Textile zip screen

Textile screens are translucent but still protect your privacy, allowing you to reduce direct sunlight without having to give up the daylight.

Zip screen

Wind-resistant and versatile textile sunshades

Daylight is important for our wellbeing. Today, sun protection should therefore be able to do more than simply provide shade. heroal VS Z, our textile zip screen system, protects from glaring light, prying eyes and heat, offers many different applications and creates a pleasant room atmosphere by setting unique accentuations of light. Whether working at your desk or having a time to relax after a long day – the zip screen heroal VS Z enables you to use natural daylight without being blinded by direct sunlight. Depending on the individual textile screen, a transparent or non-transparent sun protection can be created, reducing both sun and UV-radiation by up to 100 %.

What‘s so special about heroal zip screens?

Large surfaces

heroal VS Z screens are perfectly suited for all installation situations and also available in extremely large sizes. Offering a width of up to 6 m, this textile sun protection also shades large glass surfaces.

Discreet integration

The zip screen can be installed in front of the window either in a concealed, top-mounted box, or in a visible, surface-mounted box. The guide rail, with 25 mm the narrowest on the market, integrates in a very unobtrusive way.

Ideal weather protection

Thanks to its innovative zip screen system, this textile sun protection is extremely weather-resistant. Even with strong winds (up to 145km/h), heroal VS Z screens reliably remain in their guide rails.

Product details of heroal VS Z

Thanks to the innovative zip fastener technology, the zip screen system heroal VS Z is firmly fixed in the guide rails and therefore withstands wind speeds of up to 145 km/h. The smallest guide rail on the market (25 mm), as well as different box designs enable you to discreetly adapt the zip screen to the look of your house. Therefore, the heroal zip screen system is especially suited for an installation at a later date. With a maximum width of 6 m and a maximum height of 5 m, you can use heroal VS Z to shade also large glass surfaces of up to 18 m2. The standard portfolio of the heroal VS Z provides you with a range of 250 different textiles, which may absorb up to 100 % of sun and UV-radiation.

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Clampable Zipscreen

Product details heroal VS Z EM

The combination of zip guide and clamping functionality makes the heroal VS Z EM sun shading solution a unique system on the market. It is installed from the inside without damaging the window. Thanks to an integrated solar motor, no additional power supply is required. Whether timber, PVC or aluminum windows - the clip-on sun shading heroal VS Z EM is suitable for all window types. This makes it the ideal solution for rental apartments or listed buildings. Even when using the maximum height of 2,000 mm or the maximum width of 2,200 mm, the sun shading system can withstand wind speeds of up to 65 km/h. Thanks to its high-quality aluminum profiles, the clampable sun shading system is particularly stable, durable and weather-resistant.

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Product details for heroal VS Z corner solution

The heroal VS Z corner solution is a zip-guided sun protection for all-glass corners. It is ideal for shading windows and sliding or lifting-sliding doors in corner areas and ensures optimum light and temperature conditions in the house. Thanks to its filigree stainless steel cable guide, it blends inconspicuously into the appearance of the building and offers effective sun protection with an unrestricted view. Two textile screens, which can be controlled independently of each other via radio remote control or app, provide glare, privacy, UV and heat protection as required. If no sun protection is required, the textile screens automatically disappear into the discreet panel box. The heroal VS Z corner solution is suitable for areas of up to 9 m² each and absorbs up to 98% of solar and UV radiation. The materials are of high quality workmanship and feature high weather resistance and durability.

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heroal sun protection configurator

Use the heroal sun protection configurator to configure a sun shading solution to suit your requirements, whether as a wind-stable heroal VS Z zip screen or as a textile screen without a zip (heroal VS). Choose between different box sizes, designs, colors and textiles to find the sun shading solution that suits you and your home perfectly. Start now with your sun protection configuration.

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High-tech fabrics for various fields of application

Sun protection textiles are technical fabrics whose function is to keep out too much heat and blinding sunlight. Sun protections installed on the outside reduce the effects of excessive heat. The warm sun rays are blocked before they hit the glass. In addition to this functional requirement, the textile also meets a decorative function. The sun protection textiles of heroal zip screens are made from durable, heavy textile qualities and very easy to clean and maintain, especially in comparison to venetian blinds. Furthermore, the screens used for heroal zip screens are water- and dirt-repellent, rot resistant, fungicidal, UV-resistant and permeable to air, and withstand all kinds of weather. The openness factor (OF) is a percentage indicating how much light will transmit through a fabric. The factor is about 14 % with an almost complete outward vision maintained, and 10 % with a generous vision. A factor of 4-5 % indicates a good outward view, whereas a factor of 0 % describes a complete blockout of light.

  • Textile allowing a clear view outside

    Sergé – clear view and wide range of design options

    This fabric is made of woven and coated glass fibres. The thread has a glass fibre core and an additional PVC coating. This way, especially smooth fabrics are manufactured. The fabric creates a comfortable atmosphere and ensures a clear view to the outside. The high-tech polyester textiles represent solutions that are always suitable, especially for high demands on design.

    Please find a selection of the wide range of colours and designs here.

  • Textile offering high stability of shape for large surfaces

    Soltis – for very high shape retention

    The basis for this fabric is a coated, pre-tensioned polyester fabric with a high tensile strength, also referred to as polyester textile. After the weaving process, the fabric is stretched in both directions under high tension, and then fixed using liquid PVC. This way, the resulting shape retention is very high, so that the textile, even under strong load, almost does not lose its shape. Through a combination of high fabric tension and low sagging, the sun protection fabric is very suitable for covering large surfaces. Please find a selection of more than 100 colours and designs of the fabric Soltis here.

  • Textile offering efficient UV-protection

    Flexilight 6002 Opaque – effective UV protection

    The fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is characterised by its extremely effective UV protection. The innovative surface structure of the fabric is dirt-repellent, resulting in low care requirements of the textile. Furthermore, the sun protection fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is very flexible and stands for easy processing. Also, this fabric keeps its good looks even after years of use.

  • Textile offering extremely high durability

    Orchestra - exclusive coating

    The sun protection fabric „Orchestra“ is made of very thin acrylic fibres. Thanks to its exclusive „Cleangard“-coating, the textile is water- and dirt-repellent, thus requiring only low care efforts. Furthermore, the textile offers highest quality when it comes to colour retention and robustness.


  • What are the advantages of a zip screen?

    Glare protection: Undisturbed use of daylight

    Textile zip screens protect you from direct sun radiation while still letting in natural daylight. The versatile fabric qualities offer a wide range of transparencies, from translucent to up to 100 % protection from sun and UV-radiation.

    No light leakage: Complete darkening of living area

    Through the gap between textile and window reveal, standard vertical awnings with rope or rail guidance may still let in some light, which may be quite disturbing. A zip screen, however, operates via a zip fastening system connected to the guide rails, leaving no gap for any light leakage. That way, a 100 % darkening of the living area can be achieved with a suitable fabric quality.

    Sight protection: Privacy at the push of a button

    Protect your privacy. Zip screens protect your home from unwanted prying eyes. At the push of a button, you create the privacy you need at home, while still letting in natural daylight into your living area.

    Heat protection: Enhancement of energy balance

    Since zip screens are installed outside, in front of the window, sliding door or curtain wall, they create an ideal room climate inside. The textile absorbs the sun rays before they hit the glass, and thus protects the room from heating up.

    Weather-resistant: Highest stability in any weather

    Thanks to the innovative zip technology, the textile is firmly held in its guide rails. Even with high wind speeds of up to 145 km/h, the zip screen does not deform or become loose.

    Design: Unobtrusive integration of sun protection at a later date

    Zip screens offer you a wide range of design options, from various different textiles and panel box variants to narrow guide rails and a fully concealed integration of the sun protection. Therefore, zip screens are ideally suited for a retrofit.

  • Where can I buy heroal VS Z zip screens?

    heroal zip screens are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners. Our partners are not only able to answer all your questions about sun protection, they also manufacture heroal zip screens that are perfectly tailored to your needs, and guarantee a professional installation. Are you looking for a suitable fabricator? Our heroal specialist partner search makes the search easier for you.

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  • Where can I get installation and operation instructions for heroal VS Z zip screens?

    The assembly and installation of heroal VS Z zip screens require special technical knowledge and experience, and should only be carried out by trained professionals. Please ask a heroal specialist partner near you. All information for a safe operation of your heroal VS Z zip screen can be found in the enclosed operation instructions. If you have lost your operation instructions, please also turn to a heroal specialist partner.

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  • What are the possible applications of a zip screen?

    heroal zip screens are among the most innovative, premium-quality systems on the market. On windows, curtain walls, patio and sliding doors, conservatories and roofings, they provide for very effective protection against the sun, heat and cold. Whether you would like to retrofit the sun protection during modernisation or integrate it into a new building - heroal zip screens are suitable for every building situation and offer a wide range of applications. They can also be used as vertical or on glass awnings for patio roofs. When integrated into the patio roof system heroal OR, zip screens provide for ideal protection against heat, glaring light and prying eyes on your patio, and also protect you against wind, weather and insects. heroal zip screens are made to measure and can be individually adapted to every installation situation, thanks to the wide variety of available colours and designs.

  • Why is the design of the zip screen heroal VS Z so subtle?

    Narrowest guide rail on the market

    The innovative zip fastening technology lends the heroal VS Z its special stability and a high textile tension. It is hidden in the guide rails at the sides of the sun protection. With a width of only 25 mm, the guide rail of the heroal VS Z is the narrowest on the market, allowing for a very discreet integration of the sun protection into the existing building shell - even if installed at a later date. This makes the zip screen heroal VS Z also very suitable for renovation.

    Various box sizes and variants

    The textile zip screen heroal VS Z winds in an extremely space-saving way, hence the sun protection requires only very small panel boxes ranging from 95 – 125 mm. The panel boxes are available in half-round, 90° and 45° designs. That way, heroal VS Z blends discreetly into the façade of a building.

    Concealed sun protection

    Depending on the installation situation, both guide rails and panel box can be completely plastered in. The zip screen becomes totally invisible from the outside. Especially for new buildings, we recommend to let the textile sun protection disappear in the façade – for an especially harmonious integration into the building shell.

  • Is the zip screen suitable for all kinds of window styles?

    Zip screens for wooden, PVC or aluminium windows

    Independent from the material of the existing windows, zip screens can be installed in front of wooden, PVC or aluminium windows. Thanks to the wide range of available RAL chart colours and the innovative coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD), the sun protection can be perfectly adapted to the look of your windows.

  • Who takes care of the assembly and installation of the heroal zip screen?

    Whether curtain wall, door or window, top-mounted or surface-mounted box, fully plastered in or installed in front of the window: there is a wide range of possible applications and ways of installation. Get more information now from your heroal specialized partner near you. Using the heroal specialized partner search, you can find the ideal partner among more than 3,500 heroal fabricators. Your specialized partner provides you with detailed information about heroal zip screens, tailors them to your individual needs and also carries out the professional installation of your sun protection.

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  • Can the heroal zip screen be made to measure?

    Individual in sizes and colours – heroal zip screens are custom-fit for your windows, doors or curtain wall. Screens with a maximum width of 6 m, a maximum height of 5 m and a total surface of up to 18 m² can be created. If you opt for the installation with a surface-mounted box, you can choose from a wide variety of box sizes and designs. Due to the low winding diameter of the textile, only very small box sizes of 85-125 mm are required.

    heroal zip screens provide for almost unlimited design options. Thanks to the wide variety of designs and colours, they can be adapted to virtually any architectural style or building appearance. All aluminium parts of the zip screen can also be individually designed with heroal coating technologies. A wide range of different kinds of fabric also ensures that the required shading can be provided, from transparent to blackout. Our fabricators manufacture heroal zip screens meeting your exact requirements. Explore the great variety of heroal sun protection solutions now!

  • Is the heroal zip screen compatible with smart home systems?

    Smart Home products become more and more important. In addition to controls for heating systems, roller shutters and entrance doors, smart sun protections also make a significant contribution to enhanced living comfort and improved energy efficiency. The electric zip screen heroal VS Z is compatible with all standard Smart Home systems and can be conveniently controlled via app, voice control or individual routines. Whether you are on holiday or spend a nice afternoon at your friends’ – with a smart sun protection, you retain full control even when you are away.

  • Is the zip screen suitable for retrofit?

    If you do not want to change anything on the building itself, it is very easy to install the sun protection in a surface-mounted box on the outer building shell. With their low winding diameter and small box size required, heroal zip screens are ideally suited to be retrofitted at a later date. Thanks to the wide variety of colours and designs, they can be perfectly adapted to the look of your home. The slim guide rails of the heroal VS Z also underline the subtle design.

    Our specialist partners will be glad to answer your questions about a retrofit of textile sun protection and will find the best solution for every installation situation. Also, they will take care of a smooth and fast installation. Find a competent heroal specialist partner near you here, and feel free to arrange a meeting (no obligations).

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  • Can a zip screen also be used if complete room darkening is required?

    Thanks to the innovative zip fastening technology, the zip screen fits perfectly into the guide rails, with no light leakage. As opposed to a standard rope or rail guidance, this system does not create a gap between the textile and the window reveal. Any unwanted incidence of light is thus prevented. In combination with a heroal blackout textile, a fully closed zip screen ensures 100 % room darkening.


Advantages of heroal zip screens at a glance

The textile zip screen heroal VS Z offers you more living comfort for your home. The sophisticated style and versatile design options also provide for an unobtrusive integration of this sun protection. Give us a call, come and see our specialized partners, and find inspiration.

Brochure heroal zipscreen VS Z

  • Great variety of designs
  • Optimal for installations at a later date
  • Especially easy-care and low-maintenance
  • Compatible with Smart Home
  • Firm and reliable guidance of the textile using zip technology

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