Electric roller shutters

Provide for more living comfort and different control options.

More comfort and safety for your everyday life

Electric roller shutters from heroal enhance your living comfort and give you a secure feeling in everyday life. They have an integrated electrically driven motor, so that you no longer have to open and close your roller shutters manually. In addition, electric roller shutters can be adapted to your individual needs and surroundings, thanks to a wide variety of design options and equipment.

What makes electric heroal roller shutters stand out?

Maximum flexibility

heroal roller shutters with electric motors can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and individual installation situations – with a wide range of roller shutter boxes, modes of operation, additional equipment and design options.

Energy efficiency

heroal roller shutters are real energy savers: in winter, the minimise energy losses. In summer, they prevent the rooms from heating up. This way, you can enjoy constant temperatures inside and at the same time save cost for heating and air conditioning.

Comfortable control

Control your roller shutters conveniently at the push of a button, by means of routines, or when you are on your way. Roller shutters from heroal are compatible with many different control options.

Control options for electric roller shutters

You can choose between wall transmitters, manual remote control, central, mobile and manual house control for operating your heroal roller shutters.

Manual control via wall transmitter and remote control

The most common ways of operating roller shutters is manual control via a wall transmitter and manual remote control for lowering and raising the shutters.

App and smart home integration

heroal roller shutters can be quickly and easily integrated into your smart home system. This allows you to control your roller shutters via your mobile phone or tablet. All roller shutters can be raised and lowered with time controls via the central house control or your smart home system. You also have the option of setting different times for different days to ensure that you are not woken up too early at the weekend.

Sensor control (sunlight sensor)

The automatic sensor control offers efficiency and living comfort: A sunlight sensor measures light intensity and controls your roller shutters according to the degree of brightness. Temperature-dependent controls are also available: If a certain indoor temperature is exceeded, the roller shutters move to the desired pre-set position.

Time control

Our roller shutter systems also give you the option of integrating a timer. You can set times when the shutters will be lowered and raised. The roller shutters then move automatically even when you are away, giving the impression that you are at home. And should your routines and needs change, you can easily adjust the settings.

Maximum flexibility - Retrofitting electric roller shutters

Would you like to retrofit electric roller shutters to simplify your everyday life and upgrade your home? Our wide range of roller shutters with electric motors offers possibilities for any installation situation. Equipped with brand-name motors, our roller shutters offer simple operation and increased comfort. Electric roller shutters by heroal can be perfectly integrated into any home. Depending on the mounting conditions and requirements, electric roller shutters by heroal can be installed as front-mounted roller shutters or top-mounted roller shutters with insulation boxes. Our specialist partners will be by your side to advise you and help you find the ideal solution for your home.

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Electric roller shutters increase burglary protection

You do not want to worry while you are away on holiday, but you have to leave your house or flat unattended for a few days? The holiday season sees a major increase in burglaries. Burglars can easily identify homes and flats that have been empty for several days, and they have ample time to enter your home. With the help of a smart home system or your central house control, you can programme various settings to make it look like you are at home. This acts as a deterrent to burglars. The "click stop" anti-lift device increases the burglary protection of your electric roller shutters. In addition, an extremely stable guide rail makes it difficult to push up or pry open the slat curtain.

Electric roller shutters for increased energy efficiency

Efficiency is an important factor in saving energy. Electric roller shutters by heroal provide the energy efficiency you need and ensure an ideal indoor temperature as well. Electric shutters prevent rooms from heating up in the summer by automatically raising and lowering. In the winter, automatically lowering the shutters at night improves the window's thermal insulation. This maintains a consistent indoor temperature, which allows you save on heating and air-conditioning costs.

Correctly installing and adjusting roller shutter motors

For the full use of their functions, electric roller shutters must be properly configured. heroal specialist partners guarantee delivery and configuration for your electric roller shutters. We will also get expert advice professional and solution recommendations for any installation situation. Even after installation, our specialist partners will still be at your side if anything comes up. Use our partner search tool to find a heroal specialist partner in your area from more than 3,500 heroal professionals worldwide.

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Electric shutters with integrated fly screen

Would you like to integrate a fly screen into your roller shutters? Our fly screens can be easily combined with our electric roller shutters to prevent small, uninvited guests from entering – especially in the summertime. heroal retractable fly screens can easily be retrofitted. If the fly screen is no longer needed during the winter months, it can be retracted into the roller shutter box, where it becomes invisible. A heroal fly screen in combination with electric roller shutters provides even more comfort in your everyday life. Find out more about heroal fly screens.

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Advantages of electric heroal roller shutters at a glance

All heroal roller shutter systems have a standard motorisation, but can also be equipped with a crank, if required. Thanks to the outstanding quality of the aluminium and stainless steel systems, the wide variety of designs and many functional extension options, you will enjoy your electric heroal roller shutters for a long time. See for yourself and find a heroal fabricator in your area now, using our specialist partner search.

  • comfortable and reliable operation
  • enhanced energy efficiency
  • compatible with all standard smart home systems
  • various options for control, for example via radio transmitter, switch or app
  • comfortable control also when you are on your way
  • wide variety of colours for roller shutter systems

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