Window systems

Meet the highest requirements on design for commercial and residential buildings with aluminium window systems and at the same time achieve best insulation values up to passive house certification and protection against burglary up to resistance class RC 3.

Window systems

Window systems for special projects, commercial and residential construction

Special is our standard. With heroal aluminium window systems, you can not only reach passive house certification and passive house suitability with a design depth of only 77 mm, but also burglary protection up to resistance class RC 3. All windows are sustainably produced, certified by the German testing institute ift Rosenheim and offer highest quality combined with maximum energy and cost efficiency – „Made in Germany“. Thanks to the material aluminium, heroal window systems have a very long service life and require only minimal maintenance. Window systems made by heroal have been installed in the most diverse buildings across Europe, among them the Elithis tower in Strasbourg, the first Plus-Energy-tower, and V Tower in Prague, considered one of the most exclusive high-rises in the Czech Republic.

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Product characteristics of heroal window systems

  • Insulating strip technology

    Insulating strip technology

    heroal profile systems for windows set standards when it comes to heat insulation, sustainability and efficiency. A unique insulating strip geometry is at the core of the development, combining maximum load with lowest loss of heat. The innovative geometry of the insulating strips reduces both energy flow and heat conduction.

    Thanks to this unique strip geometry, the heroal window system W 72, for example, meets the requirements of the current German energy saving regulation (EnEV), with a frame design depth of 72 mm and a sash design depth of 84 mm (Uw=0.84 W/m2K) and no additional frame or glazing rebate insulations.

  • Foam fill process

    Foam fill process

    heroal aluminium composite profiles are filled with PU-foams in a particular process developed by heroal. The insulating foam is produced without the use of halogenated propellants such as HCFC. The natural resources sugar and starch serve as additional stabilisation agents. The advantage of heroal’s own foam fill process is the complete filling of the sealing zone. As opposed to the so-called “backpack” variants, where the insulating material is glued on the insulating strips, heroal window systems yield a better and optimized heat insulation because of the 100% foam fill of the insulating chamber.

  • Profile technology

    Profile technology

    On the basis of QM 323, a certification scheme by the German testing institute ift Rosenheim, heroal is the only manufacturer of thermal break aluminium/PVC composite profiles within a manufacturing network subject to external monitoring. The perfectly tuned combination of adhesive cord and knurling in the heroal insulating process ensures above-average rigidity and increased strength of heroal aluminium composite profiles.

  • Sealing technology

    Sealing technology

    By a modular design of the insulating zone, heroal provides for U-value adjustments. Both high-insulating (HI) and standard variants are available for different heat insulation requirements. Large-volume centre sealants with multi-chamber technology ensure optimal heat insulation. This is achieved through vulcanised sealant corners or through a complete sealant frame with all-round corner vulcanisation. The sealant frames ensure maximum system security due to almost 100% repeat accuracy during production. All heroal sealants are equipped with a sliding polymer coating.

  • Ecological project solutions

    Ecological project solutions

    Sustainability in the manufacture of aluminium composite profiles is an important indicator for the quality of heroal system technology. The smart material usage starts with the manufacture of the profile semi-facings. Following the closed loop aluminium recycling principle A|U|F, recovered materials are returned to the production cycle.

    The insulating strip used for heroal W 72 consists of 62 % renewable resources. Compared to usual strips of identical quality, heroal saves 20 % of non-renewable resources. Castor oil gained from the seeds of castor beans is the basis for sebacic acid, which, in turn, serves as a basis for renewable resources.

    Eco-friendly production is also a priority when it comes to profile coating. Excessive powder quantities are collected and re-used in a state-of-the-art powder coating facility. Hence, both fabricators and partners also benefit from heroal’s commitment to sustainability.

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  • Surface coating

    Surface coating

    A variety of colours and durability in all kinds of environmental conditions are the central factors when choosing a suitable surface coating. The coating technologies developed by heroal open up a variety of design options. For example, heroal’s high-quality hwr powder coating provides refined surfaces in different first-class gloss rates and coating qualities. In addition, heroal partners have exclusive access to the 63 Le Corbusier colours. The innovative surface coating heroal SD creates even more exciting looks, such as wood or concrete. All coating technologies are characterized by the typical heroal quality and support the durability of the various heroal systems.

  • Special solutions

    Special solutions

    The different design elements of heroal aluminium window systems, such as alu semi-facings or cover profiles, can be individually designed, meeting the architectural demands of planners and architects. Because unique architecture needs tailor-made solutions. The system features of the standard series still apply without any limitation. Conclusively, optimal solutions for almost every need can be created by heroal systems.

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heroal window systems at a glance

heroal W 77
The window system for today and tomorrow

Through the smart combination of selected materials and geometries, the heroal W 77 window system achieves Uw values up to passive house suitability with a design depth of only 77 mm. Sash profiles are available with push rod fitting grooves (SBN) and plastic fitting grooves (KBN), which makes a flexible fabrication possible.

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heroal W 77 PH
The window system with passive-house certification

With an installation depth of just 77 mm and a view width of 180­mm, the heroal W 77 PH window system meets the high requirements of the Dr. Feist German Passive House Institute.

A Uf value of 0.8 W/m²K, which meets passive house requirements, is achieved with a view width of just 120 mm.

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heroal W 77 HI
A window system to meet present and future needs

An intelligent combination of geometry and material enables the new heroal W 77 window system to achieve a Uf value of 0.95­W/m²K (view width: 120 mm) at passive-house level, with an installation depth of just 77 mm. With this development, heroal has designed the thermally separated aluminium window in such a way that it not only meets present demands stated by the 2016 German Energy Savings Regulation (Energieeinsparverordnung, EnEV) over the long term, but also fulfils future requirements for “nearly zero-energy buildings”.

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heroal W 72
The innovative system solution for the latest generation of sustainable, aluminium windows

Innovative, future-oriented window systems demand the highest quality with minimal energy and material consumption during manufacture and maximum efficiency for energy and costs throughout the lifetime of a product. To ensure the unique level of heroal quality, it has always been our policy to carry out the key production steps in our own factories, applying our own expertise. heroal has developed an innovative system solution for durable aluminium windows in line with this guiding principle, which is setting new standards – heroal W 72.

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heroal W 72 CW
Facade design window system

The heroal W 72 CW window system offers planners individual, object-oriented design options for window elements between floors. Large openings and spaces can thus be realised as a classic mullion and transom design. With a number of different profile variations to choose from, the heroal W 72 CW aluminium composite system is an attractive alternative to steel facades.

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heroal W 72 CL
Angled outer contour window system

With its bevelled design (classic line contour) and balanced proportions, the heroal W 72 CL window system is the perfect solution for renovation or refurbishment work. The system combines an offset contour design with proven heroal system components.

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heroal W 72 i
Block window system

The heroal W 72 i window system combines architectural design with filigree face widths. heroal W 72 i offers maximum transparency, thermal insulation and elegant design without visible casements and glass strips. This block window system can be used in a variety of ways, including as a facade insert unit. In combination with concealed system fittings it makes for an elegant design.

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heroal W 72 RL
Rounded outer contour window system

With its classic design including lightly rounded edges (rounded line contour), the heroal W 72 RL window system perfectly integrates into the design of historic facades. This makes it the ideal solution for the restoration of older structures and listed buildings in the areas of residential and building construction.

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heroal W 65
Economical system solution for windows

The heroal profile system W 65 offers economical solutions for windows that open inwards and outwards. The 3-chamber profiles provide the best possible system security with the proven system fittings, combined with heroal system components. The heroal window system W 65 meets the highest demands with regard to sound insulation and burglar resistance.

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heroal W 65 FP
Fire prevention window for Austria and the Netherlands

The heroal W 65 system provides a basis, which can be extended with just a few additional components to make an extremely economical fire prevention window. The single-casement fire prevention windows of the heroal W 65 FP system, which are tested and approved according to the Austrian standards ÖNORM EN 1364-1 and 1634-1, provide numerous design options.

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Window fittings

heroal WF
Window fittings

Window fittings systems from heroal give you the greatest possible design freedom. Concealed or surface mounted, we have the right fittings for every architecture. Modern handle designs and durability are heroal trademarks.

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heroal WF Drive
Concealed motorised system for window control

The electric window drive heroal WF Drive is an automatic device for locking, unlocking and tilting that is available for all heroal window systems. Thanks to its installation at the window frame, there is no cable transition required, and the drive is completely invisible when the window is closed. When you push a window (in turn position) in order to close it, the integrated auto-lock function automatically locks the window. heroal WF Drive can be controlled via push button or via app. It is also compatible with standard home automation systems (Smart Home).

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heroal W 72 VF
Filigree ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF

Filigree ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF

The new ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF meets the demand for a comfortable and healthy room climate. As an independent, motor-driven ventilation flap, this product supports architects and planners to design controlled, natural ventilation concepts for day and night. Narrow, floor-to-ceiling opening elements integrate almost invisibly into the façade – simply, harmoniously. An individual, customized coating of the surface enables you to set deliberate accentuations of colour. Highly thermal insulated sashes and concealed hinges combine highest functionality with heat insulation and burglary protection.

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Drainage systems

heroal DS Window Systems
Drainage System for Window Systems

The drainage system heroal DS discharges surface water without any back-up and offers therefore protection from moisture damage indoors. The drainage system heroal DS for window systems ensures a free passage through large window elements without any limitations. All-around sealants in both element and sash frames ensure optimal sealing performance.

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Type of property: Commercial buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal S 77 SL, heroal W 72

Location: Strasbourg, France

Construction year: 2018

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Type of property: Objectbuilding

Project type: New building

System: heroal W 72, heroal S 77 SL

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Construction year: 2017

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Type of property: Public buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal D 72, heroal C 50, heroal W 72

Products: Window systems, Door systems, Facede systems

Location: Monheim, Germany

Construction year: 2015

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Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

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  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
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  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

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