Front door colours

Versatile colours and designs for aluminium front doors

The front door is the key element to create a great entry for your home. It can be designed to your individual requirements and preferences. The colour of a front door is also important, since it has a significant impact on the general look of the house. heroal offers a wide variety of colours and surfaces for front doors, enabling you to choose a colour that meets your individual style and also matches the look of your facade and the colour of your windows, patio doors, rollers shutters and garage door. Get inspired and test the versatile colours and designs in the heroal front door configurator.

heroal variety of colours

Thanks to the in-house coating services for sashes and door frames as well as heroal front door panels, front doors by heroal offer a great freedom of design. All coating technologies by heroal create extremely durable, weather resistant surfaces, offering colour stability, gloss retention and protection from UV-radiation. The durable, highly weather resistant and UV-resistant hwr powder coatings ensure that the colour intensity of your aluminium front door remains unchanged for years to come. During a 36-month Florida test carried out by GSB, the heroal coating withstood the intense UV-radiation and salty sea air without being affected in any way. Our suppliers of door panels also use heroal hwr powders to coat the panels manufactured by them, so that a perfect colour identity can be achieved.

Versatile: front doors in RAL and DB colours

More than 500 colours of the RAL and DB colour palette are available for heroal front doors, with different gloss rates from mat through satin-gloss to brilliant. The surface of your front door with its heroal hwr powder coating is very easy to clean, sustainable and easy on the environment.

Exclusive: front doors in Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours

The exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours lend your entrance a natural look and architectural aesthetics. The 63 shades inspired by nature are perfectly matched and can be harmoniously combined with each other. Divided into nine colour groups, each shade has an individual effect on our perception.

Individual: front doors in Eloxal colours

The anodic treatment of aluminium creates a metallic effect for front doors. In addition to the chemical process of anodisation, the metallic look of Eloxal colours can also be created with heroal hwr powder coatings. That way, you profit from colours that can be perfectly matched with each other and are easy to reproduce.

High-grade: front doors in wood, concrete or rust looks

The innovative coating technology heroal Surface Design (SD) offers high-quality, elegant surfaces. Tried and tested, highly weather resistant heroal hwr coatings are the basis for this technology. In a bonding process using extreme heat, wood, concrete and rust looks are transferred onto the front door. This technology creates true to detail designs while at the same time enabling you to enjoy the excellent features of an aluminium front door.

Test our front door colours in the heroal front door configurator

Important aspects when choosing the colour for your front door

The colour you choose for your front door may depend on the architectural style of your house, the colouring of your facade, windows and doors, or on your individual requirements. A house in a classic style looks perfect with classic, muted colours like white, fir green or anthracite. With modern, puristic buildings, front doors in stunning colours may create a special highlight. With the wide range of colours offered by heroal, you can perfectly adapt the colour of your front door to your windows, roller shutters or sliding doors, whether these are made of wood or PVC.

Front door colours for the inside and outside

Do you require a different colouring for the exterior and interior surface of your front door? Designing a front door with different colours is a standard option at heroal. This way, the front door harmoniously integrates into the look of your home both on the inside and outside. Other components of the door, such as visible hinges, handle bars, sidelights or toplights, can also be individually designed. The great variety of heroal front door colours is available for both the inside and outside. Choose from RAL and DB colours in different gloss rates, exclusive colour shades by Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, metallic Eloxal colours or the coating technology heroal Surface Design for wood, concrete or rust looks.

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