Aluminium windows

Improve your home's thermal insulation, provide optimal sound and burglary protection, choose among the widest variety of designs – all with easy maintenance.

Aluminium windows

High-quality and energy-efficient aluminium windows

Windows have to perform a wide range of functions: They create light-filled spaces and provide a view of the outdoors. At the same time they should keep out heat, cold and noise as well as protect against burglary. Whatever their function, windows must be able to be integrated into any building architecture, and that means they require a high degree of flexibility in terms of colour and design. We will show you how you can combine different requirements and what you should pay attention to when choosing your aluminium windows.

What makes heroal aluminium windows superior?

High-quality and long-lasting

Whether it is a new house, a renovation or a modernisation project: heroal aluminium windows offer almost unlimited design possibilities for enhancing the appearance of your property. With aluminium windows, you get high-quality, integrated solutions with low maintenance requirements and high durability.

Increase your security

Insufficiently insulated windows often result in costly energy loss. Aluminium windows by heroal minimise energy loss with their optimum profile construction and fitting technology. Replacing old windows is an investment that pays off in the long term. As an added benefit, it visually enhances your property.

Save valuable energy

Insufficiently insulated windows often result in costly energy loss. Aluminium windows by heroal minimise energy loss with their optimum profile construction and fitting technology. Replacing old windows is an investment that pays off in the long term. As an added benefit, it visually enhances your property.

Aluminium windows from A to Z

  • Advantages of aluminium windows

    Advantages of aluminium windows

    Aluminium frames have a longer service life than window frames made of other materials. They require little maintenance and are fully recyclable. The high stability of heroal aluminium windows makes it possible to install even large window elements with extremely narrow, elegant facing. Industry-leading heroal coating technology also gives our aluminium windows a high-quality, weather-resistant surface that can withstand continuous UV radiation. That means you can enjoy your heroal windows long into the future. Learn more about the advantages of aluminium now!

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  • Aluminium windows made to measure

    Aluminium windows made to measure

    heroal windows offer almost unlimited design options: the range of available colours leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to the entire palette of RAL chart colours, you can choose from different gloss rates and refinement options. For a harmonious colouring, windows may have different colours outside and inside. Whether special sizes or windows with a pointed or rounded arch are concerned: heroal aluminium windows cater your preferences. Get more information about your options for individual design!

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  • Certified security windows

    Certified security windows

    Good windows protect against not only wind and weather, but against burglary as well. heroal window systems combined with heroal roller shutters provide the perfect protection against burglary. Their combined strength can provide windows with resistance ratings as high as RC 4. Professional installation by our window specialists gives you yet another reason to feel safe in your home. Learn more about heroal's burglary protection now.

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  • Passive house windows

    Passive house windows

    heroal aluminium window frames have superior insulating properties. They combine maximum energy efficiency with narrow face widths. With a modular profile system, heroal frames are able to achieve thermal insulation values from Uf=1.3 to Uf=0.8. Due to these strong U-values, their classifications range from 'highly thermally insulated' to 'passive-house certified'. Learn more about passive house windows, the importance of U-values and heroal technologies for excellent thermal insulation.

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  • Soundproof windows

    Sound proof windows

    Aluminium windows by heroal achieve superior results in sound insulation. Depending on requirements, heroal's soundproof windows are available up to sound insulation class 5. Keep the noise outside! Test the sound insulation of heroal windows in person and learn more about the features of our sound insulation windows and the available sound insulation classes.

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  • Delivery and installation of windows

    Delivery and installation of windows

    When you think about installing windows, do you imagine a dusty and dirty construction site? Not with us. Our skilled specialist partners provide you with a personal consultation to find the perfect window to fit your individual requirements. Our window specialists take care of removing your old windows and professionally installing your new heroal windows. They make window installation quick, easy and clean. We can help you find the right heroal partner from over 3,500 professionals worldwide.

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Which aluminium window is right for me?

Finding the right window or the right window frame is not such an easy task. Window frames differ in terms of insulation value, surface design, burglary protection and additional feature options. We will help you find the right window for your needs. Learn more about the feature options and advantages of modern window systems by heroal.

Our window systems

Window opening types and designs

Modern aluminium windows are offered in nearly any imaginable design. Aluminium windows by heroal are also available as round arch, segmental arch or basket arch windows. Even round window frames pose no problem and can be provided in the highest quality. Our specialist partners can install custom window sizes and designs to meet the requirements of specific projects. A window's opening type is decisive for how it can be used. It affects the ventilation, shading and decoration possibilities. You can choose among casement window types that open to the left or right, as well as turn/tilt casements that can be tilted as well as opened to the left or right. Here you can take a look at a selection of possible designs and opening types for modern windows.

Window handles for aluminium windows

Window handles are a part of any window frame that can be opened. The choice of a window handle also influences the window's appearance, which is a factor that should not be overlooked. The heroal WF generation of fittings combines style, functionality and durability. heroal WF sets industry-wide standards for burglary protection and features strong security standards. The broad range of styles gives you the chance to realise your own unique window design. Find your personal favourite here.

Plug-in handle with surface-mounted gears

Plug-in handle with round rose

heroal design window handle

Innovative coating technologies for aluminium window profiles

Aluminium windows in RAL colours

Robust, weather- and UV-resistant hwr powder coating maintains the colour intensity of your window frames through the years. Tests have shown that the colour and gloss intensity remains virtually unchanged compared to conventional coating processes, even years after installation. Any colour in the RAL colour palette can be used for heroal aluminium windows. In addition, you can choose between different degrees of gloss from grainy to matt to glossy. The surface of your window frames is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also easy to maintain. Take a look at a small selection of the available colours.

Aluminium windows with a concrete, rust or wood look

heroal SD coating technology provides a broad range of design possibilities for the surface of aluminium window frames. The aluminium profiles are sealed in PE foil in a vacuum process and then the design is burned in using heat exposure. This makes it possible to give the surface of your aluminium windows an attractive wood, concrete or rust look. This surface coating stands out for its high durability (equivalent to hwr powder coating) and its refined look. Take a look at some design options for heroal aluminium windows.


Product features of heroal aluminium windows at a glance

Attractive, energy-efficient and safe: The advantages of heroal aluminium windows speak for themselves, and you will enjoy them for a long time to come. We would be happy to advise you on product features and design possibilities. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your window inspiration.

Brochure aluminium windows

  • broad technical and design variety
  • excellent thermal insulation
  • high degree of burglary protection
  • premium look, stable and long-lasting
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Surfaces and variety of colours

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