Full accessibility, easy and smart operability, perfect protection and a healthy room climate increase the comfort of your home.

Living spaces offering more comfort

Above all, we would like to feel snug and safe at home. A comfortable home is pleasant and uncomplicated: systems with motorised control offer easy operability; their thermal insulation, soundproofing and full accessibility can be individually adapted to our needs, enhancing our comfort at home. A pleasant living environment also has a positive impact on our mood and immune system. It gives us a feeling of wellbeing at any time: on a stressful day and in quiet moments, in sunshine and rain, at night and day, for young and old – for a lifetime.

What characterises a comfortable home?

Full accessibility

Barrier-free zero thresholds, wide door openings and easy operability provide for a home without barriers. heroal products not only offer full accessibility, but also aesthetically appealing designs.

Smart home

Intelligent, electrically driven systems turn your home into a safe, comfortable and energy-efficient place. Automate your home and integrate heroal solutions in all conventional smart home systems – also as a retrofit at a later date.

Enhanced comfort of living

Versatile heroal solutions for both the building shell and interior and exterior rooms create a pleasant room climate, ideal lighting conditions, effective sound insulation and protection from noise.

All about comfort

  • What does comfort of living mean?

    Comfort of living is decisive to create a high quality of life and also affects our productivity and satisfaction. A pleasant living environment that makes our lives uncomplicated and easy is very important for this. In addition to appealing designs, ease of use and freedom of movement, the following factors also play an essential role: room climate, thermal efficiency, sound insulation and protection against burglaries and accidents. A pleasant living environment has a direct impact on our mood and our health. What exactly comfort of living means for each of us varies from person to person. With flexible solutions, we can enjoy comfort of living for a long time, and adapt our home to our individual needs.

  • Why do fully accessible living spaces also make sense for people without disabilities?

    Despite the fact that the topic “full accessibility“ is initially often associated with age-appropriate living, barrier-free design has long been established in new buildings and modernisation, regardless of disabilities and age. We spend most of our day indoors, which is why we want to be as comfortable as possible there. Wide doors, step-free passages and flexible control options are an advantage for all age groups.

    Children do not trip over a step when playing, the pram or heavy shopping can be taken into the house without much effort, and generously planned rooms create a positive feeling of space and sufficient room to manoeuvre. Comfortably and without any worries, we move in and through the house.

    On top of this, full accessibility also offers some kind of security for the future. If we are unexpectedly in need of a barrier-free living environment, we can manage within our own four walls without any remodelling or help from others.

  • Can smart home solutions for more comfort also be integrated at a later date?

    Intelligent, remote-controlled products increase the energy efficiency, security and comfort of our home. There are various options to integrate smart home solutions. heroal systems for doors, windows, roller shutters, sun protection and garage doors can also be integrated in all conventional smart home solutions at a later date. For the smart control of your roller shutters or sun protection, heroal has developed the WLAN module heroal Connect RS. It is perfectly suited to be installed at a later date, as it is integrated into the plaster-base socket of your wall switch without the need for an additional smart home component.

    Our competent specialist partners would be pleased to inform you about different integration options for smart home systems; they also see to the professional installation of the components on site.

More comfort for your home

Step-free and barrier-free passages

Barrier-free front doors , patio doors and balcony doors from heroal enhance your comfort of living and make your everyday life easier. Ground-level door thresholds and large door openings create seamless transitions between the indoor and outdoor space, create unobstructed passageways and can be used for new buildings and renovation. In combination with step-free zero barriers, the drainage system heroal DS protects against moisture damages indoors. Equipped with suitable fittings, windows and doors from heroal can be operated with minimal effort and qualify as fully accessible according to German standard DIN 18040.

Comfortable operability

High-quality fittings ensure an easy and reliable opening and closing of your windows and doors. For maximum comfort, equip your windows with the motorised drive heroal WF Drive. The electric drive heroal SF Drive makes it possible to operate even large (lifting-) sliding doors without much effort, via the push of a button. Thanks to fully integrating parts and an anti-pinching device, you do not have to compromise on safety and design. Roller shutters , sun protection solutions and roller doors from heroal can also be operated via a remote control or push button. With the smart WLAN control heroal Connect RS, textile screens and roller shutters can also be integrated into your smart home system and controlled when you are on your way, via app or Amazon Alexa.

Easy enhancement of air quality

Fresh, low-pollutant air and an adequate air moisture have an impact on our wellbeing and health. heroal ventilation solutions enhance the air exchange. The motorised drive heroal WF Drive opens and closes your windows automatically. Via the interaction with a smart home system, you can set specific ventilation times. This way, you can ventilate your house even when you’re not at home. The heroal window rebate ventilation mechanically ensures a constant supply of fresh air and thus prevents the formation of mould due to excessive air humidity. The ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF, available as narrow, floor-to-ceiling turning element or horizontal tilting element (fanlight), can be operated manually using a handle, or, as motorised variant, via a wall switch. It can also be automated via a smart home system.

Smart control options

Via an intelligent control system, you can operate your entire home technology comfortably and intuitively. Have you locked your front door? Are the windows closed or the roller shutters open? Smart home systems are the link between your technical devices, facilitate operability through a uniform and easy-to-understand interface and enable central control. heroal system solutions are compatible with all conventional smart home systems. Integrate your heroal windows, doors, sun protection solutions , roller shutters and garage door into your smart home system. Control your smart home when you are on your way, or simulate your presence so that your home does not become the target for burglars. With heroal Connect RS, you can control motorised roller shutters and sun protection systems via your smart phone or voice command from wherever you are, even without a smart home central control.

Comfort with heroal products

Your advantages with heroal

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