heroal SD - Innovatively Coated Surface Designs

Surface Coating Properties of heroal Surface Design (SD)

When windows, doors and curtain walls combine with roller shutters to form a harmonious-looking unit, heroal systems are sure to be in use. We develop, produce and sell coordinated profile systems made from aluminium. For a substantial part of the building shell, we thus offer individual solutions that emphasise the architecture. The unique diversity of our design is achieved thanks to our excellent coating technologies. They give window and roller shutter systems the appearance of a unified design, although that different coating techniques are used:

the highly weather-resistant (hwr) heroal powder coating for extrusion profiles is optimally adapted to the heroal 2-layer thick coating for roll-formed systems. In the next generation of surface finishing, we now offer even more creative design options: with heroal Surface Design (SD), refined wood and concrete looks are possible – as well as many other designs. Additional differentiation options are not all that heroal SD has to offer; it also stands out thanks to its superior resistance level and extremely convenient finishing. The combination of the heroal hwr and heroal SD coating techniques surpasses the good properties of profile foil coating and at the same time also offers additional design freedom.

Corrosion and weather resistance

The high quality of the heroal Surface Design coating is especially evident in its corrosion and weather resistance. Environmental influences such as rain, sun, snow and ice leave no trace whatsoever.

High UV resistance

Like the heroal hwr powder coating, heroal Surface Design is highly UV resistant. As a result, your customers will be able to enjoy their extrusion profiles for a long time without the surface fading.

Varied profile geometry

With heroal SD, you can create a unique design by individually designing the components. The element can be coated on all sides. When cutting the components to shape, the profiles do not tear, making all conceivable profile geometries possible.

Innovative Coating Technology

heroal SD increases design options: once the heroal hwr powder coating has been applied to the profiles, the heroal SD coating technique follows. This involves the profiles being wrapped in a transfer foil with sublimation ink. Using a vacuum process, the profiles are shrink-wrapped; the ink is then baked into the powder coating at a temperature of 200°C. Once the foil has been removed, the surface finish appears in its full aesthetic glory.

Surface Technology for a Wide Variety of Designs

Here are some examples of surface designs that can be achieved with the new heroal SD surface coating. Of course, this is just a small selection. For further designs please contact us.

The Features of the heroal SD Coating Technology

The heroal SD surface coating is not only stands up to corrosion and weathering. It also has a very high resistance to UV radiation. When tested with solvents such as hydrochloric acid, petrol and acetone, no changes in the surface were found. With regard to design, there are no limitations in terms of profile geometry. Particularly popular designs such as concrete look, wood and rust are now also possible in combination with a high-quality aluminium system solution.

Further information on coating heroal SD

  • Profiles up to 7,500 mm in length possible
  • Sheet metal infill panels up to 1,400 x 3,500 mm on one side
  • Edge parts up to a flank height of 250 mm possible. Sheet thickness 3 mm
  • Doesn't tear when profiles are cut
  • Smooth or finely structured

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Highest Quality for Innovative System Solutions

The heroal brand stands for premium quality "Made in Germany". Our products are certified and manufactured exclusively at our production sites in Germany. An outstanding feature of our systems is that the individual components are perfectly coordinated. The system solutions combine the best material properties of aluminium and aluminium composites with economic assembly and high-quality design – sustainable and flexible. In combination, heroal system solutions make energy saving easier, building safer and make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of buildings.


The responsible use of resources is part of heroal's corporate philosophy. Recycled aluminium is therefore used in our production.


All systems and components are certified according to ISO EN 9001 and are manufactured exclusively at the German production sites, using a machine park specially developed by heroal for this purpose.


Safety, comfort and design are combined individually – depending on the wishes of the client or the user. In addition to windows, doors, curtain walls, roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection, heroal also offers a variety of solutions for special systems of all kinds.