Custom windows

heroal custom windows give you the freedom to design your home in your own unique way

With heroal windows, it is possible to create an almost unlimited range of different designs. With a huge variety of shapes and colours as well as premium heroal coating technology, our windows can be adapted to fit practically any style and any architecture. heroal windows make it possible to build your home in your own unique way with whatever dimensions, shapes and colours you choose. We can also make special sizes, pointed arch or round arch windows – because heroal aluminium windows are made to meet your needs. Discover the broad variety of heroal windows now!

The design possibilities of heroal custom windows

We will custom-manufacture heroal windows for your home so that you can have full creative freedom. You can individualise your window with various elements such as the size and shape. In addition, you can choose the opening type and surface design for your window. There is also a broad range of choices for window handles.


Dimensions - We will custom-manufacture heroal windows for you and your home. In addition to standard sizes, we can also make windows that are very narrow or very large. It is also possible to make floor-to-ceiling windows and panorama windows.


Surface - You can choose any colour on the RAL colour palette. It is also possible to use different degrees of gloss and decorative foliation. Design your window in your own unique way – from walnut to matt coal grey, pale green, steel blue and high-gloss silver.

Opening types

Opening types - heroal offers all common opening types. Depending on your requirements, you can get a right-turning, left-turning, right-turn/tilting, left-turn/tilting, bottom-hung or fixed-element window.

Window handels

Window handels - heroal window handles provide the greatest possible creative freedom with modern handle designs. Standard heroal window handles are available in the colours white, pure white, grey and silver, but you can also create your own individual design in any RAL colour.

Cross bars

Cross bars - By request, we can also make cross bar windows for you, which can fit perfectly into your home's look.


Shapes - Thanks to our in-house bending service, we are able to offer round, slanted and arched windows on request. We can also make formula-based elements.


Elements - In addition to one-piece window elements, you can also order two-piece window elements, floor-to-ceiling window elements and door elements with various opening types.

Which aluminium window is right for me?

Custom arched windows

Do you need a round arch, pointed arch, basket arch or segmental arch window – or even a circular porthole window? That is no problem for heroal. At heroal, window profiles are bent and shaped in-house according to your individual needs. This in-house service means that your windows can be made quickly and conveniently at heroal's high quality standards. And of course, all round arch, pointed arch, basket arch and segmental arch windows can be coated in any RAL colour, any of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours and in any of the various surface styles such as concrete, rust or wood look.

Our colour ideas for your custom windows

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

The exclusive partnership between heroal and Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier makes a unique colour spectrum available to you. The nature-inspired, harmoniously combinable colours have unparalleled aesthetics, represent spatial effects and meet the demand for colour-coordinated elements.

heroal hwr powder coating

Highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coatings ensure long-lasting colour stability. All colours of the extensive RAL chart are available - also in different gloss rates: from matt through glossy to metallic.

heroal SD

heroal SD coating technology expands the design possibilities for surface designs, making it possible to give the surface of your aluminium window an attractive wood, concrete or rust look.


  • When do you need custom windows?

    heroal windows can be custom-made for your home if you need both comprehensive functionality and a high degree of flexibility in terms of shape and colour. Are you replacing your old windows and have to stick with a certain size due to the existing window openings? Are you doing a construction project with extra large windows that give a lot of light but are not of standard size? Or are you integrating windows into specific architectural forms like arches that require specific opening types? Then custom heroal windows are the right choice for you. You can also take advantage of the possibilities of heroal custom windows to create your own individual designs and fit them perfectly with the architecture of your home. We offer heroal custom windows in almost any shape and colour so that you can be free to realise your own unique ideas.

  • What are the advantages of made to measure aluminium windows?

    Custom aluminium windows stand out for their efficiency, sustainability and high-quality design. Aluminium combines stability with a unique surface that makes it possible to make windows with large widths that still have slim profiles, creating open, light-flooded spaces. Aluminium windows also feature high weather resistance and corrosion protection, which makes them very durable and allows them to remain virtually maintenance-free for decades. heroal uses up to 85 % recycled aluminium. This creates a closed recycling cycle that reduces the energy consumption during production by up to 95 %.

  • Where can I buy made to measure heroal windows?

    Do you need individually fitted windows for a modernisation project or for a new house? Our skilled specialist partners offer personal consultations to find the perfect window to fit your individual requirements. And of course, our specialist partners will not only professionally install your new heroal windows, but also remove and dispose of the old windows. That means production, delivery and installation all happen quickly and conveniently. Find a partner for custom windows in your area from more than 3,500 heroal specialists worldwide.

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heroal custom windows at a glance

No matter what shape or colour you want the windows in your home to be, choosing aluminium windows by heroal means that you can rely on the highest quality. See for yourself. We would be happy to give you more information about the design possibilities of heroal windows. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and let us inspire you.

  • Bright and long-lasting colour
  • Comprehensive RAL colour palette
  • Various gloss levels
  • versatile design possibilities
  • industry-exclusive bending service
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

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When it comes to how we live and work, the most important thing is having choices. heroal knows that. As a family-run company with more than 140 years of experience, we believe that when it comes to quality, there are no compromises. That is why our products give you a way to create ideal solutions for nearly any requirement. As a technology leader, we believe that quality means more efficiency, more reliability and more performance – solutions that are "SIMPLY. BETTER."

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