Window colours

heroal windows combine a wide range of colours and designs with perfect quality

Window colours

Great variety of colours for aluminium windows

Whether trend colour or timeless, colour-coordinated or extravagant – our range of colours for windows leaves nothing to be desired. When chosen well, they add value to your property and set cosy accentuations. They bring a fresh wind into your living space, and create the perfect setting for a feeling of wellbeing. To add to a perfect look, different window colours can be chosen for the inside and outside. Blending into the building or the interior design.

What makes heroal window colours stand out?

High weather resistance

heroal window colours are extremely colour-fast, weather- and UV resistant, thanks to the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating.

Great variety of colours and designs

Choose from more than 500 RAL colours with various gloss levels, Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier shades, wood and rust looks, or metallic Eloxal surfaces.

Innovative technology

Thanks to the in-house coating facility, the quality of heroal surfaces is market-leading and meets the highest international quality standards.

heroal variety of colours

Full of variety: Windows in RAL colours

More than 500 RAL colours with different gloss levels and surface structures are available for heroal windows. Aluminium windows from heroal are produced in a sustainable manufacturing process, easy to clean and colour-fast for decades.

Unique: Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier window colours

Thanks to the industry-exclusive partnership of heroal and Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, you can choose from 63 additional colours for your windows. The nature-inspired colours evoke positive associations with their surroundings, and can be combined with each other in a harmonious way. With their brightness, intensity and glow, they create an atmosphere that goes far beyond functional requirements.

Individual: Windows in Eloxal colours

The natural, metallic look of anodised surfaces is created by a chemical treatment. Alternatively, this look can be created by heroal hwr powder coating. It imitates Eloxal surfaces and ensures that all shades of colour can be perfectly coordinated and reproduced exactly.

Versatile: Windows in wood, concrete or rust looks

The innovative coating technology heroal SD (Surface Design) uses the durable heroal hwr powder coating as a basis. Then, wood, rust or concrete looks are cured into the powder-coated surface of the aluminium profiles of your windows. This way, robust surfaces with a true to detail look are created, offering all the advantages of aluminium as a building material.

Check our window colours with the heroal surface configurator


  • Who can help me choose the right window colour?

    Check the heroal variety of colours in the heroal surface configurator, or get advice from a heroal specialist partner. With the help of colour fans, you can compare different shades of colour, surface structures and gloss levels for your heroal window. Use the heroal specialist partner search to find a suitable fabricator in your area.

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  • Is it possible to choose different colours for the inside and outside of the windows?

    Yes, different colours can be selected for the inside and outside of heroal windows. This way, your windows harmoniously blend into the look of the building and at the same time can be selected to match the interior design. For additional accentuations, frames and sashes can also be coated in different colours.

  • What should I consider when selecting the right window colour?

    With the right window colours, you lend an individual character to your house façade, and positively influence the atmosphere in your living space. When choosing colours, make sure that the colour of the window matches the colour concept ruling the roof, façade and interior design, and that all shades of colour blend well with each other. White windows are still particularly popular for interiors, as they have a bright, inviting effect and visually enlarge the room due to light reflections. Since they can be combined with many other colours, white windows can be combined with almost any furnishing style, even if you change your furnishings at some point. Windows with a wood look are also very popular, as they create a feeling of warmth and cosiness. Black, grey or anthracite windows look very modern. Choose window colours that you can imagine will appeal to you for years to come. Get some colour samples and look at the colours under different lighting conditions. This will help you to find the colour that best suits you and your home.

  • Is the colour of heroal windows durable?

    Yes, heroal‘s hwr powder coating ensures the extremely high quality of our windows. Thanks to their long-lasting colour and gloss stability, they offer weather resistance and UV protection. In addition, heroal achieves the master quality of GSB International (quality seal for coating of parts) and also complies with all ecological requirements.

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