With energy-efficient, recyclable systems and responsible thinking and action, we create sustainable living spaces for today and tomorrow‘s generations.

Holistic, forward-thinking action

As a family business geared to the future, we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and society. It is our goal to enhance the life, living and working for today and tomorrow’s generations. With high-quality, durable and recyclable system solutions, we contribute to sustainable building, and support builders and architects in making today and tomorrow’s buildings more individual, comfortable, secure and liveable at the same time. However, our understanding of sustainability and responsibility goes much further and encompasses all aspects of our business activities.

Our contribution to a sustainable future

“As a family business with more than 140 years of experience, sustainable thinking and acting is in our DNA. This means we do not only focus on energy-efficient and recyclable products, but understand sustainability as a holistic concept that encompasses all corporate activities – along the entire value chain. We promote diversity and the personal development of our employees by enhancing healthy, flexible and family-friendly workplaces and offering individual training for professional development.“

Dr Max Schöne, Managing Director

Building certifications

Highly thermally insulated, modular systems from heroal with the best U values are suitable for high ratings in building certifications. The recyclable products and low-maintenance systems made from durable materials create the ecological basis for energy-efficient building. Internationally recognised Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) help to prove the sustainability of our products in order to achieve building certifications such as DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), BNB (Federal Assessment System for Sustainable Building), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design by US Green Building Council) or BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

Sustainability in action at heroal

As a manufacturer of innovative, high-quality aluminium systems for roller shutters, sun protection, roller doors, windows, doors, curtain walls and roofings, it is important for us to consider sustainability in a holistic way. This applies to our product range as well as our modern production and the entire supply chain. Through certifications by independent agencies, we provide proof of our understanding of sustainability and the security and quality of our products and company processes. In addition, we are committed to the environment, our employees and our region. In doing so, we are aware of our social responsibility which, as a company, we are happy to fulfil.

Building sustainably

Our durable and recyclable aluminium systems meet all specifications for energy-efficient building – with highly thermally insulated profiles for use in passive houses, best U values and the innovative heroal sealing technology.

Manufacturing sustainably

In our production facilities, we focus on state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery. For example, we achieve premium coating results with minimum energy requirements. We use up to 85 % recycled aluminium in the manufacture of our profiles.

Supplying sustainably
Supply chain

heroal system solutions are manufactured in our German production facilities in Verl and Hövelhof. This way, we meet highest quality requirements and are able to create an efficient supply chain. We use our own modern, energy-efficient fleet of trucks for the delivery of our products in Europe.

Acting sustainably

We reduce the consumptions of packing material and use recyclable film for packaging our products. We continuously thrive to reduce chemical waste resulting from manufacturing processes and comply with all regulations applicable for waste disposal.

Working sustainably

Together with our team, we develop products and solutions that enrich living and working in tomorrow’s buildings. We think long-term, and stand for teamwork, stability, secure workplaces and a fair, respectful co-operation, boosting a sense of togetherness.

Thinking sustainably

As a regionally rooted employer, we care very much about our surroundings, the region and the local people. We support local foundations, aid organisations and cultural events, as well as regional schools and sports clubs financially or with donations in kind.

Sustainable management systems

We ensure the highest standards in all areas and processes along the entire value chain. For this purpose, we use effective quality, environmental, energy and occupational health and safety management and meet the requirements specified in the German industry norms DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 50001.

“We define our quality, environmental and energy targets annually and pursue them consistently and responsibly. Through target-oriented measures, we continuously improve our performance and actively contribute to increasing energy efficiency and reducing environmental pollution. This way, we lay the foundation for continuing to develop pioneering products and sustainable solutions in the future, and make our contribution to energy-efficient building methods for today and tomorrow’s living spaces.“

Thomas Kreitz, Quality Management

We rely on recyclable aluminium

The certification Cradle to Cradle Certified® identifies circular and responsibly manufactured products as well as the use of environmentally safe, healthy and recyclable materials. The positive impact of heroal systems on people and the environment can be proven along the entire value chain. Together with suppliers, planners, architects, fabricators and builders, we are thus making a holistic contribution to a sustainable future. Achieving the UN climate goals is essential to us, and we make our efforts to this end measurable.

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We rely on recyclable aluminium

The recycling loop for aluminium initiated by the A|U|F, a German association for aluminium recycling in the window and curtain wall industry, ensures that high-quality aluminium profiles are made from scrap metal, and that efficient recycling methods are applied. As a member of the A|U|F, we are committed to the closed and resource-saving loop for recycling aluminium by using recycled aluminium for our products. While other materials, such as plastic, lose quality in every recycling process, aluminium is 100 % and efficiently recyclable. The re-melted aluminium is in now way inferior to primary aluminium. heroal systems can be returned to the recycling loop after decades of use.

Tailored support for architects

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