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More security and ease of use for heroal front doors

heroal front doors do not only stand out for their individual and timeless design, but also for their robustness and security, thanks to the excellent material properties of aluminium. A customised door lock to suit your individual needs increases both ease of use and security – because heroal systems and fittings offer burglary protection including resistance class RC 3. As part of the extensive fitting range heroal DF, heroal front door locks can be equipped according to your needs, including digital entry solutions such as keyless entry or a Bluetooth interface.

Components of a front door lock

Locking systems with multiple locking points, or multi-point locks, are standard locks for front doors: the entire mechanism for locking and unlocking the door lock is to be found in one case, also known as the lock housing. Locking systems with a closing cylinder have a rotating cylinder that is fixed in place by individual pins when closed. The matching security key, also called cylinder key, has a milled code as well as grooves, so that entry to the closing cylinder is allowed. This way, the pins (keeping the lock closed) can be unlocked.

Deadbolt – the deadbolt locks or unlocks the door when the locking cylinder is operated, e.g. by key or fingerprint.

Latch – the lock latch (also called catch) holds the closed door in its position when unlocked. When there is a lever handle, the door can be opened by the handle, without the need of a key. Usually, the latch is bevelled on one side. When the door is closed, the latch is pushed into the lock along its bevelled surface and fits into the recess in the frame. The door is closed.

Mullion – the mullion is the metal element embedded in the door, which remains visible after installation. A mullion usually has two cutouts for fastening.

Lock nut with square hole – the nut is a rotatable element with a square hole for the lever handle. When the handle is operated, the nut transfers the movement to the lock latch. The latch retracts and the door opens.

Lock cylinder – the lock cylinder consists of a housing and a rotatable cylinder core. The cylinder core can only be turned if a matching key is used. Lock cylinders are distinguished in different security levels. The higher the security level, the higher the burglary protection.

Locking variants

The fitting technology heroal DF for front doors systems grants maximum flexibility. Depending on individual requirements, different locking types are available:

Bolt lock

The bolt lock made from steel is a simple, basic locking variant. The bolt engages deeply into the closing parts and thus ensures increased tightening of the door. Bolts are also secured against being pushed back.

Massive deadbolt

A massive deadbolt is the standard locking variant for front door locking systems. The massive deadbolts of the multi-point lock are secured against being pushed back and sawn through.

Latch bolt

The latch bolt extends as soon as the door is locked. The special gliding surface of the latch ensures quiet and smooth closing. In addition, latch bolts are secured against being pushed back.

Automatic latch bolt

After the door is closed, the latch bolt automatically extends 20 mm and thus prevents the door from being pushed back. The door is completely locked after closing, and can only be opened from outside by turning the key. The door can be opened from inside by the lever handle. Thanks to a special coating, the automatic latch bolt locks extremely quietly.

Swivel hook

Swivel hooks provide for increased security of your door lock, as they prevent the door from being levered out in any direction, and secure it against being pushed back. The swivel hooks, made from a high-quality steel alloy, engage deeply into the locking parts and ensure ideal tightening of the door.

Swivel hook with duo-bolt lock

This deadbolt combination combines perfect burglary resistance with highest ease of use, since a swivel hook with duo-bolt lock combines the advantages of a swivel hook and a deadbolt. Therefore, it is considered to be the safest and most powerful type of locking system. It not only effectively prevents the door from being levered out, but also provides for a high ease of use and a perfect tightening of the door. Bolts and swivel hooks are also secured against being pushed back.

Electronic access components

Electronic access components make opening and closing your front door very convenient. In order to be able to install these functions at a later date, your front door should be suitable for being equipped with electronic components. A purely mechanical front door cannot be retrofitted with electronic extras. heroal front door locks can be equipped with these electronic access components:

  • Servo function

    Thanks to a servo function that can be integrated, opening and closing becomes even more convenient. Minimal key turns or even just tapping the handle activate a motor that supports the opening of the front door.

  • Intercom system with buzzer

    With an electronic unlocking device, a closed but unlocked door can be opened via the intercom. But please remember that, for insurance purposes, a door is only considered closed when it is locked.

  • Motorised locking and unlocking

    With a motorised locking system, your front door is always locked, even in the event of an insurance claim. The front door is locked and unlocked by a motor which is always activated when the door is operated manually, by finger scan or with the help of other digital access solutions. This way, you only have to pull your front door closed behind you. No additional locking is necessary.

  • Semi-motorised or semi-automatic locking

    With this locking variant, the locking bolts move automatically into the lock via a mechanism using springs when the front door is closed. Again, unlocking is done by a motor. The semi-motorised variant is an economically attractive alternative to the fully motorised locking system.

  • Bluetooth compatibility

    Electronic door locks by heroal are also compatible with Bluetooth and can be integrated into Smart Home applications. Unlocking the front door via smartphone is just as possible as via radio remote control or fingerprint scanner.

Increased security with the right front door lock

When buying a front door lock, there is a particular focus on security. Different components of a door lock have an impact on its burglary resistance. However, replacing the lock alone does not necessarily increase the security of your front door. In addition to the choice of lock (locking cylinder), it is important that the door fittings are very robust to prevent the cylinder from being pulled out. The frame should be firmly anchored in the masonry in order to effectively protect the front door from any external attacks. Ideally, door lock and fittings should be made from stainless steel. heroal fittings have been certified according to German Industry Norm (DIN) 18257 ES1-LZA, and already offer burglary protection to meet resistance class RC 2 in the standard version. When considering burglary resistance of your front door lock, you should consider the following components:

Anti-drilling device

Pins made of hardened steel in the cylinder core and underneath the outer face of the housing make it difficult to drill into the front door lock. Even with special drills, it is very difficult to damage the pins.

Anti-pulling device

The anti-pulling device prevents burglars from breaking the movable cylinder core and pulling it out of the lock. The anti-pulling device can consist of a movable steel plate (pull protection fitting) which is positioned in front of the cylinder core and makes it difficult to apply any suitable tools, or of an extended cylinder core made of steel (pull protection core) which ensures that the cylinder core is anchored in the housing of the locking cylinder.

Multi-point lock

In addition to the deadbolt on the main lock, multi-point locks have additional secondary locks. A three-point locking system has a secondary lock both above and below the main lock. Depending on the size of the front door, the frames are equipped with additional strike plates. The bolts or swivel hooks of the secondary locks also engage in the frame and additionally anchor the door sash.


  • Does every front door lock fit into every door?

    No. In addition to the design, the most important lock dimensions of a mortise lock are backset, spacing, nut size, length and width of mullion, type of mullion (flat mullion or U-mullion) and direction (left or right). Our competent specialised partners will be happy to advise you on all topics relating to aluminium front doors and ideal locking variants. The types of locking system of the fitting series heroal DF described above are only available from heroal fabricators and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Please use the specialist partner search to find a heroal fabricator near you quickly and easily.

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  • What is the difference between front door locks and conventional door locks?

    There are three main types of door locks: the bunt-bit lock is a door lock of simple design. The security results solely from the shape of the keyhole, which prevents the insertion of a differently shaped key bit. Since these locks can be opened easily without a suitable key, they are only suitable for interior doors with increased security requirements. The bathroom/WC lock is a special variant of an interior door lock is equipped with a rotary knob on the inside and with an emergency opening from the outside. The profile cylinder lock is the standard lock for front and apartment doors and provides a higher level of burglary protection. Inside a profile cylinder, there are spring-loaded, split pins that block the cylinder core. This can only be turned when a key with a matching profile is inserted.

  • Who changes my front door lock?

    Our heroal specialist partners will not only advise you on choosing the right door lock, but will also ensure that your front door lock is professionally installed. This is the only way to make sure that your front door offers the required security standard and ease of use. You can find a heroal specialist partner near you now, with just a few clicks.

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  • When is my front door correctly locked in terms of insurance?

    For insurance purposes, a front door is correctly locked when it is locked with a key. With self-locking closing systems, you are also on the safe side in the event of an insurance claim: if you pull the door into the lock, it locks automatically, but the door can still be opened from the inside at any time by using the handle. This is extremely important in case of fire or emergency.

  • My door lock is defect, what can I do?

    A defect door lock should be replaced immediately. Ask a heroal specialist partner about it. Use the heroal specialist dealer search to find a suitable fabricator near you easily and fast.

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