Energy efficiency

Be a pioneer when it comes to energy-efficient construction. Thanks to their innovative insulation technologies, aluminium system solutions by heroal for windows, doors, curtain walls, roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors help you to increase the energy efficiency of your building project, up to passive house suitability.

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient building with aluminium system solutions

The energy efficiency of a house becomes more and more important during the planning phase of a building project. Windows, doors, curtain walls and roller shutters by heroal make a considerable contribution to an improved energy balance. With best insulation values, they meet the requirements of the German energy saving regulation (EnEV) and also achieve passive house certification. heroal profiles stand out for their narrow face widths with constantly high insulation values. That way, an unlimited range of individual design options becomes available.

Innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency

  • Insulating strip technology

    Insulating strip technology

    heroal profile systems for windows set standards when it comes to energy efficiency, sustainability and efficiency. A unique composite zone is at the core of the development, combining maximum load with lowest loss of heat. The innovative geometry of the insulating strips reduces both energy flow and heat conduction. Thanks to this unique strip geometry, the heroal window system W 72, for example, meets the requirements of the current German energy saving regulation (EnEV), with a frame design depth of 72 mm and a sash design depth of 84 mm and no additional frame or glazing rebate insulations.

  • Foam fill process

    Foam fill process

    heroal aluminium composite profiles are filled with PU-foams in a particular process developed by heroal. The insulating foam is produced without the use of halogenated propellants such as HCFC. The natural resources sugar and starch serve as additional stabilisation agents. The advantage of heroal’s own foam fill process is the complete filling of the sealing zone. As opposed to the so-called “backpack” variants, where the insulating material is glued on the insulating strips, heroal window systems yield a better and optimized heat insulation and hence an improved energy efficiency because of the 100% foam fill of the insulating chamber.

  • Profile technology

    Profile technology

    On the basis of QM 323, a certification scheme by the German testing institute ift Rosenheim, heroal is the only manufacturer of thermal break aluminium/PVC composite profiles within a manufacturing network subject to external monitoring, resulting in an improved energy efficiency of heroal systems.

  • Sealing technology

    Sealing technology

    By a modular design of the insulating zone, heroal sealing technology provides for U-value adjustments. Both high-insulating (HI) and standard variants are available for different heat insulation requirements. Large-volume centre sealants with multi-chamber technology ensure optimal heat insulation through vulcanised sealant corners or through a complete sealant frame with all-round corner vulcanisation. The sealant frames ensure maximum system security due to almost 100% repeat accuracy during production. All heroal sealants are equipped with a sliding polymer coating.

Energy-efficient system solutions for passive houses and Minergie

Passive house standard

Windows, doors and curtain walls by heroal are also available with passive house certification. That means heroal systems meet the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency. heroal’s passive house certifications are granted by the independent German Passive House Institute Dr. Wolfgang Feist and the German testing institute ift Rosenheim. All products are tested subject to the same procedure. Since the tests focus on the same criteria all the time, the systems can be compared with each other. Passive house certifications are meant to help architects and planners to select the suitable product and to ensure the functionality of the passive house to be built. With its energy-efficient products, a passive house may save more than 75% heating energy, compared to standard new builds. The installation of windows, doors and curtain walls with passive house certification also helps to make major energy savings when refurbishing or modernizing old buildings.

Minergie standard

In addition to passive house certification, heroal systems are also tested and certified on the basis of the Minergie standard. The Minergie label is a certification for buildings in Switzerland that have been built or refurbished with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. In Switzerland, Minergie and Minergie Plus represent the highest energy standards for buildings, mutually supported by the industry, Swiss cantons and the Swiss confederation. Projects and products with Minergie certification require low energy and, for a large part, are made of renewable resources. The advantages of the Minergie standard are an increased thermal comfort, improved air quality, the maintenance of value due to outstanding quality, reduced energy cost, lower CO2 emissions. The Minergie standard provides transparency for architects and planners regarding the selection of suitable systems for the construction of energy efficient buildings.

Energy efficient product solutions by heroal

heroal system solutions are outstandingly suited for energy-efficient construction and refurbishment. In the fields of windows, doors, curtain walls and roller shutters, all heroal products achieve best insulation values. Standard technologies like the heroal insulating strip technology and the heroal foam fill process may reduce the energy consumption of a building considerably. Apart from profile systems for windows, doors and curtain walls, heroal roller shutter and sun protection systems also contribute to the energy balance of a building. They make sure that the loss of energy is as low as possible in cold nights and that inside temperatures are pleasantly cool on hot summer days. These are some of heroal’s energy-efficient system solutions.

heroal W 77 PH
The window system with passive-house certification

With an installation depth of just 77 mm and a view width of 180­mm, the heroal W 77 PH window system meets the high requirements of the Dr. Feist German Passive House Institute.

A Uf value of 0.8 W/m²K, which meets passive house requirements, is achieved with a view width of just 120 mm.

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heroal D 92 UD
The variable and efficient front door system

The heroal D 92 UD front door system is characterised by intuitive operation and adaptive design. The system offers a multitude of design options with its modular structure. The appearance and usage properties can be easily adapted to different capabilities or new user requirements. And this has no effect whatsoever on the outstanding performance features or functional operability.

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heroal C 50 PH
The curtain wall system certified for passive houses

heroal C 50 PH is the logical and systematic development of the already highly insulated heroal C 50 HI curtain wall system, with which minimum Uf values of 0.78 W/m2K can be achieved in the transom-mullion design. The system is passive-house-certified thanks to the appropriate façade panel and glazing. The modular heroal insulation zone reduces energy loss to a minimum through the use of innovative materials.

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heroal roller shutters
Roller shutters to improve energy efficiency

Roller shutters save heating energy and serve as passive air conditioners. In cold nights, the loss of energy is considerably reduced by the air cushion between window and roller shutter. In the summer, automatically controlled roller shutters make it unnecessary to switch on the air conditioning. With closed roller shutters, up to 44 % of energy can be saved at night.

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Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

Advantages of heroal at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
  • Competence in the fields of windows, doors, curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors
  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

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