Security doors

With burglar-resistant front doors up to resistance class RC 3, you protect yourself and your home optimally.

Security doors

Certified burglary protection for your security

Feeling safe in your home has a significant influence on your quality of life. For higher security requirements and valuable household items, the police recommends resistance class RC 3 front doors for effective burglary protection. heroal security front doors offer you optimal burglary resistance thanks to the seamless integration of every element – from the door handle to the door construction and the installation. Depending on the equipment and construction, our security doors can also serve for escape and rescue routes in accordance with DIN 179/1125 (with CE marking) and can be made fully barrier-free up to resistance class RC 3.

What’s so special about heroal security front doors?

Resistance class RC 3

Security doors by heroal have been tested including resistance class RC 3. That means they withstand attacks by experienced perpetrators using drilling tools for more than 5 minutes.


The material aluminium offers excellent quality in terms of stability and security. It has a significant impact on the burglary resistance class heroal security doors can achieve.


The burglary resistant fittings of the heroal DF range have been perfectly adapted to the front door systems by heroal and further enhance their burglary protection. Various locking and keyless entry systems are also available.

Details of heroal security front doors

Several components come together to ensure that heroal security doors meet the highest standards of burglary protection. These include burglar-resistant fittings, secure door panels, door hinges with side protection, our patented heroal profile composite to ensure extra stability, professional installation and the strength of aluminium.

Door construction

Door construction - The patented heroal profile composite that we use between the aluminium half-shell and the insulation ensures particularly high stability and optimum burglary protection.

Door hinges with side protection

Door hinges with side protection - Door hinges connect the door leaf with the door frame. If they are too weak, the door leaf can easily be levered out. Door hinges with side guards make it considerably more difficult to lever out the door leaf.

Burglar-proof fittings

Burglar-proof fittings - The more locking points, the more difficult it is to lever out the door leaf. heroal security front doors can be equipped with multiple locking systems. This offers particularly high burglar resistance combined with a high level of operating convenience.

Break-resistant door panels

Break-resistant door panels - All heroal security front doors can be combined with break-resistant panels, regardless of whether you opt for an insert, attachment panel or security glass.

Installation according to tested installation instructions

Installation according to tested installation instructions - Without professional installation, the front door can easily be installed too far from the house wall. Our specialist partners ensure an optimum wall connection with no weak points.


Aluminium - heroal uses aluminium to achieve particularly high stability for our front doors.

heroal security doors in resistance class RC 3

heroal D 65

  • burglary protection class RC 3
  • thermal insulation UD ≥ 1.6

Security doors with tested burglary resistance

The safety and quality of heroal security doors are certified by the Institute for Window Technology (Institut für Fenstertechnik , ift-Rosenheim). There are many components in a security door that put burglary protection first – and they pose no restrictions in terms of dimensions and design. heroal aluminium security doors can achieve resistance classes RC 2 and RC 3 depending on their design.

Resistance class RC 3 means that no burglar can enter your house within 5 minutes using a screwdriver, crowbar or drilling tool. In more than 65% of door break-ins, the perpetrators break into the house by levering it open. If you have heroal security front doors in resistance class RC 3, those burglars do not stand a chance.

Individualised fitting systems for heroal security doors

Door handles

Combine your heroal security door with a premium design handle from the heroal DF fitting series. These handles guarantee maximum flexibility and can be individually adapted to your design ideas. Modern technologies such as keyless entry and Bluetooth can also be easily integrated for added convenience.

Lock system

heroal lock systems meet the requirements for burglary protection class RC 3, making them ideal for your security door. With multiple locking and self-locking fitting options you can get a well-rounded package that ensures security and provides effective burglary protection.

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The heroal front door configurator

With the heroal front door configurator, you can create your own unique Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door. Discover the broad range of harmonious colour combinations with Le Corbusier colours for your heroal front door. Choose from a variety of designs, leaf types, hinges, handles and technological features to put together a door that is perfect for you and your home. Configure your unique heroal Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier front door now!

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  • Where can I buy heroal security doors?

    Professional installation is important in order to guarantee optimum functionality and comprehensive burglary protection for your security door. Our specialist partners will give you expert advice. They will also take care of both the delivery and the installation of your security door, and they'll be there for you if you have any needs later on as well. Use our partner search tool now to search through 3,500 heroal professionals worldwide and find a partner in your area.

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  • What do the resistance classes (RC/WK) acc. to German standard DIN EN 356 mean in terms of security doors?

    Security doors in resistance class RC 2

    Security doors in resistance class RC 2 (formerly WK 2) place high demands on components such as lock systems, door hinges and fittings. In addition, a safety glass certified in accordance with DIN EN 356 or an anti-break door panel is installed. Using simple lever tools such as screwdrivers, pliers or wedges, opportunistic burglars are unable to enter your home within a period of 3 minutes.

    Security doors in resistance class RC 3

    The individual door components used for security doors in resistance class RC 3 (formerly WK 3) are subject to higher demands. In addition, these doors use elements such as specially reinforced safety glass certified in accordance with DIN EN 356. Alternatively, the door can have break-resistant panels. Doors in this resistance class make it difficult to enter using other tools such as crowbars or drilling tools. Security doors in resistance class RC 3 withstand burglary attempts with such tools for up to 5 minutes. So even seasoned burglars do not stand a chance.

  • What are the advantages of security doors made from aluminium?

    The right material plays an important role in the selection of your security door. The material has a considerable influence on factors such as durability, weather resistance and burglary protection, so it should be chosen with care.

    heroal specialises in aluminium because it combines design freedom and a premium look with superior material stability and durability. In addition, heroal uses up to 85% recycled aluminium and is a member of A|U|F. That means heroal can offer you an ecologically sustainable security door that is SIMPLY. BETTER. even afer decades of use.


The advantages of a heroal security front door at a glance

heroal security doors stand out for their strength, durability and individualised design options. In addition, they are certified by ift Rosenheim up to burglary protection class RC 3. See for yourself. Our heroal specialist partners will be happy to advise you.

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  • strong, durable aluminium
  • professional assembly by heroal specialist partners
  • certification up to RC 3
  • increased security that is invisible from the outside

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