Sliding patio doors

Sliding doors and lifting/sliding doors for patios, balconies or conservatories create open, modern living environments with a spacious atmosphere.

Sliding patio doors

Sliding doors for patios, balconies or conservatories create open, modern living environments

Modern architecture is characterised by large glass surfaces, pure materials and bright, open rooms with a welcoming atmosphere. heroal makes its high-quality patio sliding doors and lift & slide doors to match this style. You can rely on quality materials, technical perfection and individual design options by heroal for your patio sliding door. Thanks to the special geometry of their casement profile, our sliding doors meet all requirements and specifications for thermal insulation, safety and sound insulation. Our systems are made of recycled aluminium and stand out for their maintenance-free use and durability. We will show you why sliding doors by heroal are "Simply. Better." and introduce you to our product range for sliding doors and lift & slide doors for patios, balconies and conservatories.

What makes heroal patio sliding and lift & slide doors stand out?

Energy efficiency

heroal sliding doors meet the highest energy requirements. For more energy efficiency and lower energy costs. You can also effectively save heating energy with a range of insulation options

Design diversity

No matter which heroal sliding door you choose, our wide variety of designs means that you can adapt your sliding door to the unique architecture of your house.

Areas of application

Whether for patios, balconies or interiors, heroal sliding doors are suitable for almost any application and installation situation.

Which sliding patio door is right for me?

heroal sliding doors and lift & slide doors are thoughtfully designed down to the last detail – you'll notice it from the very first time you use them. We will be surprised at how easily even large sliding door elements can be moved. Our sliding patio doors owe their superbly smooth running, long lifespan and comfortable operation to proven soft-close technology and the robust heroal stainless steel running rail. The functionality stays strong even after years of use. Other components such as handle and stop dampers can also be used to make heavy sliding doors operate even more smoothly. In addition, heroal sliding patio doors can be equipped with an electric drive. The drive can be conveniently controlled at the touch of a button and connected to your smart home system. Find the heroal sliding or lift & slide patio door that is right for your needs.

The difference between lift & slide doors, sliding doors and parallel slide/tilt doors (PST)

Lift & slide doors

Lift & slide doors are opened by lifting and sliding sideways. Lifting the leaf during opening and closing does not cause any friction on the seals between the leaf and the frame. A smooth-running lever mechanism makes it easy to move particularly large elements, which allows you to create open living environments. Lowering the wing onto the frame also makes a very tight connection. Lift & slide doors can be built for barrier-free accessibility with a zero-barrier design. As the leaves of lift & slide doors are usually quite large and heavy, motorisation is recommended.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are opened and closed by simply moving them without lifting the leaf. In contrast to lift & slide doors, sliding doors take less effort to manufacture and install. The fitting technology is also less complex. This generally makes sliding doors a more cost-effective alternative to lift & slide doors, though they generally have a higher frictional resistance when opening and closing than lifting/sliding doors. Like lift & slide doors, sliding doors can be built for barrier-free accessibility with a zero-barrier design.

Parallel slide/tilt doors

As an alternative to lift & slide doors and sliding doors, you can also use parallel slide/tilt doors for your patio or balcony. This patio door is based on the design of a window and can be slid open to walk through or tilted like a window for ventilation. It is particularly suitable for smaller door openings. In contrast to sliding and lift & slide doors, parallel slide/tilt doors do not provide barrier-free accessibility due to their construction.


  • Where can I buy heroal patio sliding doors?

    Are you looking for a suitable patio door? Sliding doors from heroal are available from heroal specialist partners. Get some expert advice before making a decision, so that you get the door that meets your requirements. Our experienced specialist partners also take care of the professional installation. Use our heroal specialist partner search to find a suitable fabricator near you easily and fast.

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  • Is it possible to integrate a fly screen?

    Patio sliding door with fly screen

    Combine your sliding door for your patio or balcony with a heroal sliding fly screen system. It is ideal for extra large patio or balcony openings. The heroal fly screen solution stands out for its a low-noise operation, easy use and a large number of available fly screen textiles. The heroal fly screen for balcony and patio doors offers you maximum comfort and full protection against flies, mosquitoes and other insects during the summer months.

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  • Are heroal sliding doors barrier-free?

    Barrier-free accessibility for your patio, balcony or conservatory

    heroal sliding patio doors are available with low thresholds, including a zero-barrier door for barrier-free accessibility. Our barrier-free solution for sliding doors ensures both unrestricted passage through the door and protection against moisture damage in your living or dining area with the heroal DS drainage system. Surface water is diverted without any backflow. A sliding door can make your home more accessible in other ways as well. For large and heavy sliding doors in particular, you can also choose a motorised version for easy operation from a wheelchair. Automatic obstacle detection effectively prevents damage to objects and injuries that might arise from being caught in the door.

  • How good is the thermal insulation of a sliding patio door?

    Top thermal insulation values and an ideal indoor climate with sliding patio doors

    heroal sliding doors offer maximum insulation with UW values of up to 0.82 W/m2K. We use exclusively high-quality insulating materials. Thanks to innovative insulation technology, you can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate. This lift & slide door gives the interior of your living room a warmer feel than conventional sliding patio doors. The excellent insulation technology of heroal sliding doors can significantly reduce unpleasant draughts that are often caused by air that has cooled on the inside of the sliding door and sunken to the floor.

  • Do sliding patio doors provide burglary protection?

    Burglar-proof sliding patio doors

    In addition to an elegant and modern design and high ease of use, heroal sliding and lift & slide doors offer a high level of security. Particularly older patio doors often present weak points that burglars exploit. They are one of the most common burglary targets for single-family houses, as they are often not visible from the street. To increase burglary protection, heroal sliding doors can be equipped with anti-lift devices, drill protection, floor locking and safeguards at the centre joint as well as lockable handles. This provides burglar protection up to resistance class RC 2 (WK 2). This class means that the patio door can withstand a burglary attempt on each component with screwdrivers, pliers and wedges for at least three minutes. In that amount of time, most burglars will have already given up.

Useful information

  • What are the advantages of sliding doors?

    The advantages of sliding doors for patios and balconies

    Sliding and lift & slide doors for patios and balconies have many advantages. Since no swivel space is required, sliding doors are a particularly space-saving solution. They also offer increased comfort, since sliding doors can be opened and closed without significant effort and cannot slam shut on their own. Patio sliding doors allow large opening widths to let the light into living and dining rooms. You can create an elegant visual extension of your living space and an unobstructed view into your garden. Sliding doors and lift & slide doors are ideally suited for patios as well as for balconies and conservatories.

  • Can sliding doors be custom-made?

    A custom patio sliding door

    heroal's sliding and lift & slide patio doors fit any architectural style and can easily be custom-made. heroal offers a nearly unlimited variety of designs. Patio sliding doors and lift & slide doors are individually adapted to your building. In addition to standard sizes, extra wide glass fronts are also available. Thanks to our in-house, industry-leading heroal hwr powder coating, our sliding doors and lift & slide doors have a premium, highly weather-resistant surface. In addition to the wide range of RAL colours, heroal also offers you the option of giving your sliding door a concrete, rust or wood look. Our selection of handles in silver-anodised aluminium or stainless steel rounds off our range of design options.

  • What are the opening types and design options for patio sliding doors?

    Design options and opening types for patio sliding doors

    heroal sliding doors and lift & slide doors for patios, balconies and conservatories are available in many different designs. Depending on the type of opening, doors can be fitted with single, double or triple-track frames and with up to six movable leaves. This means that your sliding door can not only be adapted to your individual requirements, but is also suitable for use in extra large building openings to create maximum transparency and open panoramas. In addition to the use of all-glass corners for maximum light and transparency without supports to block the view, the 90° opening corner is a special highlight. Corner areas can be opened completely without crossbars or supports blocking the panorama.

    one movable leaf opening to the left
    two movable leaves opening outwards
    one movable leaf in the middle
    two movable leaves opening inside
    all-glass corner
    90° opening corner
  • Aluminium sliding patio doors

    The advantages of aluminium sliding patio doors

    Compared to sliding doors made of other materials, aluminium sliding doors are particularly durable and weather-resistant. Aluminium sliding doors require limited maintenance and care. The high stability of aluminium allows for particularly large and elegant sliding patio doors. Would you like to give your aluminium sliding door a wood, concrete or rust look or design it in one of the many colours of the RAL spectrum? Our industry-leading, highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating technology makes it possible to apply a variety of surface designs to the aluminium profile that will last for many years to come. Up to 85 % recycled aluminium is used for heroal sliding patio doors. With this process, 95% less energy is used compared to new aluminium, without any loss of quality.


Advantages of heroal sliding doors at a glance

Sliding doors and lift & slide doors by heroal combine top performance in comfort, energy efficiency, burglary protection and sound insulation with elegant design for the highest architectural demands. See for yourself. We would be happy to help you find the sliding door that best suits your needs. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your sliding door inspiration.

Brochure sliding patio doors

  • very easy to use thanks to innovative design and soft-close technology
  • durable, stable and long-lasting
  • highly thermally insulated for an optimal room climate
  • barrier-free threshold; zero-barrier also possible
  • optional automatic operation; smart home compatible

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