Roller shutters

Protection against wind and weather, safety and privacy as well as improved energy efficiency for your home.

Aluminium roller shutters

High-quality roller shutters - safe, durable and low-maintenance

Roller shutters have to meet the highest standards. They should shield you from wind, weather and noise, provide privacy, protect against burglars and be smart home compatible. They can also help you to save energy. Whether you are interested in aluminium roller shutters for a new building or for retrofitting, we'll show you what you should consider when you make your selection.

What makes heroal aluminium shutters stand out?

Real "energy savers"

In winter, heroal roller shutters contribute to thermal insulation; in summer, they provide cool rooms and a pleasant indoor climate. In combination with heroal windows, the heat loss at night can be reduced by up to 44%. Since aluminium and stainless steel shutters by heroal are exceptionally durable, they meet all the criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Maximum flexibility

Whether you are doing renovations or building a new house, the comprehensive RAL colour palette and the range of surface options allows heroal aluminium and stainless steel shutters to match with any façade. They are available in individual sizes for different opening widths and offer small winding diameters. This ensures convenient installation and an attractive appearance.

Security and comfort

heroal shutters protect not only against wind and weather, but also against burglary. They are available up to resistance class RC 3, and in combination with heroal safety windows they can even reach RC 4. This makes it almost impossible for burglars to enter your home unnoticed. Thanks to smart home integration, you can conveniently operate your aluminium shutters even when you are away from home.

Build-in, top-mounted or front-mounted roller shutters?


Everything you need to know about aluminium shutters

Electric roller shutters

No more turning the crank and pulling the roller shutter strap. heroal roller shutters are easy to control, either electrically via wall switch and remote control, or automatically via app or voice commands. Electric roller shutters by heroal are also capable of interacting with all standard smart home systems.

Security roller shutters

heroal roller shutter systems made from aluminium and stainless steel are very sturdy and provide for tested and certified burglary resistance including resistance class RC 3. This deters and discourages burglars. Combined with a heroal aluminium window system, burglary resistance can be even increased, meeting resistance class RC 4 standards. Get to know more about the security features of heroal roller shutters.


  • Are heroal roller shutters suited for both new buildings and renovation?

    Roller shutters are real all-rounders, and therefore should be included in any architect’s plan for a newbuild right away. Both in-wall roller shutters installed in the brickwork as well as top-mounted roller shutters, which are fixed onto the window first and then installed into the window opening as one unit, are suited for newbuilds. Winding up in their box in the brickwork, these roller shutters become invisible when they are fully lifted.

    The installation of roller shutters at a later date, e.g. within the scope of a modernisation of a building, is an investment that pays off. Roller shutters not only increase the energy efficiency of a house, they also increase burglary protection. Surface-mounted roller shutters installed in front of the window are especially suited for a retrofit. With their range of available box shapes and design options, they create a harmonious look and perfectly match your house.

  • Can heroal roller shutters be made to measure?

    heroal roller shutters are customised according to your individual requirements. Our competent specialist partners take accurate measurements on-site, ensuring a custom-fit manufacture and installation of your roller shutters. You can choose from a range of different roller shutter slats: depending on your requirements, they can be especially suited for extreme widths, offer increased burglary protection or have an especially low winding diameter. In order to adapt the roller shutters to the look of your house, heroal offers a wide range of RAL-chart colours, the exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours as well as heroal Surface Designs (SD) in wooden, concrete or rust looks for extruded parts. A wide range of different box designs is available for surface-mounted roller shutters – from 90° through 45° to rounded shapes.

  • Is there a roller shutter installation company near me?

    No matter which kind of shutters you choose, our specialist partner will advise you about your options and ensure professional and convenient installation. Retrofitting heroal roller shutters is no problem at all. With just a few clicks, you can find a heroal specialist partner from over 3,500 professionals worldwide.

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  • What roller slats are available at heroal?

    The shutter slats are the most important component of a roller shutter. They provide effective privacy and a sound sleep without unwanted sunlight. heroal offers a large selection of roller shutter slats. The smallest slats have a width of up to 42 mm and excellent winding properties, standard slats have a width of up to 55 mm, and stainless steel slats are specially designed for burglary resistance up to RC 4.

    Roller shutter slats - mini

    • 32 - 42 mm widths
    • possible to use the smallest box size due to very good winding properties
    • large element widths due to high stability

    Roller shutter slats - standard

    • 52 - 55 mm widths
    • good winding properties
    • suitable for renovations

    Roller shutter slats - safe

    • 37 - 55 mm widths
    • max. possible coverage range
    • concealed burglar resistance up to RC 4

  • What panel boxes are available for heroal roller shutters?

    A range of surface-mounted boxes in different designs is available for heroal surface-mounted roller shutters, making them especially suited for the installation of roller shutters at a later date. Select a surface-mounted box that meets your preferences and ideally matches the look of your house. Safety plays an important role for heroal, therefore, different safety categories for your panel box are available. You can choose between roll-formed panel boxes, extremely sturdy extruded panel boxes, and panel boxes from the "Safe" range, meeting an even higher demand on safety.

    Half round
    Quarter round
  • What colours are available for heroal roller shutters?

    Roller shutters by heroal can be individually coated or filmed according to your preferences. You can choose from the entire range of RAL chart colours as well as the exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, offering outstanding colour harmony in any combination in order to ideally match the colour of your roller shutters to the look of your house. Furthermore, the coating technology heroal SD offers true to detail surfaces in wooden, concrete or rust looks, available for panel boxes and guide rails.

  • Can an insect screen be directly integrated into a roller shutter box?

    Fully integrating fly screen

    Insects like midges, flies or wasps are unwanted guest inside your four walls. Would you like to make individual use of the insect protection in front of your window, i.e. only when it is needed? With insect protection roller blinds by heroal, this is made easy. Integrate an insect protection blind directly into your roller shutter box and enjoy highest flexibility. When no longer needed, the insect protection blind disappears invisibly in the roller shutter box. Thanks to a wide range of available fabrics, you can adapt the insect protection to your individual requirements.

    More about heroal fly screen solutions >

  • Can heroal roller shutters be connected to smart home systems?

    heroal roller shutters are compatible with all common smart home systems. Check and control your roller shutters when you are away from home via smartphone or tablet.

Useful information

  • What are the advantages of a roller shutter?

    Roller shutters made of aluminium or stainless steel offer many advantages. They not only provide privacy, protection against prying eyes and complete blackout – most importantly, they are very sturdy. Their strength makes it possible to manufacture roller shutters for especially large door and window openings and increase the protection against burglary. In addition, roller shutters made from aluminium or stainless steel are especially weather-resistant, durable and low-maintenance.

    • protection from prying eyes
    • enhanced thermal insulation
    • sustainable and energy-efficient

    • enhanced sound insulation
    • durability and weather resistance
    • also suited for large window openings

  • Which material is appropriate for roller shutters?

    Roller shutters are available in different kinds of materials, e.g. aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and wood. In comparison to other materials, roller shutters made from aluminium or stainless steel offer many advantages. Not only are they more durable and weather-resistant, thanks to their high rigidity, they also provide a much better protection against burglary, i.e. up to resistance class RC 4. Roller shutters made from aluminium or stainless steel are suited for door and window openings up to a width of 5 m. Aluminium roller slats and panels are on offer as roll-formed or extruded variants – roll-formed parts are lightweight, extruded parts are more sturdy.

  • What roller shutter motor can be used for a retrofit?

    If there is an electrical connection, installing a roller shutter motor as a retrofit can be done easily and fast. A number of tubular motors from different manufacturers are available to you – ranging from electric to smart. Our heroal specialist partners will be glad to assist you in finding the right roller shutter motor for your roller shutters, and take care of a professional installation. Please use our heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator in your area.

  • How should I maintain and care for a roller shutter?

    Regular maintenance and care enhance the reliability and durability of your roller shutters. Please use warm water and a mild cleaning agent to clean your heroal roller shutter curtain and the guide rails. If this is difficult to be done from outside, the curtain can easily be cleaned after opening the roller shutter box from inside. Maintenance and care ensure that you can enjoy your roller shutters from heroal for a long time.

  • My roller shutter does not open, what can I do?

    If the roller shutter does not open as usual, please stop to operate it immediately, and check whether this has been caused by harsh weather conditions. If the roller shutter got stuck in freezing temperatures or got stuck in the guide rails because of strong winds, you should not operate the roller shutter until the cause has been fixed and the functionality has been checked. If the motor or other parts required for operation have been damaged, please inform your heroal specialist partner, or use our heroal specialist partner search to find a fabricator in your area.

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Product features of heroal roller shutters

No matter which heroal roller shutter system you choose, you'll enjoy it for a long time to come. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal roller shutter systems. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

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  • soundproofing, burglary protection and privacy
  • optimal solution for any installation situation
  • easy to retrofit
  • up to 56% energy savings
  • tested quality for a safe home
  • smart home compatible

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