Roller shutter systems

Increase the energy efficiency of your building project by heroal roller shutter systems in aluminium or stainless steel. At the same time add protection against burglary up to resistance class RC 4 – in combination with heroal windows. Their versatile design including numerous forms and colours turn heroal roller shutter systems into unique elements of architectural style.

Roller shutter systems

Energy-efficient and very robust roller shutter systems made of aluminium and stainless steel

heroal roller shutter systems made of aluminium and stainless steel excel due to their durability, efficiency and functionality. They are roll-formed in our own production line. To ensure optimal weather resistance, heroal roller shutters are coated in a 2-layer thick coating process. heroal offers the ideal solution for almost any building. Numerous design options for surface refinement and a wide range of forms and variants turn heroal roller shutter systems into elements for an exclusive design. heroal roller shutters are extremely energy-efficient and increase both burglary resistance and wind load resistance.

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Product characteristics of heroal roller shutter systems

  • Highest energy efficiency

    Highest energy efficiency

    heroal roller shutters save heating energy and serve as passive air conditioners. In cold nights, the loss of energy is considerably reduced by the air cushion between window and roller shutter. With closed roller shutters, up to 44 % of energy can be saved at night. In the summer, automatically controlled roller shutters keep the inside temperature cool and enjoyable, and make switching on the air conditioning unnecessary. In addition, completely surface-mounted shutter boxes do not create any cavities and hence no thermal bridges, considerably improving the heat insulation of the building. Tightly sealing end strips ensure the heat-insulating and energy cost-saving function of heroal roller shutters.

  • Burglary resistance

    Burglary resistance

    High-quality heroal safety roller shutter systems combine increased burglary resistance with certified components. In combination with heat-insulated heroal window systems, heroal safety roller shutters are rated burglary resistance class RC4. High density foam and the use of stainless steel alloys ensure that heroal roller shutter slats are especially bending resistant and have a high load capacity. The heroal anti-push-up device and very sturdy, extruded guide rails make it difficult to lever out the roller shutter.

  • Soundproofing


    With their double-walled aluminium slats with polyurethane foam, heroal roller shutter systems ensure optimal soundproofing. Acoustic bridges are avoided by means of completely surface-mounted box systems. Comfortable living and effective working conditions made easy.

  • Roll formed vs. extruded

    Roll formed vs. extruded

    heroal roller shutter slats can be supplied either in a roll formed or extruded version. In a roll forming process, coiled aluminium is passed through a series of rolls and gradually formed into the required shape of the roller shutter slat. Compared with extruded slats, roll formed slats have a very high wind load resistance. Extruded profiles are made from a block of pressed aluminium, which is warmed and then pushed through a mould. The profile produced has the desired shape of a roller shutter slat with higher material thickness, considerably increasing the stability and robustness of the slat and hence the roller shutter. In addition, and opposed to roll formed roller shutter slats, they are heroal hwr powder coated. An extruded slat is especially suited to achieve increased safety and high stability.

heroal roller shutter systems at a glance

Roller shutter slats

First-class materials, technically harmonized solutions down to the smallest detail and a wide range of design options characterize the efficient system engineering of heroal. The world of heroal roller shutter systems offers unique benefits in every product. heroal roller shutters have a long service life and ensure high burglary resistance. The best surface quality and a high stability make it possible to cover large openings, which could not be achieved by roller shutters made of plastic. Furthermore, they have a high wind load resistance. A closed heroal roller shutter may reduce the loss of energy during the night by 44 %. The design is impressive. A wide range of long-term durable coatings in numerous colours leaves enough freedom for individual design.

heroal RS 37
Little space required thanks to very small barrel diameter

Benefits of the heroal RS 37 include the tight winding and small barrel diameter (Ø 163 mm at a curtain height of 2500 mm). This is achieved thanks to the use of the most delicate slat in the heroal range (a nominal thickness of only 8 mm) – a perfect solution for construction requirements for very small box sizes.

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heroal RS 52
The roller shutter slat for high wind resistance

The durable roller shutter slats of the 50s series also characterise the heroal RS 52. With a nominal thickness of 13.5 mm and the medium density foam filling, the slat achieves excellent wind load values – wind resistance class 4 for element widths up to 2.700 mm. It is most suitable for use in small roller shutter boxes (Ø 178 mm barrel diameter with a curtain height of 2.000 mm).

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Roller shutter slats for increased safety

heroal RS 37 SL
Extremely durable and burglar-resistant

The exceptional material strength and medium density foam compound make the heroal RS 37 SL an unrivalled, extremely durable roller shutter slat. It fulfils the requirements of wind resistance class 4 with element widths of up to 3000 mm as well as technical directive TR 111 from the BVRS (German federal association for manufacturers of roller shutters and sun protection) for protection against burglaries.

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heroal RS 37 RC 2
RC 2 security roller shutter slat with burglary resistance

The foam filling, strengthened with melamin resin, gives the elegant heroal RS 37 RC 2 slat, which weighs 8.0 kg/m2, its excellent bending strength and stability. With a coverage width of 37 mm and a nominal thickness of 9.5 mm the slat is tested and approved up to resistance class RC 2 in accordance with DIN 1627. The heroal RS 37 RC 2 has also been awarded hail class 7.

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heroal RS 37 RC 3
High-grade steel slats with extremely high resistance level

The heroal roll-formed roller shutter slats RS 37 RC 3, made from high-grade steel alloy, are extremely durable and resilient. heroal systems with high-grade steel roller shutter slats and filled with a high density foam are tested and approved to resistance class RC 3, in accordance with DIN 1627. The heroal RS 37 RC 3 achieves the maximum hail protection, class 7.

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heroal RS 53 RC 2
Highly durable and secure thanks to 14 mm nominal thickness

The extremely rigid Standard Safe slats feature a nominal thickness of 14 mm and a foam filling strengthened with melamin resin, and are designed for the installation of security roller shutters up to resistance class 2/RC 2. The heroal RS 53 RC 2 achieves excellent wind load values of up to resistance class 6 with element widths up to 3200 mm. The heroal RS 53 RC 2 has also been awarded hail class 7.

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Cover systems

Square surface-mounted panel systems
Straight lined design with clear contours

Square heroal surface-mounted panel systems ensure straight lined design with clear contours in every installation situation. The design variants with 20° and 45° slants allow for lots of light to flow in. The easy and quick installation in the window reveal or in front of the façade represents the ideal solution for retrofitting or renovation. In addition to roll formed surface-mounted panel systems, the standard range also includes extruded systems offering additional stability and safety.

Round surface-mounted panel systems
Design elements for every architectural style

The rounded variants of heroal surface-mounted panel systems (half-rounded, quarter-rounded) have proved to be especially aesthetic design elements for the façade. Due to their harmonious shape, they can be integrated into every architectural style. The standard range consists of five box sizes in a wide range of colours. Surface-mounted panel systems may match the colour of the façade or windows or set accentuations in colour.

Flush-mounted panel systems
Versatile design and installation

Invisibly integrated into the façade, flush-mounted panel systems combine a particularly harmonious design of the façade with all functional advantages of heroal surface-mounted elements. These include optimal heat insulation, increased soundproofing as well as a wide range of roll formed and extruded variants for different box solutions. Due to the wide range of plaster support profiles, flush-mounted panel systems can be integrated in all standard heat insulation composite systems used in both new and renovated buildings.


Advantages of heroal at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
  • Competence in the fields of windows, doors, curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors
  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

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