Planning a patio canopy

There are some things to consider when building a patio canopy. We will show you what’s important.

Checklist for planning a patio canopy

The purchase of a patio canopy improves your quality of life. To be able to enjoy the benefits of your patio canopy as long as possible, it should be well-planned. When you have first ideas as to what you want, please feel free to contact a heroal specialist partner without obligation, and get professional advice tailored to your needs. Please find below an overview of the most important aspects of planning a patio canopy.

1. Material

The choice of the right material has a great impact on the durability and maintenance requirements of your patio canopy. A roof made of aluminium is especially durable, sturdy, easy care and low-maintenance. In addition, heroal aluminium patio canopies are available in the wide range of RAL chart and Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours, as well as in true to detail wooden, rust or concrete looks.

2. Orientation

The orientation of the patio canopy depends on how you would like to use your patio. If you want to install a roof over an existing patio, the orientation is generally pre-determined. With a new-built, the choice is up to you:

North facing: patio canopies get little sunlight or no sunlight at all; therefore, the space often remains relatively cool.

East facing: you can enjoy early morning sunlight and shade around lunchtime.

South facing: you can enjoy the sunlight almost the whole day.

West facing: patio canopies get the most sunlight in the afternoon and evening.

3. Size

For retrofits, the size of your patio canopy often depends on the floor space of your patio. In case of new-builts, you have a free choice. With patio canopies by heroal you can create span widths of up to 7 m without any additional central joint, providing for the highest transparency possible.

4. Snow load

It is highly recommended to determine the required snow load in advance. Many regions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland may experience heavy and unexpected snow falls in winter. Therefore, the statics of the patio canopy has to comply with the relevant snow load requirements of the area concerned.

5. Building licence

In some countries, a building licence or planning permission is required for patio canopies as well. Please be informed whether a licence is required for your patio canopy before you start construction.

6. Illumination

Would you like to use your patio canopy in the evening as well? This is very easy with an integrated illumination. If you have already incorporated this choice when you install your patio canopy, the installation of lights, at a later date, becomes very easy and uncomplicated.

7. Drainage

Please remember to considerate the drainage of your patio canopy in the planning phase. Depending on the roof pitch, it may be that the water cannot run off fast enough during heavy rain.

heroal patio canopy systems have an integrated drainage system.

8. Foundation

Patio canopies require safe and strong foundations, in order to provide sufficient stability and remain steady even in adverse weather conditions. Depending on the type of patio, a foundation mat, a strip foundation or a deep foundation may be required for the patio canopy. The foundation should always meet individual requirements which depend on the prevailing snow load, wind load, floor conditions and other factors.

9. Insurance

You are not obliged to take out insurance for your patio canopy. However, you may want to explore this option, if you are located in areas subject to a higher risk of bad weather. Get in touch with your insurance agency first to find out whether a patio canopy is already included in your residential building insurance or can be covered by it. Please also consider checking the availability of insurance against natural hazards and glass breakage.

Patio canopy configurator

Use the heroal patio canopy configurator to create your individual patio canopy up to 7 m wide. Add sliding glass walls and vertical and horizontal sun protection systems to your configuration in order to use your patio year-round. Make your selection from versatile designs in RAL or DB colours, exclusive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier shades and wood, concrete or rust looks. A wide range of sun protection textiles to choose from completes your patio canopy configuration. Once you have finished your configuration, you can save it, download it or send it directly to a suitable heroal specialist partner near you. Configure your 3D patio canopy online now.

Configure patio canopy now >

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