Window handles and fittings

The perfect combination of security and design – with window handles and fittings from heroal.

Window handles and fittings

Security and design combined

Window handles and fittings from heroal combine first-class materials, technical perfection down to the smallest detail and a wide variety of design options. The window fitting system heroal WF sets new standards in terms of ease of use, functionality and durability. Thanks to the high level of standard security and the individual design options they offer, heroal window handles and fittings offer you perfect combinations.

What makes heroal window handles and fittings stand out?

Free colour design

Thanks to the high-quality heroal hwr powder coating, you can choose handles in white, silver and many RAL colours. For a particularly high-quality design, the visible fitting parts can be coated in a colour matching the window.

Burglary resistance

Burglar resistant fitting parts enhance the security of your window, meeting the requirements including resistance class RC 3. All heroal handle variants are also available as lockable handles.

Ease of use

Regardless of their size, all windows can be opened and closed without much effort. With the electric window drive heroal WF Drive and smart home automation, you can control your windows even when you’re not at home.

Window handles and fittings for your security

Windows are often the entry point for burglars. The police therefore recommend windows with resistance class RC 2, or even better RC 3. Effective burglary resistance starts with the window handle and fitting; it becomes complete when window frame and glazing are also considered.
With a window fitting from heroal, you get either resistance class RC 2 or 3, depending on the number of strike units. heroal WF is a modular system with which individual customer requirements can be met. When it comes to burglary resistance, this system sets future-oriented, leading standards in the industry.
The integrated anti-lift protection uses a horizontal tipping point and a mushroom lock, which also provides for great ease of use.

Window element with 4 striker units

Window element with 12 striker units

How can I enhance the security of my windows?

Window handles and fittings from heroal offer a high level of basic standard security. If combined with RC2-certified windows, they provide for effective burglary resistance. A higher level of security can be achieved with lockable window handles installed on the inside. For enhanced protection against burglary attempts, heroal roller shutters installed outside can be added to the window system. Security roller shutters from heroal meet resistance class RC 3 requirements, if combined with heroal security windows, they even provide for resistance class RC 4. That means that even experienced perpetrators need at least 30 min to enter the building. Most of them give up their burglary attempt within this time.

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heroal window fittings with visible or concealed fitting

heroal’s product portfolio includes both surface-mounted and concealed fitting variants. Concealed fittings are also called inside fittings. All functional components are fixed between sash frame and frame, which makes them invisible when the window is closed. This makes it possible to create purist, straight line designs. The surface-mounted window fittings can be designed in your favourite colour, just as the window handles.

  • surface-mounted tilt and turn fitting
  • free colour design of visible fitting parts
  • meets highest security requirements and design standards

  • completely concealed tilt and turn fitting
  • purist look
  • meets highest transparency requirements and design standards

Window handles in white and many additional colours

Your window handle is coated with a heroal hwr powder coating. In addition to traditional colours, such as white, silver or grey, you can choose from more than 500 RAL colours. Perfect colour identity can be achieved through colour-coordinated window handles and window frames. This way, your windows integrate particularly harmoniously into your room design. With an unusual colour, your window becomes a real eye-catcher. The different handle designs give you even more freedom of design for your home.


  • What is a window handle?

    Window handles are operating elements to open, tilt or close windows. Basically, a distinction can be made between standard window handles, lockable window handles and window handles that stop or latch into place. Turning the window handle causes a movement of the inside window fitting via the window gear, thus adjusting the locking points of the window.

  • How much is a new window handle?

    heroal window handles as such are in the medium price segment. If a replacement of the old locking system is also required, it is not possible to prepare a quote without having more information on your actual needs. Please use the heroal search and get in touch with one of our specialist partners to discuss your individual requirements. This way, you will receive detailed information about the feasibility, pricing and delivery times.

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  • Where can I buy heroal window handles and fittings?

    heroal window handles and fittings are exclusively available from heroal specialist partners. Our professional specialist partners offer personal advice in order to meet your individual window design requirements. We cooperate with more than 3,500 fabricators worldwide. Use the heroal specialist partner search and find a heroal fabricator near you easily and fast.

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  • Is it possible to open and close my windows via a smart home automation system?

    The electrical window drive heroal WF Drive opens and closes your window automatically. Control is via push button or app, and the integration into standard home automation systems is also possible without much effort. The connection allows you to set defined ventilation times and ventilate even when you are not at home, in order to ensure regular air exchange and perfect air quality. The motorised window drive is concealed so that it is completely invisible when the window is closed, and does not affect the look of the building.

    Please get in touch with one of our professional specialist partners for more information on available products and a feasibility check for your window system.

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  • Which designs are possible for window handles?

    Individual design requirements can be met through different handle designs. In addition to the plug-in handle with surface-mounted gears and the plug-in handle with round rose, the heroal design window handle stands out for its very appealing look. All handle variants are also available as lockable window handles. Find your favourite handle and turn the look of your window into something special.

Product features of heroal window handles and fittings

Efficient, secure and individual: The perfect combination of security and design makes heroal window handles and fittings the best choice for your windows. We are happy to provide advice on product features and the coordination of the many design options. Visit our experienced specialist partners and be inspired.

  • high level of basic security
  • variety of design options
  • wide range of colour designs
  • high burglary resistance

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The heroal promise

When it comes to how we live and work, the most important thing is having choices. heroal knows that. As a family-run company with more than 140 years of experience, we believe that when it comes to quality, there are no compromises. That is why our products give you a way to create ideal solutions for nearly any requirement. As a technology leader, we believe that quality means more efficiency, more reliability and more performance – solutions that are "SIMPLY. BETTER."

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