Front-mounted roller shutters

For increased safety, maximum comfort and ideal functionality

heroal front-mounted roller shutters stand out for their increased security, maximum comfort and ideal functionality. Front-mounted shutters, also known as external shutters, are installed in front of the window, which makes them ideal for retrofitting as part of modernisation or renovation projects.

Advantages of front-mounted roller shutters

Front-mounted roller shutters offer optimum insulation values and improve the thermal insulation of your home. With a variety of design and colour options, you can find the perfect match for your home's look. In addition, front-mounted roller shutters increase the burglary protection of your home to resistance class RC 3.

  • suitable for retrofitting
  • building shell not damaged
  • lower energy consumption
  • match your home's look
  • nearly invisible integration
  • improvement of burglary protection to resistance class RC 3

Construction and design options for heroal front-mounted roller shutters

You can match your heroal front-mounted roller shutters to your home's look. The small winding diameter of the roller shutters allow for the use of very narrow shutter boxes, which can be optimally integrated into the façade. You can choose between several shutter box looks and sizes and design them to match your taste. heroal offers a wide variety of colour options. Would you like your front-mounted roller shutters to be almost invisible in the façade? That is no problem with a flush-mounted shutter box, also known as a plaster-base roller shutter. Choose from a variety of shapes and looks for your heroal shutter box to find the best fit for your home.

Shutter boxes for front-mounted roller shutters

Shutter boxes for front-mounted roller shutters are available in a variety of shapes. That makes it easy to match your heroal front-mounted roller shutters to your home's look. You can view a selection of shutter box shapes here.

Increased security with heroal front-mounted roller shutters

heroal front-mounted roller shutters are divided into four security levels. The effectiveness of the anti-lift device and the material used for the front-mounted box and the roller shutter slat play a decisive role in determining this security level. Extruded stainless steel front-mounted boxes and roller shutter slats can increase the burglary protection level of your heroal roller shutter to RC 3. In combination with a heroal security window, you can even achieve resistance class RC 4.

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Security level 1:

  • anti-lift up to 750 N

Security level 2:

  • anti-lift up to 750 N
  • certification according to guideline TR 111 of the German Federal Association of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection

Security level 3:

  • integrated anti-lift up to 3,000 N
  • resistance class RC 3

Security level 4:

  • integrated anti-lift up to 6,000 N
  • resistance class RC 3

heroal front-mounted roller shutters at a glance

  RS 37 FMR RS 37 FMR IS RS 37 FME RS 37 SL FME RS 37 RC 2 FMS RS 37 RC 3 FMS
Box type rollformed front-mounted box rollformed front-mounted box extruded front-mounted box extruded front-mounted box security front-mounted box security front-mounted box
Box shape 20°, 45°, 90°, half round, quarter round 20°, 45°, half round, quarter round 20°, 45°, 90°, half round 20°, 45°, 90°, half round 45° 45°
Height x depth (mm) 125 - 205 150 - 205 125 - 205 150 - 205 205 205
Burglary prevention (security level) 1 1 1 2 3 4
Max. size (mm) 3,000 x 3,500 1,600 x 2,400 3,000 x 3,500 2,300 x 2,700 2,095 x 2,350 1,920 x 2,140
Fly screen - yes - - - -
Drive type motor, belt motor motor, belt motor motor motor
Smart home yes yes yes yes yes yes

Installation and assembly of the front-mounted roller shutter

Would you like to integrate front-mounted roller shutters into your new building or retrofit them? Our heroal specialist partners will be happy to advise you in selecting the right front-mounted roller shutter and will install it professionally on your window. Our heroal specialist partners will also be available to you if anything comes up after your heroal front-mounted roller shutters are installed. Find a partner in your area from over 3,500 heroal professionals worldwide.

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Control and operation of front-mounted roller shutters

Would you like to open and close your front-mounted roller shutters at the push of a button or even control them via an app while you are away from home? heroal electric front-mounted roller shutters give you a wide range of control options - for more comfort and increased safety. Control your front-mounted roller shutters using a sunlight or temperature sensor to ensure the ideal indoor temperature. It is also possible to set time controls for your heroal front-mounted roller shutters. In addition, you can open and close your roller shutters with an app or integrate them into your smart home system, offering you the greatest possible flexibility and control, even when you are away from home. Are you still opening and closing your roller shutters manually with a shutter belt? You can easily retrofit a roller shutter drive into your heroal front-mounted roller shutters. Use our specialist partner search to find a specialist partner near you who can equip your front roller shutter with an electric drive.

Front-mounted roller shutters with integrated fly screen

Especially in the summer months, it is nice to have fresh air inside the house. Insects such as flies, mosquitoes and wasps often make it difficult to properly air out the interior. With a heroal retractable fly screen, which can be integrated invisibly into a front-mounted roller shutter box, heroal offers you flexible insect protection that is ready whenever you need it. During the winter months, the fly screen can disappear into the roller shutter box with a nearly silent mechanism. This eliminates the need to dismantle the stenter frames, and you can use the retractable fly screen again whenever you need.

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Plastered front-mounted roller shutters

Would you like to retrofit a roller shutter but want the shutter box to be invisible? You can do just that with plastered front-mounted roller shutters with a flush-mounted shutter box. The shutter box blends seamlessly into the façade, making it virtually invisible. A wide variety of colours is available for all heroal roller shutters. For flush-mounted shutter boxes, you can choose from a broad selection of shapes and sizes. If you use a flush-mounted shutter box, the roller shutter is rolled up on the left-hand side and the convex side of the roller shutter curtain faces outwards.

Surfaces and variety of colours

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