Curtain wall systems

Pure and straight lined – Combine best insulation values with maximum freedom of design. Create especially large glazed surfaces and combine heroal curtain wall systems with windows, doors and lifting-sliding systems.

Curtain wall systems

Curtain wall systems for various areas of use

heroal curtain wall systems meet the increasing requirement for energy efficiency and at the same time offer maximum freedom of design. We offer you system solutions with different focuses, ranging from curtain walls with passive house certification and design-oriented industry variants to fire protection curtain walls. The innovative transom tensioning system heroal PS makes it possible to build especially large glass panes and transom lengths. In addition, heroal curtain wall systems are compatible with numerous other heroal systems such as window, door and lifting-sliding door systems. The polygonal architecture allows for multiple individual designs. Furthermore, heroal’s own bending and edging service provides for the manufacture of sophisticated designs, like arched windows. heroal curtain walls are exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany. Hence heroal is a synonym for quality „Made in Germany“. At heroal, sustainability is given high priority. For example, we use almost exclusively recycled aluminium for manufacture. Convince yourself of the high-quality, versatile heroal curtain wall systems.

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Product characteristics of heroal curtain wall systems

  • Insulator technology

    Insulator technology

    Innovative profile systems geared to the future require maximum quality, with a minimum usage of energy and materials for manufacture and maximum energy and cost efficiency during the entire service life. heroal’s insulator technology provides for optimal positioning of screws during curtain wall manufacture; it makes different insulating variants possible and at the same time minimizes inventories. All individual insulating components of the system have a standard design and can be used in almost all heroal curtain wall systems.

  • Foam fill process

    Foam fill process

    heroal aluminium composite profiles are filled with PU-foams in their modular sealing zone. The insulating foam is produced without the use of halogenated propellants such as HCFC. The natural resources sugar and starch serve as additional stabilisation agents. As opposed to the so-called “backpack” variants, where the insulating material is glued on the insulating strips, heroal profile systems yield a better and optimized heat insulation because of the 100% foam fill of the insulating chamber.

  • Curtain wall sealing

    Curtain wall sealing

    The sealing of heroal curtain wall systems towards the structural system meets highest system security standards and is very efficient because of simplified planning and processing. Functions such as curtain wall ventilation and drainage are combined at the base point and that way reduce the number of building parts. Any additional processing of the post profiles is unnecessary. The sealing system makes an easy transition to rainscreen cladded areas possible (ventilated – non-ventilated façade). The uninterrupted, all around installation of the base profile and well-defined integration of foils both inside and outside ensure a vapour-tight connection towards the structural system and the floor.

  • Connecting technology

    Connecting technology

    Post-transom connection:

    Transoms are put into the rebates of the posts and fixed by different connectors. That way, a particularly sturdy construction is built.

    Post-transom special connection:

    For sloped, polygonal curtain walls or curtain walls that require removable transoms.

    Post-post connection:

    The posts are connected by butt joints. Especially suited for optimising cuttings.

    Transom-transom connection:

    The transoms are connected by butt joints. Especially suited for small curtain wall panels or infills.

  • Certified sustainability

    Certified sustainability

    heroal pays special attention to the sustainable and certified manufacture of aluminium composite profiles. The smart material usage starts with the manufacture of the profile semi-facings. Following the closed loop aluminium recycling principle A|U|F, recovered materials are returned to the production cycle. Eco-friendly production is also a priority when it comes to profile coating. Excessive powder quantities are collected and re-used in a state-of-the-art powder coating facility. Hence, both fabricators and partners also benefit from heroal’s commitment to sustainability.

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  • Surface coating

    Surface coating

    heroal surface coating opens up design options that could not be realised with other materials and offers coating variants for every application. Above all, the focus is on design and colour variety as well as surface coating durability. heroal coating technologies offer numerous options for design. Different gloss rates and surface designs, such as concrete or wood, are available. The close cooperation with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier gives heroal access to an exclusive, harmonious range of colours. All surface coatings are characterized by the typical heroal quality and support the long lifespan of heroal systems.

heroal curtain wall systems at a glance

heroal C 50
The system for a wide variety of facade solutions

All designs of the tried-and-tested insulated heroal C 50 curtain wall system deliver excellent results, whether vertical or vertical-bending transom-mullion, transom-transom or mullion-mullion façade. The façade can also be used as a roof area, light roof pyramid or conservatory. Last but not least, the system offers creative freedom thanks to various cover and pressure profiles.

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heroal C 50 ID
The design-oriented curtain wall system with steel effect

The heroal C 50 ID curtain wall system stands for creative façade design that can provide industrial design solutions. It enables planers, architects and processors to satisfy the highest of demands. The innovative concept for heat insulation with foam-filled insulators and adapted insulator damping, and the continuous seal are standard in the industrial design options.

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heroal C 50 HI
The highly insulated curtain wall system

The heroal C 50 HI curtain wall system achieves the standard required for a passive house with standard triple-glazed insulating glass. This enables sustainable façade concepts with outstanding energy efficiency. Special details in the construction of the system ensure quick, reliable and economical assembly.

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heroal C 50 PH
The curtain wall system certified for passive houses

heroal C 50 PH is the logical and systematic development of the already highly insulated heroal C 50 HI curtain wall system, with which minimum Uf values of 0.78 W/m2K can be achieved in the transom-mullion design. The system is passive-house-certified thanks to the appropriate façade panel and glazing. The modular heroal insulation zone reduces energy loss to a minimum through the use of innovative materials.

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heroal C 50 FP
The system solution for fire protection façades

The heroal C 50 FP fire protection curtain wall system requires a CE marking and has been tested in accordance with the EN 13501-2 standard as a curtain wall by the ift Rosenheim testing institute. All fire protection components are concealed within the construction, enabling an invisible transition to façade areas without protective requirements.

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Insert elements for heroal curtain walls

heroal W 72 VF
Filigree ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF

The new ventilation flap heroal W 72 VF meets the demand for a comfortable and healthy room climate. As an independent, motor-driven ventilation flap, this product supports architects and planners to design controlled, natural ventilation concepts for day and night. Narrow, floor-to-ceiling opening elements integrate almost invisibly into the façade – simply, harmoniously. An individual, customized coating of the surface enables you to set deliberate accentuations of colour. Highly thermal insulated sashes and concealed hinges combine highest functionality with heat insulation and burglary protection.

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heroal W 72 i
Block window system

The heroal W 72 i window system combines architectural design with filigree face widths. heroal W 72 i offers maximum transparency, thermal insulation and elegant design without visible casements and glass strips. This block window system can be used in a variety of ways, including as a facade insert unit. In combination with concealed system fittings it makes for an elegant design.

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Sun protection for heroal curtain walls

heroal VS Z CS partly integrated
Sun protection system integrated into curtain wall

The partly integrated system heroal VS Z CS with its heroal GR 25 guide rail was designed for a seamless integration of the sun protection system heroal VS Z into post-transom curtain walls such as heroal C 50. The system can be installed on standard post-transom systems with a minimum face width of 50 mm. It is surface-mounted in the classic way using standard sun protection bolts. The screw-on base for heroal VS Z CS partly integrated is provided by an integration profile, which can already be machined with the curtain wall posts in the workshop - this saves time on the construction site. Due to the installation close to the curtain wall, heroal VS Z CS partly integrated is wind-stable up to 145 km/h.

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Type of property: Residential buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal W 72, heroal C 50, heroal S 57, heroal D 72

Products: Window systems, Facade systems, Sliding systems, Door systems

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Construction year: 2017

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Type of property: Public buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal D 72, heroal C 50, heroal W 72

Products: Window systems, Door systems, Facede systems

Location: Monheim, Germany

Construction year: 2015

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Type of property: Commercial buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal W 72, heroal C 50 HI, heroal VS Z, heroal D 72 - Objekttuersystem, heroal W 72 VF

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Construction year: 2018

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Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

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  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
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  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

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