Sun protection

See your home in a new light – create optimal light steering and a pleasant indoor climate.

Outdoor blinds

Outdoor sun blinds for windows, doors and canopies

Modern sunshades have to provide maximum flexibility. Indoors, they provides light and heat protection without completely darkening the space. Outdoors, they have to withstand even the toughest weather conditions, move quietly and fit the size and design of the building. With innovative aluminium sun protection products by heroal, you do not have to compromise. We will show you what you should look for in choosing the right sunshade for you.

What makes heroal sunshades stand out?


Outdoor blinds is more effective than indoor sun protection. The sun's rays are reflected or absorbed before they hit the window glazing. This prevents the interiors from heating up and turning your living room into a greenhouse.

Weather resistance

Thanks to innovative fabric technologies, the cloths of the heroal screens are particularly weatherproof and easy to clean. The zipper technology of the heroal zip screen can even withstand force 12 hurricane winds.

Use of daylight

With outdoor sun protection by heroal, you can make use of natural daylight without direct sun getting in the way. The slats of the heroal LC direct the path that sunlight takes into the room. With the heroal zip screen, you can create even shading.

Everything you need to know about sun protection

  • How a sunshade works

    Outdoor blinds fulfil many functions and optimise the indoor temperature depending on the season. In summer, outdoor sunshades reduce the need for cooling by preventing direct sunlight during the day. This lowers air conditioning costs. At night, cool air is used for air conditioning. Sunshades make it possible to leave the windows open for ventilation without allowing insects into the room. In this way, a sunshade also serves as insect protection with optimum air permeability. The effect is the opposite in the winter. During the day, the sunlight is used to warm the interior. At night, a lowered sunshade such as the heroal LC or the heroal rs hybrid reduces heat loss from the interior to the exterior, which in turn reduces heating costs. These efficiency features are marked with an energy label by the ift Rosenheim Institute for Window Technology.

  • Energy labels for sunshades

    The renowned Rosenheim Institute for Window Technology (ift) joined the Industrial Association of Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters, and Sun Protection (ITRS) to redesign the energy label for windows, creating greater transparency for planners and consumers and establishing the positive impact that roller shutters and sun protection have in reducing energy footprints. The energy label explains the energy conservation achieved by installing roller shutters and sun protection on windows. Like the labels on electrical appliances, efficiency classes are ranked from A to G. In addition to the energy figures of the window itself, the energy label also takes into account the positive effects of shutters and sunshades on energy efficiency in summer and winter. The label ensures consistency when evaluating the effect of various sunshades on summer and winter heat insulation in combination with the window.

    To determine an exterior sunshade's ultimate contribution to energy conservation, various factors must be taken into account. Among others, these include the orientation of the windows, the average duration of sunshine, clouds, and shade, and the kind of windows that are used. If a shutter is mounted on a window that meets the minimum requirements for the German Energy Efficiency Regulation (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV), the combination of window and sunshade will improve the winter rating in comparison with a plain window, moving up from class C to B, for example. During summer when the goal is to reduce the need for air conditioning, the combination will achieve at least a class B rating. Without a sunshade, the window would be rated class F. The effect is generally greater in the summer than in the winter.

    The energy label for windows draws attention to the fact that shutters and sunshades are about more than just design, weather protection, and burglary resistance .

  • Retrofitting external sunshades

    External sunshades by heroal can easily be retrofitted to your windows during renovation or modernisation projects. Thanks to the broad range of designs, colours and functionalities that our sun protection products offer, you can find a sunshade that does what you need it to and fits to the style of your house. One important feature is a space-saving shutter box such as the one used in the heroal rs-hybrid. Special insulation boxes also ensure that your modernisation project brings you up to date not just in terms of technology, but energy efficiency as well.

  • Applications for outdoor sun protection

    Our solutions for outdoor sun protection are among the highest quality and most innovative systems on the market. Installing a sunshade on the exterior of windows, façades, French doors or canopies provides effective protection against heat and cold. Our broad selection of colours also offers you numerous design possibilities. No matter whether you want to retrofit a sunshade during a modernisation project or integrate it while you are building your new house – heroal sunshades are perfect for any project and can be used in many different areas including windows, conservatories, patio canopies and patio doors.

  • Professional installation and advice

    Get information on our sun protection products from a specialist partner near you. Our specialist partner will ensure professional and convenient installation as well. Retrofitting a sunshade later on is also no problem at all. Use our partner search tool to find a professional near you.

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Which sun protection is right for me?

heroal offers a wide range of products in the area of outdoor blinds. Choose between the heroal rs hybrid sun blind, which combines the advantages of shutters with a textile design, or the heroal VS Z textile sunshade, which offers a broad range of design possibilities. It is also important to think about the dimensions, design and automation. Find out more about your sun protection options now.

heroal VS textile sunshade

  • guidance of the textile in the guide rail
  • for regions with low requirements on wind load resistance

Textile screens >

heroal VS Z textile sunshade

  • textile sun protection
  • broad range of design possibilities
  • maximum wind stability with zipper technology

Zip screen >

Automatic control for sunshades

heroal sunshades are equipped with electrical controls. This ensures that the sunshade opens and closes automatically. The controls can use sensors, radio transmitters or apps. Electric controls increase comfort, save energy and ensure a long service life for your sunshade. The sunshade opens or closes in connection with a sun sensor depending on the sun's angle. This ensures a pleasant temperature throughout the day without having to use an air-conditioning system. That saves both money and energy. In combination with a wind sensor, your sunshade will automatically retract in severe wind conditions. That means you can enjoy your sun blinds, sun protection slats or textile screens for a long time to come.

Radio transmitter

  • opening and closing at the touch of a button
  • control while you are away from home
  • convenient operation

Sun sensor

  • reaction to intensity of sunlight
  • automatic opening and closing
  • high energy-saving potential

Wind sensor

  • reaction to wind intensity
  • automatic retraction
  • extended service life


Product features of heroal sunshades

Sun protection by heroal offers you more comfort in your home. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the broad range of functions and designs that our sunshades offer. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

  • broad range of design possibilities
  • effective privacy and protection against heat and glare
  • quiet operation
  • weatherproof and low-maintenance
  • durable and easy to clean
  • smart home compatible

Surfaces and variety of colours

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