Roller shutters

Protection against wind and weather, safety and privacy as well as improved energy efficiency for your home.

Aluminium roller shutters

High-quality roller shutters - safe, durable and low-maintenance

Roller shutters have to meet the highest standards. They should shield you from wind, weather and noise, provide privacy, protect against burglars and be smart home compatible. They can also help you to save energy. Whether you are interested in aluminium roller shutters for a new building or for retrofitting, we'll show you what you should consider when you make your selection.

What makes heroal aluminium shutters stand out?

Real "energy savers"

In winter, heroal roller shutters contribute to thermal insulation; in summer, they provide cool rooms and a pleasant indoor climate. In combination with heroal windows, the heat loss at night can be reduced by up to 44%. Since aluminium and stainless steel shutters by heroal are exceptionally durable, they meet all the criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Maximum flexibility

Whether you are doing renovations or building a new house, the comprehensive RAL colour palette and the range of surface options allows heroal aluminium and stainless steel shutters to match with any façade. They are available in individual sizes for different opening widths and offer small winding diameters. This ensures convenient installation and an attractive appearance.

Security and comfort

heroal shutters protect not only against wind and weather, but also against burglary. They are available up to resistance class RC 3, and in combination with heroal safety windows they can even reach RC 4. This makes it almost impossible for burglars to enter your home unnoticed. Thanks to smart home integration, you can conveniently operate your aluminium shutters even when you are away from home.

Everything you need to know about aluminium shutters

Build-in, top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters?

Build-in roller shutters

Build-in roller shutters are integrated into the façade above the window opening and disappear completely into the façade when pulled up. Build-in roller shutters are mostly used for new builds. Get more information now.

Built-in roller shutters >

Front-mounted roller shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters are mounted in front of the window. They are especially suited for the later installation of roller shutters. Discover the various designs of heroal front-mounted roller shutters and find the perfect match for your façade.

Front-mounted roller shutters >

Top-mounted roller shutters

Top-mounted roller shutters are mounted on top of the window before being installed in the window opening as one unit. heroal top-mounted roller shutters are suited for retrofitting as well as for new builds. Get more information now.

Top-mounted roller shutters >

Professional roller shutter installation

No matter which kind of shutters you choose, our specialist partner will advise you about your options and ensure professional and convenient installation. Retrofitting heroal roller shutters is no problem at all. With just a few clicks, you can find a heroal specialist partner from over 3,500 professionals worldwide.

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Product features of heroal roller shutters

No matter which heroal roller shutter system you choose, you'll enjoy it for a long time to come. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal roller shutter systems. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

Brochure aluminium roller shutters >

  • soundproofing, burglary protection and privacy
  • optimal solution for any installation situation
  • easy to retrofit
  • up to 56% energy savings
  • tested quality for a safe home
  • smart home compatible

Our aluminium roller shutter system solutions

Aluminium roller shutters

The shutter slats are the most important component of a roller shutter. They provide effective privacy and a sound sleep without unwanted sunlight. heroal offers a large selection of roller shutter slats. The smallest slats have a width of up to 42 mm and excellent winding properties, standard slats have a width of up to 55 mm, and stainless steel slats are specially designed for burglary resistance up to RC 4.

Roller shutter slats - mini

  • 32 - 42 mm widths
  • possible to use the smallest box size due to very good winding properties
  • large element widths due to high stability

Roller shutter slats - standard

  • 52 - 55 mm widths
  • good winding properties
  • suitable for renovations

Roller shutter slats - safe

  • 37 - 55 mm widths
  • max. possible coverage range
  • concealed burglar resistance up to RC 4

Roller shutter boxes

For heroal front-mounted roller shutters, you can choose from a range of shutter boxes that are very well-suited to retrofitting. Choose the shutter box that perfectly matches the look of your house and your taste.

Aluminium roller shutters in RAL colours

Roller shutters by heroal can have any colour or surface design you'd like. You can choose from the full spectrum of RAL colours to match the colour of your roller shutters with your house.

Extras for roller shutters

heroal roller shutters can be combined with many other options You can integrate your shutters with insect or sun protection. In addition, you can conveniently control and check the locking status of your shutters from your smartphone or tablet when you are not at home.

Sun protection

Combine your roller shutters with a sunshade that provides both light and heat protection without completely darkening the room. Learn more about heroal sunshades.

Sun protection >

Fly screen

Integrate your fly screen directly into your shutter box and enjoy maximum flexibility. With a wide selection of fabrics, the fly screen can fit your individual needs.

Fly screen >

Smart home

heroal roller shutters are compatible with all common smart home systems. Check and control your roller shutters when you are away from home via smartphone or tablet.

Smart home >

Roller shutters for increased comfort in your home

Security shutters

Safe is safe. Security shutters by heroal help scare off burglars. The burglary resistance of heroal security shutters is certified by the Institute for Window Technology (ift-Rosenheim). In combination with a heroal security window, the resistance class can even be increased to RC 4. Learn more about heroal security shutters now.

Security shutters >

Electric roller shutters

No more cranks and belts to pull. Control your shutters automatically and increase your everyday comfort. heroal roller shutters are compatible with all common smart home systems. Learn more about heroal electric shutters now.

Electric roller shutters >

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