Sliding and lifting-sliding systems

Unite highest-possible transparency with best performance features like heat insulation, burglary resistance and accessibility. Create a smooth transition between the inside and outside of your building by different kinds of opening – for expressive living and working worlds.

Sliding and lifting-sliding systems

The perfect combination of transparency and heat insulation

heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems made of aluminium represent the perfect combination of transparency and heat insulation, even for large surfaces. Different types of opening and numerous design variants enable planners and architects to unite comfort and functionality. The tried and tested heroal technology provides best results when it comes to accessibility, air permeability, tightness against driving rain and burglary resistance. Sliding and lifting-sliding systems by heroal perfectly match every architectural style and are a major element of modern architecture. Designs integrating 90° corners that can be opened or fixed all-glass corners represent a smooth transition between the inside and the outside. In addition, heroal offers the best service of the industry: ranging from profile bending and edging services, our own test stand to numerous different surface refinements. The partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier grants heroal access to an exclusive, harmonious colour spectrum – for the highest architectural demands.

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Product characteristics of heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems

  • Accessibility and zero-barrier

    Accessibility and zero-barrier

    Sliding and lifting-sliding systems by heroal provide for both barrier-free solutions and zero-barriers. A threshold completely integrated in the floor makes the free passage of an entrance element possible. Any limitations, which are often seen with threshold variants necessary to ensure tightness, do not exist. In combination with the drainage system heroal DS, heroal lifting and lifting-sliding systems offer flush solutions (zero-barrier) compliant with statutory regulations according to German industry norms DIN 18040-1 for public places and DIN 18040-2 for barrier-free flats. In addition, full accessibility and protection against moisture damages inside have been combined in one system. Learn more about the drainage system heroal DS now.

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  • Integrated motorisation

    Integrated motorisation

    Modern sliding and lifting-sliding doors with large panes create rooms flooded with light. Due to the often heavy sash weights, manual opening and closing is not always easy. Therefore, a motor drive is the ideal accessory for effortless and safe operation. The drive system heroal SF Drive is fully integrated in the profiles and makes it possible to open and close the element comfortably and quietly by the push of a button. If desired, lifting-sliding doors can also be operated via remote control or an app on your smart phone. To ensure safe operation even during a blackout, the motors are equipped with two rechargeable batteries. The sophisticated control of heroal SF Drive recognises obstacles and ensures that the moving sash stops - even with lowest resistances in the way. That way, people are effectively protected from being trapped and objects and things from being damaged.

  • Insulating strip technology

    Insulating strip technology

    heroal profile systems for sliding and lifting-sliding doors set standards when it comes to heat insulation, sustainability and efficiency. A unique insulating strip geometry is at the core of the development, combining maximum load with lowest loss of heat. The innovative geometry of the insulating strips reduces both energy flow and heat conduction. Thanks to this unique strip geometry, heroal systems achieve Uw-values meeting the requirements of the current German energy saving regulation (EnEV) without the use of frame or glazing rebate insulations.

  • Foam fill process

    Foam fill process

    heroal aluminium composite profiles are filled with PU-foams. The insulating foam is produced without the use of halogenated propellants such as HCFC. The natural resources sugar and starch serve as additional stabilisation agents. The advantage of this foam fill process developed by heroal is the complete filling of the sealing zone. As opposed to the so-called “backpack” variants, where the insulating material is glued on the insulating strips, heroal sliding and lifting-sliding door systems yield a better and optimized heat insulation because of the 100% foam fill of the insulating chamber.

  • Sealing technology

    Sealing technology

    By a modular design of the insulating zone, heroal provides for U-value adjustments. Both high-insulating (HI) and standard variants are available for different heat insulation requirements. Labyrinth seals and sash seals with sealing cushions made of high-quality foamed rubber as well as EPDM corners ensure maximum element tightness and efficient element production. Inserts in the rebates guarantee best heat insulation and energy efficiency. The sealant frames ensure maximum system security due to almost 100% repeat accuracy during production. All heroal sealants are equipped with a sliding polymer coating.

  • Connector technology

    Connector technology

    The innovative injection of sealants ensures an optimal sealing of mitre joints and T-connections with low material usage. The guided distribution of sealant and innovative connector geometries make an efficient and time-saving manufacture possible. To meet international standards and requirements, corner angles that can be nailed or compressed as well as screwable and clampable corner connectors are available. Optimal heat insulation is ensured by T-connectors equipped with closed-cell foamed rubber used for sealing rebate areas.

  • Warp reduction

    Warp reduction

    High temperature differences between the inside and the outside may cause deformations of the sash frame. As a result of adding three innovative steps to the production process, heroal profile systems offer effective protection against this negative effect due to thermal expansion (cf. bi-metal). The design of the patented heroal profile composite is characterized by its two-parts composition with a rolled-in insulating strip and slide-in spring. The heroal profile composite has the same mechanical features (statics, splitting force etc.) as standard insulating strips, whether machined or unmachined. The integrated warp reduction does not affect the visual appearance and does not require any additional production effort. It is also possible to retrofit both door frames and sash frames.

  • Certified sustainability

    Certified sustainability

    heroal pays special attention to the sustainable and certified manufacture of aluminium composite profiles. The smart material usage starts with the manufacture of the profile semi-facings. Following the closed loop aluminium recycling principle A|U|F, recovered materials are returned to the production cycle. Eco-friendly production is also a priority when it comes to profile coating. Excessive powder quantities are collected and re-used in a state-of-the-art powder coating facility. Hence, both fabricators and partners also benefit from heroal’s commitment to sustainability.

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  • Surface coating

    Surface coating

    heroal surface coating opens up design options that could not be realised with other materials. Coating variants for every application are available. Above all, the focus is on design and colour variety as well as surface coating durability. heroal coating technologies offer numerous options for design. Different gloss rates and surface designs, such as concrete or wood, are available. The close cooperation with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier gives heroal access to an exclusive, harmonious range of colours. All surface coatings are characterized by the typical heroal quality and support the long lifespan of heroal systems.

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heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems at a glance

Sliding and lifting-sliding systems

heroal S 77 SL
Perfect combination of transparency and heat insulation

heroal S 77 SL opens up new large dimensions and guarantees maximum transparency with its unique innovative frame construction. The new generation of heroal lifting-sliding doors combines a movable monorail casement with fixed frame glazing and minimal view widths. This large frameless glazing with clean lines forms an almost invisible link between the inside and outside, extending the living space beyond its actual limits. The heroal S 77 SL lifting-sliding system is a new architectural design element that creates a new sense of space.

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heroal S 77 HI
The highly insulated aluminium lift and slide system

Energy efficiency counts: the S 77 HI profile system is the next logical step in the development of the heroal S 77 lift and slide system, and offers a modular insulation zone and sealing technology at three levels for sealing the leaves and central joint. This allows the system to achieve UW values of ≥ 1.0 W/m2K. High-quality, economical insulation materials are used in the parts of the lift and slide door that are most crucial to heat retention.

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heroal S 77
The versatile aluminium lift and slide system

Versatility is our speciality: heroal S 77 is a modular profile system with a modern design that fulfils the strictest structural requirements. It offers a wide range of profile face widths, is compatible with other heroal systems and comes with an almost unlimited selection of surfaces.

heroal S 77 can also be used to create multi-track design variants and barrier-free systems. Special leaf profile shapes ensure that all sizes and weights of leaf meet the applicable requirements and regulations for heat insulation. The heroal seal technology with three levels and sealed corners – for leaf and central joint sealing – ensures optimum air permeability and tightness against driving rain.

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Sliding systems

heroal S 65
Optimised sliding door system

The aluminium sliding door system heroal S 65 is characterised by a extremely easy and efficient production and an innovative sash design. The insulating strips have been especially developed for this sliding door system and make especially large sashes possible while at the same time offering protection against warping (bi-metal effect). Since the labyrinth is pre-installed at the sash profiles, a separate fastening is no longer necessary and very slim central joints of only 62 mm face width become possible. As usual, the sashes are mitre-cut. The all-around frame reduces the complexity of the system, leading to simplified production. As an economically attractive solution, the sliding door system heroal S 65 is especially suited for upscale residential and efficient commercial construction.

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heroal S 42
Efficient and functional

The heroal S 42 sliding system is characterised by top quality combined with maximum efficiency with regard to energy and cost. A slim appearance, accessibility and comfort are just some of the performance features of the heroal S 42 sliding system. These features guarantee flexible installation as sliding windows or French doors in industrial and residential construction.

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heroal S 42 HF
Transparent and frame-free

heroal S 42 HF opens up new large dimensions and guarantees maximum transparency with its unique innovative frame construction integrated into the masonry. The sliding casements completely disappear into a double-insulated pocket in the wall, creating a unique spatial experience with maximum transparency.

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Drainage systems

heroal DS Lifting-Sliding Systems
Drainage System for Lifting-Sliding Systems

The drainage system heroal DS discharges surface water without any back-up and offers therefore protection from moisture damage indoors. The drainage system heroal DS for lifting-sliding systems ensures a free passage through large lifting-sliding elements without any limitations. All-around sealants in both element and sash frames ensure optimal sealing performance.

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Type of property: Commercial buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal S 77 SL, heroal W 72

Location: Strasbourg, France

Construction year: 2018

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Type of property: Objectbuilding

Project type: New building

System: heroal W 72, heroal S 77 SL

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Construction year: 2017

Reports >

Type of property: Commercial buildings

Project type: New building

System: heroal D 82 FP, heroal D 72, heroal D 65, heroal C 50 FP, heroal C 50, heroal S 77 SL, heroal W 72

Products: Window systems, Lifting/Sliding systems, Facede systems, Door systems

Location: Uderns, Austria

Architect: „Die Wohnkultur“

Construction year: 2014

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