Roller door systems

With roller doors, overhead doors or roller grills by heroal, you can achieve technical perfection in combination with best materials and design options for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. heroal hwr, the high weather resistant powder coating, provides for weather resistance and a long lifespan of the roller door systems.

Roller door systems

More free space with heroal roller door systems

First-class materials, technical perfection down to the smallest detail and a wide variety of design options characterize the efficient roller door systems by heroal. Whether roller doors, overhead doors or roller grille systems are concerned –all roller door systems are made of high-quality aluminium alloys. We supply efficient, easy-to-use solutions for residential, commercial and industry buildings, fully integrating into the individual architecture. heroal roller door systems set new standards for the future: they are CE-marked and certified by the German Technical Supervisory Association TÜV. heroal roller doors score best results when it comes to opening and closing speed, energy efficiency, service life, protection against hail and storm and soundproofing. heroal products are developed and manufactured in Germany. We only use the best aluminium alloys in the production of our roller door systems. The high-quality heroal hwr powder coating and 2-layer thick coatings provide for resistance to weather and ensure a long lifespan. During production, heroal actively contributes to climate protection. For example, we mostly use recycled aluminium and exclusively apply water as a propellant when foam-filling the roller shutter slats.

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Product characteristics of heroal roller door systems

  • Soundproofing


    The overhead door heroal OD 75 is equipped with soft-start and soft-stop technology, providing for smooth opening and closing of the garage door. Your roller door moves up and down almost without any noise. This does not only result in soft acoustics – it also extends the lifespan of your door. The storm hook lock and the combination of rubber and brush inserts ensure that the roller door is positioned firmly and safely in the guide rails - even when high wind loads occur.

  • Automatic obstacle recognition

    Automatic obstacle recognition

    heroal roller doors can be equipped with an optoelectronic security end strip (OSE) for the automatic recognition of obstacles. The optoelectronic security end strip includes a rubber profile at the end strip of the roller door, controlling a light beam. This light beam is interrupted whenever it hits an obstacle or the rubber profile is crushed. The optoelectronic security end strip stops the closing of the roller door, which then moves in reverse in order to release trapped things or people. Optoelectronic security end strips are available as a wired or wireless version. They meet the minimum protection levels for leading closing edges according to EU regulation type C. In addition, photoelectric barriers can be supplied in combination with the system heroal LSC , which meets safety standards type D. Photoelectric barriers are contact-free and include a sender and a receiver. They can be installed above the floor as a passage safety device, below the cover box as a safeguard for winding up and down, or above or below roller doors without a box system.

  • Curtain with hollow-section end strip

    Curtain with hollow-section end strip

    For especially wide doors, hollow-section end strips provide additional stability and an optimal guidance of the curtain in the guide rails. Hollow-section end strips are available for the roller door systems heroal RD 55 and heroal RD 75, and are recommended for a width exceeding 3,750 mm. For all roller grille systems heroal RG 90, a reinforcement profile comes as a standard for all widths.

  • Rolling up system and Anti-fall device

    Rolling up system

    The rolling up system of the roller door heroal RD 75 can be integrated for both open and closed installations. The flexible positioning of the shaft ensures optimal winding of the curtain and increases the maximum barrel diameter, so that systems up to a clear height of 5,000 mm can be produced. For heroal finished doors, the rolling up system is automatically included for clear heights exceeding 4,000 mm and comes as a standard for all open installations with geared motors.

    Anti-fall device

    This safety device with ball bearings for the roller door systems heroal RD 55 and heroal RD 75 as well as for the roller grille system heroal RG 90 makes sure that the curtain does not come down uncontrolled in case of an emergency.

  • Emergency hand crank

    Emergency hand crank

    For cases where automatic opening or closing of the door is not possible and there is no other option for exiting the garage, the emergency hand crank allows the door to be opened and closed manually. Different variants, such as external and lockable, ensure the right solution for each installation. The emergency hand crank is available for both heroal RD 55 and heroal RD 75 roller garage doors and for the heroal RG 90 roller grille system.

heroal roller door systems

heroal RD 55
Narrow Profile for Small Barrel Diameter

The roll-formed heroal RD 55 SL is a slim roller door slat that winds particularly tightly for clear widths of up to 3.500 mm. For a maximum curtain height of 3.000 mm the barrel diameter takes up around 230 mm on an octagonal axle with a diameter of 70 mm and is therefore suitable for box sizes of as little as 230 mm.

  • Max. clear width [mm]: 3.500
  • Max. clear height [mm]: 3.000
  • Max. area [m2]: 10,5

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heroal RD 75
Space-saving Solution for Large Openings

If particularly wide and high roller doors are being constructed, an open installation without a box is the perfect solution to enable the best use of the available space, for example in the industrial sector or in underground car parks. The boxless type of installation, with its small number of components, is also an excellent choice when it comes to economy.

  • Max. clear width [mm]: 6.000
  • Max. clear height [mm]: 5.000
  • Max. area [m2]: 16,0

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heroal OD 75
Perfect Garage Closure with Minimal Lintel Height

Smaller garages with minimal lintel heights are the perfect area of application for heroal OD 75 Overhead doors with lateral drives. Just 65 mm is sufficient space in which to install the space-saving drive technology on the guide rail directly below the ceiling. Numerous equipment variants offer technical and visual solutions for any installation situation. The easy installation ensures reduced assembly costs.

  • Max. clear width [mm]: 4.000
  • Max. area [m2]: 16,0
  • Max. Total height [mm]: 4.000

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heroal RG 90
Elegant and Reliable System Solutions for Commercial Buildings

The roller grille system heroal RG 90 is perfectly suitable for buildings with high security requirements – for example for banks, jewellery shops or underground garages. The door consists completely of extruded profiles and is therefore extremely stabile. Boxed installation makes it possible to elegantly adapt the roller door to existing architecture. The heroal RG 90 system protects private and commercial buildings against environmental and ambient influences and contributes to preserving value.

  • Max. clear width [mm]: 4.500
  • Max. clear height [mm]: 4.000
  • Max. area [m2]: 18,0

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Advantages of heroal at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions for unique and exceptional architecture
  • Competence in the fields of windows, doors, curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors
  • Our experts provide personal advice for you for the creation of your building project
  • Performance of special tests and provision of special solutions
  • Awards for sustainable products
  • Products made in Germany

Tailored support for architects

heroal architectural consultants can provide you all-encompassing consulting. heroal’s technical support deals with all the questions you may have concerning windows, doors and curtain walls as well as roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors -if required, also on-site of your building project. Are you new to heroal? Get in touch with us today!

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