Product novelties

Systems from heroal are continuously enhanced in order to meet and excel today and tomorrow’s building and construction requirements.

heroal innovations 2023

heroal innovations 2022

January 2022
Door sash profile with optimised production

The door sash profile heroal D 72 PF EM stands out for an extremely reliable and fault-tolerant production, as well as reduced manufacturing cost and shorter manufacturing times.

Door sash profile with optimised production >

heroal innovations 2021

February 2021
Clamp-on zip screen

The textile sun protection system heroal VS Z EM can be installed into the window frame without drills, does not require any additional power supply thanks to an integrated solar-powered drive, and can be combined with all conventional windows made from PVC, aluminium and wood.

Clamp-on zip screen >
February 2021
Zip-guided corner solution

The textile sun protection system heroal VS Z corner solution with its unique rope guidance provides for an effective protection from glare, heat and prying eyes for corner areas.

Zip-guided corner solution >

heroal innovations 2020

October 2020
Optimised sun protection systems

Enhanced design, additional functions and easier installation are the main features of the optimised textile sun protection systems by heroal. The new 25 mm guide rail is the narrowest on the market, and provides for a very unobtrusive integration of the textile sun protection.

Optimised sun protection >
September 2020
Horizontal blind

As a horizontal blind, the textile sun protection system heroal HS for installation above the glass protects against sun radiation. Versatile applications, highest fabric tension and a modern design are the outstanding features of this system. Get to know more now!

Horizontal blind >
May 2020
Moving glass wall system

The non-insulated moving glass wall system heroal S 20 C stands out for its highest possible transparency, versatile opening variants, comfort and accessibility. In combination with the patio roof system heroal OR it provides for optimal weather protection.

Moving glass wall system >
April 2020
Modern roof system

The patio roof system heroal OR with its especially wide span widths provides for maximum transparency. Accessory systems, such as moving glass wall systems and horizontal and vertical blinds create outdoor areas that can be used independent of the weather.

Modern roof system >
April 2020
heroal Ready service

With its heroal Ready range, heroal offers pre-fabricated finished elements for roller shutters, sun protection and roller doors. Get to know more about the new service offer now.

Finished elements >
February 2020
Sliding door with optimised production

The sliding door system heroal S 65 offers outstanding advantages for an especially efficient, fast and reliable manufacture. In addition, it meets all criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction. It is perfectly suited for the use in residential and commercial construction.

Sliding door with optimised production >

heroal innovations 2019

Certified fire protection system

The CE-certified fire protection door system heroal FireXtech D 93 FP EI 30 stands out for its modular design, short processing times and excellent static properties. Get to know more about the new fire protection system now.

Certified fire protection system >
June 2019
Glass Design Curtain Wall

The design study heroal C 50 GD is an alternative to reduce the perception of both face width and design depth. The aluminum post is replaced by a glass fin creating maximum transparency due to reflection. Find out more about it now!

Glass Design Curtain Wall >

More heroal innovations

Le Corbusier front door

As a result of the exclusive partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, heroal has for the first time developed a front door with all components, including the door infill panel. This means that all components can be perfectly coordinated in terms of colour.

Le Corbusier front door >
heroal SD surface coating

In addition to the highly weather-resistant (hwr) powder coating and the heroal 2-layer thick coating, we now offer further creative design options with the next generation of surface finishing.