Panoramic windows

Large windows offer visual transparency, unobstructed views and bright rooms flooded with light, for you to enjoy.

Panoramic windows

Large aluminium windows for unobstructed views and rooms flooded with light

Rooms flooded with natural light appear bright and inviting. Panoramic windows not only look appealing from the outside, large windows also create a friendly living atmosphere, open up the room and allow an unobstructed view. Floor-to-ceiling elements provide for visual continuity between interior and exterior - the room is visually enlarged. Get as much light as possible into your home and enhance the visual transparency with aluminium windows from heroal.

What’s so special about heroal panoramic windows?

Great choice of designs

Unique and versatile design options thanks to heroal hwr powder coating and a great colour variety, including trendy colours and timeless shades.


Due to the foam-filled aluminium profiles developed by heroal and the perfect thermal efficiency they provide, the loss of energy through large glazed elements can be kept extremely low.

Customised sizes and shapes

heroal windows are tailor-made and can be perfectly adapted to the architectural design of your building. heroal’s bending service makes it possible to create customised shapes for your windows.

Our panoramic window systems

Advantages of large window fronts

The panoramic window heroal W 72 makes it possible to create window fronts with above-average glass sizes. It stands out for its durability, sustainability and high-quality design. The aluminium material is extremely robust, so that extremely wide window elements can be manufactured with slender profiles. With a lot of natural light flowing in, even small rooms can be visually enlarged.

The window system heroal W 77 can be installed into individual wall sections or replace complete walls with floor-to-ceiling elements. As heroal systems offer a high system compatibility, the integration of sliding, lifting-sliding and door elements is possible. With all-glass corners from heroal, two glass fronts at right angles can be combined with each other. This way, panoramic windows can create unique living spaces that allow a free and unlimited living experience.

Thanks to the insulating strip geometry, panoramic windows achieve perfect insulation values of UW ≥ 0.86 W/m²K, so that highly thermally insulated windows ensure low energy losses despite large glazing. On sunny days, solar heat is allowed into the rooms through the panoramic windows, so that you can save additional energy costs.

Panoramic window gallery


  • What is a panoramic window?

    Panoramic windows are windows with large, above-average glass sizes. They can replace individual wall sections or complete walls of a room, and can also be designed as floor-to-ceiling elements, if required. A panoramic window can be made of fixed elements or include an element that can be opened. Depending on the design, it is also possible to integrate sliding, lifting-sliding or door elements.

  • Where can I buy heroal panoramic windows?

    heroal panoramic windows are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners. Our competent specialist dealers offer personal consulting, so that your panoramic window perfectly matches your requirements. In addition to the professional installation of your new heroal panoramic windows, our specialist partners also take care of the removal and disposal of the old windows. This means that manufacture, delivery and installation are easy and fast. Find the right specialist partner for customised panoramic windows near you among more than 3,500 heroal fabricators worldwide.

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  • How much does a heroal panoramic window cost?

    The manufacture of panoramic windows is always customised. Our competent specialist partners will consult you and prepare a cost estimate for you. They take into account all individual requirements and adapt the design, and also provide you with a calculation of the costs incurred for manufacture, delivery and installation.

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  • Are there any technical requirements for the installation of a heroal panoramic window?

    Due to the size of panoramic windows, the walls must be suitable for installation. Load-bearing walls cannot be completely replaced with a panoramic window. heroal installs windows up to a maximum weight of 600 kilograms to ensure the safety of the element. Please turn to a heroal specialist partner for personal consultation and discuss the installation of a heroal panoramic window.

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  • Which materials are available for heroal panoramic windows?

    heroal panoramic windows are made of high-quality aluminium and stand out for their cost-effectiveness, durability, sustainability and versatile designs. Aluminium combines stability with a high-quality surface, which is available in all colour variants or with wood, concrete or rust looks. This is achieved with the coating technology heroal SD, offering a wide range of design options. This surface finish is characterised by an outstanding coating quality and individual design, which at the same time makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of aluminium. Please take a look at some design variants available for heroal aluminium windows.

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