Eloxal colours

Metallic surfaces for windows, doors, curtain walls and patio roofs

Eloxal colours for aluminium profiles

Metallic surfaces for windows, doors, curtain walls and patio roofs

When exposed to air, pure aluminium forms a thin surface layer which provides effective protection against corrosion on a natural basis. In order to increase their resistance, extruded heroal profiles for windows, doors, curtain walls and patio roofs can basically be treated in two additional ways: by powder coating or anodisation. During anodisation, the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium, an oxide layer builds up on the aluminium surface and increases the above mentioned natural oxide layer significantly. This way, the aluminium is a lot more resistant against adverse weather conditions and oxidation. In addition, the metallic appearance of the aluminium is intensified.

At heroal, you can either have your aluminium windows, doors or patio doors anodised or powder-coated. heroal hwr powder coatings can also imitate the metallic looks created through the Eloxal process, and also make sure that all shades of colour can always be easily reproduced.

What’s so special about anodised aluminium profiles?


Anodisation protects aluminium systems against corrosion and makes them harder and more robust. So that you can enjoy your heroal systems for a long time.

Colour stability

The anodised aluminium surface is not only robust, it also offers everlasting colour stability. Even in harsh weather conditions, your anodised aluminium profile shines like on the first day.

Eloxal looks with heroal hwr

Would you like to have the Eloxal look, but without having to anodise your profiles? heroal hwr powder coatings are easier on the environment and can imitate the appearance of Eloxal colours. That means you always get precisely the same shade of colour.

Overview of heroal Eloxal colours

Individuality through variety:
Designing architecture with heroal

In our brochure, you will find all colours, surfaces and textiles at a glance.

Brochure colours and surfaces

heroal Eloxal process

The electrolytic oxidation of aluminium

During the Eloxal process, the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium, direct current turns electrolytes containing oxygen on the aluminium surface into oxygen. The following reaction of the oxygen and the surface creates a build-up of aluminium oxide. The oxide provides for corrosion protection and also prevents the aluminium from further oxidation, while at the same time preserving the metallic appearance of the surface.

Coating process:

  1. aluminium base material
  2. barrier coat
  3. porous Eloxal
  4. metal oxides
  5. sealing


  • What is anodisation?

    Anodisation refers to the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium in an anodic process. By means of direct current, electrolytes on the surface of the aluminium are turned into oxygen. The oxygen reacts with the aluminium surface and creates a build-up of aluminium oxide, increasing the corrosion resistance of the metal.

  • Why is aluminium anodised?

    Through anodisation, aluminium turns into an even harder, more robust and weather-resistant material. This provides for a long life-cycle and a durable, beautiful appearance of your house. An Eloxal surface can also be imitated by a heroal hwr powder coating, which is easy on the environment. heroal hwr powder coatings are also characterised by highest colour stability, and, in addition, offer you maximum colour uniformity.

  • Which colours are available for anodisation?

    The choice is yours at heroal. In addition to the natural, metallic Eloxal surfaces, any other required colour can be integrated into the anodisation process. For greatest freedom of design.

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