Healthy living

heroal solutions for the building shell have a positive impact on the healthy environments your living spaces provide.

How heroal solutions support a healthy room climate

People spend a majority of their lives in buildings. It is therefore all the more important that these places offer a healthy room climate and promote well-being. In view of this, the term “healthy living“ has become established in recent years. heroal solutions for both the building shell and interior and exterior rooms have a direct impact on the healthy environments our living spaces provide. heroal, among other products, offers versatile solutions for ventilation and sun protection systems. Also, large glass surfaces can be created for more light and transparency, thanks to the high-quality aluminium system solutions for windows, doors and curtain walls.

What characterises healthy living?

Pleasant room climate

Protection from heat, glaring light and the rays of the sun, ventilation concepts and efficient thermal insulation are the basis for a pleasant room climate and a restful sleep.

Ideal lighting conditions

Large glass surfaces create light, open rooms, and have a positive impact on our mood and immune system. Adapted sun protection systems provide for glare-free views.

Sound insulation

Noise is not only annoying, but can make us ill. The installation of soundproof windows and doors regulates the adverse effect of outside noise, allows us to have a more restful sleep at night and also reduces stress.

Our solutions

Ventilation concepts

Fresh air low in pollutants and with sufficient moisture has a significant impact on our well-being and health. Today’s energy efficient building shells are often so tightly sealed that a sufficient air exchange cannot be ensured by occasionally opening the windows.

Lots of light and ideal use of daylight

Daylight is important for our health and well-being, especially in the winter months, when it is difficult to have sufficient natural light. Large glass surfaces of windows or sliding doors create rooms flooded with light and turn your home into a bright living space, so that you can enjoy the pleasant effect of light, as a source of energy for your body and soul.

Protection against the summer heat

The summers of recent years have been the hottest ever recorded. At the same time, there is a trend towards large glass surfaces in architecture, which heat up interior rooms. In order to keep the temperature indoors at a pleasant level without using air conditioning systems, heroal has developed textile sun protection solutions ensuring effective protection against sun and heat.

Outdoor Living: nature as a green retreat

Patio canopies provide for a “green extension“ of your living spaces to the outside. The patio canopy system heroal OR can be equipped with different supplementary systems: the sliding glass wall system heroal S 20 C allows you to use your patio canopy as a summer garden year-round. In order to be protected from the sun and UV radiation on hot days, the horizontal awning heroal HS and the vertical awning heroal VS Z OR can be added, creating a harmonious look.

Carefully chosen materials and colours

A healthy living and working environment stands out for materials and colours that increase comfort and well-being. Colours have an impact on our mood: some shades of colour activate us, whereas others make us feel calm and relaxed.

Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

Advantages of heroal at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
  • Competence in the fields of windows, doors, curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors
  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

All information in the heroal Communicator

Our Communicator, heroal’s online workplace, always makes the current documentation available to you. Via the Communicator-App, you can get in touch with your architect’s consultant immediately.

  • Download test documents
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