darker months, heroal offers windows, doors and roller shutters with burglary-resistant elements. The longer burglars need to penetrate your house or flat, the more likely it is that they will break off the attempted burglary. Get comprehensive information about security windows, security doors and security roller shutters and patio doors for your garden or balcony.

Security doors for increased burglary protection

heroal doors offer you protection up to RC 3. This class is recommended by the police for increased security needs and valuable property. Door options such as burglar-resistant fittings, burglar-resistant door panels and door hinge security mechanisms ensure that you can feel secure in your home. Learn more out about the elements that make heroal entrance doors more secure.

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Aluminium and stainless steel roller shutters

Security roller shutters by heroal guarantee a long service life and effective burglary protection. Aluminium roller shutters meet resistance class RC 2, stainless steel roller shutters meet RC 3 and in combination with heroal windows they can even achieve RC 4. Elements such as the tilt latch end slat and the safety lock on the guide rail ensure that the windows cannot be levered out, pushed up or torn out with physical force. Learn more about heroal security roller shutters for increased burglary protection and do not give burglars a chance.

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Burglar-proof windows

heroal security windows offer a solution for almost any security requirement. Windows are one of the most popular targets for burglars, which means they have to meet particularly high standards. Additional protection for windows is provided, for example, by an anti-lift device, as many locking points as possible, lockable window handles and safety glass. heroal windows fulfill RC 3 as standard. In combination with heroal roller shutters, they can even achieve RC 4. Get a detailed overview of the components that provide increased burglary protection for heroal windows.

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Secure patio doors

Patio and balcony doors are the most popular targets for burglary. heroal sliding and French doors for your patio or balcony offer certified burglary protection for a safe home. Here, too, elements such as a lockable handle, a lift-out safety device and a high number of locking points support burglar resistance.

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Increased burglary protection with heroal

heroal effectively protects your home against burglars, because safe is safe. See for yourself! We would be happy to advise you on the right security measures for your home. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and get started planning for your secure home.

  • TÜV-certified burglary resistance
  • Independent testing by ift Rosenheim
  • TÜV-tested burglary resistance
  • Certified burglary resistance up to resistance class RC 4
  • A combination of heroal systems increases the resistance class

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