Textile screens

Reduce direct sun radiation and create a constant, pleasant room climate at home or at the workplace thanks to a combination protecting from glaring light, heat and prying eyes

Textile screens

Textile sun protection for an ideal use of daylight

heroal textile screens for outside installation are very versatile and offer outstanding ratings and maximum flexibility. In addition to protection from glaring light and heat, heroal textile screens may also keep you safe from prying eyes or darken your living room completely. With the wide range of sun protection fabrics, colours and installation variants available, heroal textile screens for the outside offer a maximum freedom of design, so that form, colour and size of the textile sun protections perfectly match the looks of your home or office building. Depending on the individual sun protection installed, UV-radiation and direct sun radiation reduced by up to 100 %.

What is so special about heroal textile screens?

Long lifetime

Textile screen systems by heroal are especially easy-care and low-maintenance due to the material aluminium. The continuously high quality “Made in Germany“ stands for a long lifespan and reliable serviceability of your textile sun protection.

Modern design

heroal textile screens perfectly match the looks of your home or office building due to the various installation variants and box systems as well as the wide range of colours and looks, such as wood or concrete, and numerous sun protection fabrics.

Wide spans

heroal textile screens can be used to ideally shade especially large glass panels up to a width of 5 m and a maximum surface of 15 m2. In combination with the zip screen system heroal VS Z, even large screens can withstand very high wind loads.

Our textile screen solutions

Sun protection fabrics for textile screens

  • Sergé fabrics

    Sergé – clear view and wide range of design options

    This fabric is made of woven and coated glass fibres. The thread has a glass fibre core and an additional PVC coating. This way, especially smooth fabrics are manufactured. The fabric creates a comfortable atmosphere and ensures a clear view to the outside. The high-tech polyester textiles represent solutions that are always suitable, especially for high demands on design.

    Please find a selection of the wide range of colours and designs here.

  • Soltis fabrics

    Soltis – for very high shape retention

    The basis for this fabric is a coated, pre-tensioned polyester fabric with a high tensile strength, also referred to as polyester textile. After the weaving process, the fabric is stretched in both directions under high tension, and then fixed using liquid PVC. This way, the resulting shape retention is very high, so that the textile, even under strong load, almost does not lose its shape. Through a combination of high fabric tension and low sagging, the sun protection fabric is very suitable for covering large surfaces. Please find a selection of more than 100 colours and designs of the fabric Soltis here.

  • Swela Vuscreen fabrics

    Swela Vuscreen – optimal protection from heat

    A special pigmentation of encapsulated aluminium particles turns this fabric into efficient heat protection for every glass surface. The fine pigments reflect infrared radiation in a spectrum from 700 to 1,600 nanometres. As a result, up to 70 % less thermal energy reaches the rooms in your house. In addition, this fabric is also available with a flame-retardant FR coating for the special equipment of commercial buildings. Please find a selection of the sun protection fabrics here.

  • Starscreen fabrics

    Starscreen fabrics

    Due to its unique open weave, this fabric has a comfortable translucency and does not require any PVC. It reflects and absorbs 97 % of sun radiation. The sun protection is easy to maintain and clean due to the special TEFLON® coating, which makes the fabric water- and dirt-repellent and protects it from rot. Please find a selection of the versatile Starscreen sun protection fabrics here.

  • Flexilight Opaque

    Flexilight 6002 Opaque – effective UV protection

    The fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is characterised by its extremely effective UV protection. The innovative surface structure of the fabric is dirt-repellent, resulting in low care requirements of the textile. Furthermore, the sun protection fabric „Flexilight 6002 Opaque“ is very flexible and stands for easy processing. Also, this fabric keeps its good looks even after years of use.

  • Orchestra

    Orchestra - exclusive coating

    The sun protection fabric „Orchestra“ is made of very thin acrylic fibres. Thanks to its exclusive „Cleangard“-coating, the textile is water- and dirt-repellent, thus requiring only low care efforts. Furthermore, the textile offers highest quality when it comes to colour retention and robustness.

Textile screens for retrofitting

Would you like to retrofit your windows, curtain wall or patio door with textile sun protection? Due to its low winding diameter and the resulting small box size, heroal textile screens are ideally suited for a later installation, perfectly and almost invisibly blending into the looks of the building. You can choose between variants with a visible, surface-mounted box, or an invisible, flush-mounted box integrating into the façade. The wide spectrum of heroal colours is available for the surface-mounted box, the guide rails and the end strip, ranging from the extensive RAL chart and the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colour palette to the innovative heroal SD surface coating, offering wooden and concrete looks.

Smart Home integration and motorisation

Control your textile screen simply by the push of a button or via a radio remote control; manually via a push button in the wall, via app or, if required, via a sun sensor, automatically closing the sun protection depending on the intensity of sun radiation. Furthermore, you can connect the control of heroal textile screens to your Smart Home system. This way, you can always keep an eye on shading your home: you can open and close the outside textile sun protection on demand, enabling you to control the room climate on your way. Get more information on the various control options from one of our competent trade partners near you.


Advantages of heroal textile screens at a glance

  • Reduction of direct sun radiation by up to 100 %
  • Filtering of UV-radiation by up to 100 %
  • Protection from glaring light, prying eyes and heat
  • Long lifespan and reliable serviceability

Brochure textile screens

  • Motorisation and integration into home automation (Smart Home)
  • Countless design options thanks to a wide variety of fabrics and colours
  • Suited for new buildings and for retrofitting
  • Especially weather-proof, low-maintenance and easy-care

Surfaces and variety of colours

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