Round arched windows

For more natural light inside and elegant looks. Get to know heroal’s portfolio of arched windows.

Arched windows and round arched windows

Aluminium round arched windows made to measure

Arched windows, such as round arched windows or segmental arch windows, are often chosen for historical buildings, where it is important to keep the traditional architectural style. But arched windows also stand out when they interact with modern architectural styles, particularly in properties made of natural stone: There is something exclusive about the contrast between modern and classic.
Round arched aluminium windows give you many design options in terms of shape and design, while still maintaining the excellent performance features of heroal window systems: heroal arched windows made from aluminium offer you excellent sound insulation and burglary protection as well as the best thermal insulation with U-values of up to Uf ≥ 1.3 W/m2K.

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What’s so special about heroal round arched windows?

Bending technology

Thanks to the unique in-house bending technology, heroal windows can be individually shaped and curved according to your wishes.

Variety of designs

Windows with basket, segmental, round or pointed arches as well as circular windows in all colours and designs can be installed. Every arched window is customised to meet your requirements.


Thanks to the material aluminium, round arched windows have a perfect design, making them durable, easy to clean and resistant against the weather and UV radiation.

Window shapes with a round arch

heroal round arched windows lend your home a classical charm. Depending on your preferences, windows with a round, segmental, basket or pointed arch can be created. You can also choose circular windows, for example to create a decorative element for the main window, or a “bullseye window” for a houseboat or buildings with a marine aesthetic. heroal round arched windows are also available as single or two-part element in combination with a sidelight or fanlight, for example.

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What are the differences between segmental arch windows, basket arch windows and pointed arch windows?

Segmental arch windows, basket arch windows and pointed arch windows are different shapes of rectangular, arched windows. Basket arch windows have a gently curved, half-circle arch at the top, which makes the window look subtly more elegant. The arch of segmental arch windows is even a little more curved, which lends a romantic aesthetic to any building style. The round arched window shows the greatest curving, it also lets plenty of light into the room. Pointed arch windows are not round but pointed in the arch. They attract attention with their tapering triangle in the upper window area, reminding us of the Gothic era.

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Round arched windows made to measure

Each of the arched windows, including the circular "bullseye window", is individually bent using heroal's in-house bending and folding service, which is unique in the industry. This service makes it possible to produce precisely fitting window profiles very fast and in accordance with your individual requirements – both for the building shell and the interior. This also allows us to respond to the manifold requirements and needs in the best possible way. You also benefit from heroal's coating expertise: The profiles of half-circle windows are available in all RAL colours and the shades of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. They can also be powder-coated in various gloss levels. With heroal SD coating technology, you can also refine your round arched windows in striking looks, such as concrete, rust or wood.

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Opening variants of round arched windows

The opening variant of the window has an impact on the supply of fresh air and sunlight, and thus also affects the way the residents use the window: Round arched windows are suitable for all opening variants in new and old buildings. These include fixed window sashes, turn sashes to the left or right, and tilt/turn sashes that you tilt and open to the left or right. It is also easy to combine turn or tilt/turn sashes with fixed window sashes in order to accentuate special visual aspects.

Tilt casement opening to the right

Tilt casement opening to the right and fixed casement

Pivoting casement both sides

heroal window systems for round arched windows

Insect protection for round arched windows

To ensure that your round arched window does not serve as an entry point for midges and other unwanted visitors, we recommend using a heroal insect screen with a curved tensioning frame for easy installation without drilling. Its modern, weather-resistant design looks elegant and offers maximum transparency. Regardless of whether you suffer from allergies or have a pet, heroal offers a wide range of robust and air-permeable fabrics that can be flexibly made to measure. Of course, you can also install heroal insect screens as a retrofit at a later date.

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  • Why choosing round arched windows made from aluminium?

    As aluminium is a particularly sturdy and durable construction material, aluminium windows can be designed in all imaginable shapes. Aluminium windows are not only particularly suited for large frames and arched elements, they are also very low-maintenance. The high-grade heroal coating makes them resistant against UV radiation and moisture. Aluminium’s ecological footprint is also an advantage: At heroal, up to 85 % of the material is recycled.

  • Where can I buy heroal round arched windows?

    Round arched windows from heroal are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners. Please use our heroal specialist partner search with more than 3,500 specialist partners wordwide, to find the right heroal partner easily and fast.

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  • What needs to be considered when installing round arched windows?

    You certainly have many ideas that you would like to put into practice immediately. In order to make them come true, a professional installation of the arched window is necessary, as this type of window requires a high degree of installation competence due to its shape. This is the only way to achieve perfect values in terms of thermal efficiency, sound insulation and burglary protection. In our specialist partner search, you will find a professionally experienced heroal partner in your area easily and fast, who will provide you with the best advice and take care of the professional installation of your round arched window.

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  • What about the energy efficiency of heroal round arched windows?

    Thermal insulation plays an essential role not only for living comfort, but also with regard to resource-efficient construction. heroal arched windows ensure the greatest possible thermal efficiency and achieve U-values of up to Uf ≥ 1.3 W/m2K.

    The high thermal efficiency is due to heroal’s compound system applied to the aluminium-plastic profile that hardly emits any heat, and the geometry of the insulating strips in the window, significantly reducing heat conduction. This insulating strip technology is patented, and currently far exceeds the requirements of the German EnEV regulation.

  • Are round arched windows secure?

    Burglar-resistant windows, whether rectangular or round arched, are indispensable not only during the holiday and travel season. It is important to consider which resistance class from RC 1 to RC 4 is suitable for your windows, regardless of whether they have a rectangular, half-circle or round shape. The police recommend a minimum protection of resistance class RC 2 for windows. Round arched windows from heroal are certified up to resistance class RC 3 and withstand perpetrators using simple tools, an additional crow bar and simple drilling tools for at least five minutes.

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  • Are wood grain looks available for arched windows from heroal?

    Yes, thanks to the surface refinement heroal SD you can choose from an even wider variety when designing your arched and circular windows. Opt for a window with a wood grain look in douglas, nutwood, walnut or oak, for example. Rust or concrete looks are also available for your curved windows.

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Advantages of heroal round arched windows at a glance

With heroal round arched windows, you benefit from a wide variety of creative shapes and openings. This is made possible in particular by our in-house service for bending and cutting the arched window, which is unique in the industry. Thanks to the company's own coating facility, many high-quality colours and coating options are available to you. The robustness of the material aluminium provides for durability and low-maintenance as well as easy-care window systems. Furthermore, heroal round arched windows offer the best performance features in terms of thermal efficiency, sound insulation and burglary protection.

heroal window systems

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  • Sound insulation classes 1 to 5
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Burglary protection class up to RC 4
  • Robust quality due to aluminum material

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