Fly screens for windows and doors

Protect your home from unwanted insects such as flies, mosquitoes and wasps with an fly screen, tenter frame, pleated blinds or a sliding system.

Fly screen

Optimum insect protection for windows, doors and light and cellar shafts

heroal fly screen solutions offer you long-lasting protection with full flexibility. The various fly screen components can be combined with almost all windows and doors as well as light and cellar shaft covers. Our modern heroal design stands out for its elegance and offers maximum transparency - for a nearly invisible fly screen. The large selection of different types of textiles (gossamer) not only offers you a variety of design options , but also special textiles for people who suffer from allergies and for pet owners. heroal fly screen products stand out for their quality, stability, ease of use and durability.

What makes heroal fly screens so special?

Easy installation

Whether as an integrated fly screen in the roller shutter box or a retrofitted element, heroal fly screens stand out for their modular design, providing simple, economical installation and a high degree of user-friendliness.

Flexible use

heroal fly screens are available as tenter frames, retractable fly screens and pleats. They are made to measure according to your individual needs, which makes them for almost any window, door or light and cellar shaft cover.

Increased quality of living

heroal fly screen products offer maximum transparency and air permeability with particularly high weather resistance. That makes your fly screen nearly invisible and provides a fresh indoor climate – all while keeping your living space free of insects.

Fly screens from A to Z

  • Why fly screens?

    Why fly screens?

    Insects such as flies, mosquitoes, spiders and wasps often come into our homes as uninvited guests. Particularly mosquitoes can keep one from getting a restful sleep. Sleeping with open windows is often not possible without a fly screen. In addition, insects like flies often use food such as fruit for breeding. Fly screens in front of doors and windows also help with this. Fly screens can also be useful for people who suffer from pollen allergies, as they certain types of textiles that are designed to effectively deter pollen. They allow allergy suffers to air their homes without worrying about pollen or insects.

  • Fly screens for allergy sufferers

    Fly screens for allergy sufferers

    In Germany about 15% of the population suffers from pollen allergies and the number of pollen allergy sufferers is increasing every year. The trigger is pollen from wind-pollinated plants such as birch and ash trees as well as various grasses and herbs. Depending on the weather, pollen begin to enter the air in February and ends in November – so only a few months of the year are truly pollen-free. Those affected often suffer from itching, shortness of breath and watery eyes. This is accompanied by symptoms such as headaches, depression and insomnia. heroal IS Clear is an fly screen textile that effectively repels pollen, but stays permeable to light and air, ensuring that you can air out your home even during pollen season.

    The heroal IS Clear was specially developed for pollen protection and guarantees pollen prevention of up to 97%. The meshes of the fabric are elongated instead of square, as in conventional fabrics.

    The pollen adheres to the meshes and does not enter the interior; at the same time, as much light and air as possible is let through. This allows you to enjoy fresh air all year round with open windows.

  • Aluminium insect protection solutions

    Aluminium insect protection solutions

    We use aluminium for our fly screen solutions. Aluminium ensures a particularly durable and weatherproof fly screen. Aluminium is very insensitive and easy to clean and features high sustainability, as it is completely recyclable. Our innovative heroal surface coating offers you the greatest possible design variety. This allows your fly screen to perfectly match the look of your home, whether you are doing a new building project or retrofitting your screen.

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  • Quick and easy installation

    Quick and easy installation

    You can rely on our specialist partners in your choice of a heroal fly screen. They will provide you with expert advice and find the right solution for any type of installation. After selecting the appropriate fly screen, they will also ensure quick and convenient installation. Find a heroal partner near you and arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

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  • Cleaning your fly screen

    Cleaning your fly screen

    Fly screen fabrics by heroal are particularly easy to care for and clean. Light dirt and dust can be removed with a standard hand brush. Alternatively, the fabric can also be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or feather duster. The fly screen should then be cleaned with clear water and a sponge. Stubborn dirt can also be removed with a little detergent.

Our fly screen solutions

heroal offers fly screens for a wide range of applications. Both for doors and for windows. With a range of different fabrics, you can find protection against mosquitoes, flies and other pesky insects that meets your individual needs.

Fly screens for windows

Fly screens are often essential for windows that are opened frequently or remain open for long periods of time, such as bedroom or kitchen windows. They help you get a restful sleep and keep insects from getting into food in the kitchen. heroal has the right solution for every window. You have the choice between a flexible retractable fly screen that can be lowered and integrated directly into the roller shutter box or retrofitted, or an fly screen tenter frame, which you can install without drilling in front of the window.

Retractable fly screens

heroal retractable fly screens can be retrofitted or integrated into the roller shutter box. When retrofitting, the small fly screen box is simply placed in front of the window, which allows it to be retrofitted to almost any window. An integrated brake ensures that the retractable fly screen retracts softly – this protects your fly screen product and makes operation convenient and virtually noiseless.

Fly screen tenter frame

The heroal fly screen tenter frame stands out for its simple no-drilling installation and various application possibilities in windows and doors. heroal tenter frames can be installed in just a few easy steps. A large selection of different wind-permeable fabric types provides a variety of colour options and possible sizes for a wide variety of windows.

Fly screens for doors

Especially in the summer months, there is a lot of traffic at the patio and balcony doors. heroal offers different fly screen solutions for doors so that you can enjoy the fresh air without unpleasant insects getting into your home. These include the swivel frame and swing door for doors that are opened and closed particularly frequently, the smooth-running sliding system for large balcony doors and the space-saving pleated fly screen.

Fly screen swivel frame and swing door

The heroal fly screen swivel frame and the fly screen swing door are a robust and long-lasting choice for anyone who frequently opens and closes their windows or doors. Depending on requirements, the swivel frame is available with internal or external opening. The fly screen swing door also offers maximum flexibility for your patio and balcony door, even when you have no free hands. It opens noiselessly inwards and outwards and closes automatically.

Fly screen sliding systems

Fly screen sliding systems by heroal can be easily installed onto your patio or balcony door. They are the insect protection solution for large sliding doors or patio and balcony door openings. The low-noise operation, ease of use and low maintenance, as well as a variety of design options offer you maximum comfort and effective protection against all types of insects.

Pleated fly screen

Pleated fly screens are particularly space-saving and offer a wide range of applications for your doors. The pleating (folding) of the robust fabric offers a long lifespan, convenient operation and easy maintenance. heroal pleated fly screens with vertical folding are ideal for use in any patio or balcony door, even for particularly large sliding doors. Pleated fly screens are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Light and cellar shaft covers

heroal light and cellar shaft covers are suitable for any application because they are tailor-made to your requirements. Due to their robustness, heroal fly screens for your light and cellar shaft covers are highly tread-resistant and break-resistant. They also provide effective protection against insects and leaves for your cellar or hobby room.

Custom fly screens

All heroal fly screen solutions can be individually manufactured to your specifications. Our specialist partners will adapt the fly screen to your windows and doors, whether you choose a tenter frame, retractable fly screen, pleated blind or a swing door. Colours can also be custom designed. All heroal fly screen systems can also be retrofitted and adapted to the conditions of your home. Thanks to our innovative heroal hwr powder coating technology, you can choose from a wide range of RAL colours. You can see a small selection here.

The right fly screen fabric

A fly screen is only complete once you've selected the ideal fabric type. heroal offers a wide selection of fabric types for a wide variety of applications. We offer a choice between highly light- and air-permeable fabrics and highly durable fabrics that are suitable for keeping pets and fabrics which are easy to clean. In addition, we offer special fabrics for extra protection against pollen.

heroal IS Classic

  • PVC-coated fibreglass fabric
  • standard installation situations
  • grey

heroal IS Light

  • PVC-coated fibreglass fabric
  • improved light and air permeability
  • coal grey

heroal IS Advantage

  • PVc-coated fibreglass fabric
  • particularly transparent and transcluent
  • coal grey

heroal IS PET

  • PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • high durable
  • suitable for pets
  • coal grey

heroal IS Clear

  • PVC-coated polyester fabric
  • protection against pollen
  • for people who suffer from allergies
  • coal grey

heroal IS Stainless

  • stainless steel mesh
  • particularly corrosion resistant
  • suitable for hygienic areas
  • stainless steel

The advantages of heroal fly screens at aglance

heroal fly screens stand out for their effective protection against pollen and insects for your windows and their high degree of flexibility. See for yourself. We would be happy to show you the high quality, design diversity and functional possibilities of heroal fly screen products. Give us a call, visit our specialist partners and find your garage door inspiration.

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  • pollen and dust protection for allergy sufferers
  • also available with pet protection
  • robust and durable
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • increased living quality and a fresh indoor climate
  • fast and easy installation by our specialist aprtners

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