Protection against the summer heat

Protection against the summer heat does not only keep your rooms pleasantly cool, it also contributes to enhanced energy efficiency and sustainability in construction.

Feel-good atmosphere with outside shading solutions

A protection against the summer heat effectively shades glass surfaces, creates a pleasant room climate and reduces the need to cool your home. With outside shading solutions by heroal, you can keep the room temperature constant and pleasantly cool. Whether textile screens or aluminium roller shutters – both heroal solutions offer ideal protection against the sun and heat.

Good reasons for protection against the summer heat

Cool rooms

When temperatures rise in the summer, interior rooms can be kept pleasantly cool with outside shading solutions. Also, your cardiovascular system is not unnecessarily stressed, the ability to concentrate is maintained and you can sleep restfully.


A sun protection installed outside absorbs and reflects the sun’s rays before they hit the glass. This way of climatisation is simply natural and keeps the cool air inside the building.


The durable heroal aluminium systems are made from 85 % recycled aluminium. Thanks to this circular concept, they provide for both energy efficiency and sustainability in construction.

All you need to know about protection against the summer heat

  • When does protection against the summer heat become necessary?

    Protection against the summer heat primarily serves your well-being, but also helps you to save air conditioning cost.

  • What are the important factors for protection against the summer heat?

    There are many different factors which influence the thermal behaviour of buildings in the summer: among them are the location (climatic region), the orientation of the building, the construction method (lightweight or solid construction, materials used), the glazing (size of windows and composition of glazing), sun protection equipment, as well as ventilation and user behaviour. Whereas the user can actively contribute to cooling the building by shading the windows during the day and opening them at night, outside sun protection equipment ensures that as little heat as possible gets into the building.

  • How can protection against the summer heat be achieved?

    In order to reduce the heat transfer into the building, sun protection glass and shading systems can already be added during the planning stage. In the course of renovation or modernisation, textile screens and roller shutters by heroal can also be retrofitted without much effort. Additional sun sensors measure the light intensity, so that your protection against the summer heat automatically adjusts into the desired position. With the WiFi module heroal Connect RS and the free heroal Connect app, your electric roller shutters and textile sun protection open and close automatically according to situations defined by your routines.

Our solutions for protection against the summer heat

Textile sun protection for new and existing buildings

A textile sun protection regulates the room climate but still enables you to enjoy natural daylight. In order to protect interior rooms with large glass surfaces from overheating, heroal offers the outside zip screen system heroal VS Z for shading areas up to 6 m wide and 18 m² large. This sun protection almost invisibly integrates into the façade if combined with a plaster-base panel box. If required, it can also be combined with a surface-mounted panel box with a colour design that blends perfectly with the look of the building. The standard portfolio includes more than 250 different textiles, including blackout and transparent fabrics, and offers a great freedom of design. Depending on the textile, both sun radiation and UV radiation may be reduced by up to 100 %.

Sun protection >
Protection against sun and heat with heroal roller shutters

heroal roller shutters made from aluminium offer a number of advantages, such as enhanced sound protection, better burglary protection and complete room darkening. But on top of this, they can also effectively protect against the sun and heat. The foam-filled roller shutter slats provide for effective thermal insulation and perfect protection against the summer heat. With different panel boxes and roller shutter slats available, roller shutters can be integrated into the building shell harmoniously. Flexible installation options for both new buildings and modernisation are on offer, thanks to a wide range of surface-mounted, inserted and top-mounted roller shutters.

Roller shutters >
Protection against heat for canopies, conservatories and summer gardens

An outside sun protection for your patio or balcony canopy offers perfect protection against heat and blinding light, even when the sun is very strong. Also, a conservatory or summer garden with large glass surfaces can be protected against overheating with effective shading solutions. heroal sun protection systems can be seamlessly integrated and adapted to individual requirements. The on-glass awning heroal HS reflects and absorbs the sun’s rays before they hit the glass roof, and effectively prevents high temperatures from building up in the covered room. The vertical sun protection awning heroal VS Z OR or the sun protection system heroal VS Z provide shading when the sun is low or hits the conservatory’s sides. Sun protections can also be installed as a retrofit without much effort.

On-glass awning > Vertical awning >

Protection against the summer heat with outstanding looks

Protection against the summer heat by heroal is not only functional, but also pleasing to the eye with a wide variety of colours and designs: thanks to the industry-leading heroal surface coating technology, the building shell can be designed with heroal systems in uniform colours, with coatings that are colour-fast for decades. Also, the sun protection textiles, available in 6 different types of fabric and 250 colours, can be perfectly colour-coordinated with the building shell and the patio canopy.

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