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heroal services along the value chain

Digital solutions and services contribute to an integrated value chain and thus play an important role for the resource-efficient and process-safe management of your projects. heroal offers you comprehensive digital services from planning through ordering and delivery to manufacture, with which the right information and application can be provided at the right time and in the right place. That way, your processes get less complex, and your production more efficient, while communication and information search is made much easier. heroal offers various services, such as the heroal Communicator, a Data Matrix code on heroal profiles, as well as digital solutions for configuration and ordering. In addition, the services are extended by offers from heroal’s cooperation network, such as LogiKal, LogiKal MES and ATHENA. heroal and its technology partners constantly enhance and further develop the digital services, to provide custom-fit solutions for your process requirements.

Your advantages as heroal fabricator

Enhanced efficiency

The digital services by heroal help you to use your resources more efficiently along the entire value chain, and to create free capacity for new projects.


Thanks to the interconnection and integration of heroal tools, and the offers from cooperation partners, information such as prices or dimensions can be retrieved in real time.

Paperless manufacture

Towards a paperless manufacture with digital solutions – for the right information at the right time and in the right place, and safer, faster and more up-to-date manufacturing processes.

The digital value chain


Communicator – The heroal Communicator is your online working environment at heroal and ensures a more efficient and integrated way of working as well as simplified communication.

LogiKal heroal Edition

LogiKal heroal Edition – With the LogiKal heroal edition, it is easy and fast to enter your elements, as all system logics are stored in the database. Window, door and curtain wall systems can be calculated (incl. preparation of quotes) and designed.


ATHENA – With the CAD software ATHENA by CAD-PLAN, you can also design complex curtain walls in 2D and 3D.

heroal configurator

heroal configurator – The configurator supports you from the configuration through the preparation of quotes to the ordering of heroal Ready elements from the range of roller shutters and sun protection systems.


EOS / EDI – With the EOS ordering software, you can order the window, door and curtain wall systems designed in LogiKal digitally and online. In addition, the heroal EDI interface makes it possible to place orders electronically via standard ERP systems and other industry solutions.

Data Matrix code

Data Matrix code – The heroal Data Matrix code is a clear code that is applied to heroal profiles. It contains all important information about the profile. This service is only available in Germany

LogiKal MES

LogiKal MES - LogiKal MES supports you during the manufacturing process of your windows, doors or curtain walls, and makes a paperless manufacture possible.

Digital solutions at a glance

  • heroal Communicator

    heroal Communicator
    Your online working environment

    The heroal Communicator is your online working environment at heroal and ensures a more efficient way of working as well as simplified communication. All important documents, such as order and production catalogues, test certificates, BIM and CAD data, price lists and order forms are available in digital form around the clock and can be downloaded, if required. Furthermore, you will always be up to date with the most important news about heroal, heroal services and the heroal product world. Whether in the office or at the construction site, on a PC, smart phone or tablet, the heroal Communicator makes your daily work much easier, wherever you are.

    • all information available around the clock
    • all documents always up to date
    • for smart phone, tablet or desktop/PC
    • support for your daily work

  • LogiKal heroal Edition

    LogiKal heroal Edition
    Calculation and design

    The LogiKal heroal edition makes it easy and fast to enter elements, since all system logics have been entered in the heroal knowledge data base. It is possible to design and calculate window, door and curtain wall systems (including preparation of quotes). Also, each modification of a design created by you is subject to an immediate, automated plausibility check. Prices are calculated promptly, based on current pricing. The LogiKal heroal edition can also be used for process planning and the integrated operation of CNC machinery.

    Search function in LogiKal

    Thanks to the interface between the LogiKal heroal edition and the heroal Communicator, the search for documents that are relevant for manufacture leads you directly to the Communicator. Since the article number and the name of the system it belongs to are transferred to the Communicator, the search results are automatically filtered. That means you get better search results and can easily access the relevant documents.

    • design and calculation of window, door and curtain wall systems
    • automated plausibility check when element is entered
    • preparation of quotes: prices are adjusted to the calculation in real time
    • process planning / work preparation
    • integrated operation of CNC machinery


    Design of curtain walls and door sheet editing

    The design of curtain walls can be very complex. With the CAD software ATHENA from CAD-PLAN, you can also design very complex curtain walls and door sheets. ATHENA offers a perfect interface to LogiKal. You can access the programme directly from there, and easily transfer your curtain wall and sheet designs to the LogiKal heroal Edition, for example. A plausibility check is also run in the background, in real time.

    • design of complex curtain wall systems and door sheet editing
    • 2D and 3D designs
    • sheet design and development
    • powerful calculation tools for statics and building physics
    • BIM-enabled

  • heroal configurator

    heroal configurator
    Configuration, preparation of quotes and ordering

    The heroal configurator provides support to help you configure, prepare quotes and order elements from the heroal Ready range of roller shutters and sun protection. Thanks to its integration in the heroal LogiKal edition, you can access current prices, profit from integrated plausibility checks, reduce your error rate and make order entry, quotations and product orders much more efficient.

    • configuration of finished elements from the range of roller shutters and sun protection
    • automated plausibility check
    • preparation of quotes
    • direct ordering
    • connected to LogiKal

  • EOS / EDI

    EOS / EDI
    Digital ordering

    In addition to the heroal configurator, we offer interfaces to calculation and ERP systems. It does not really matter which system you use. For example, you can use LogiKal EOS to place digital orders directly with heroal. You will then receive your order confirmation via email. In addition to LogiKal, your ERP system can also be connected to heroal via electronic data interchange (EDI). Your order is transmitted directly and your order confirmation sent to you promptly, via the same interface. Either way, your order can be processed quickly, easily and reliably. Thanks to digitised archiving, you always have a good overview of your orders.

    • integrated, paperless processes
    • fast and reliable ordering
    • low communication effort
    • digital archiving of your orders

  • LogiKal MES

    Paperless Manufacturing

    LogiKal MES (Manufacturing Execution System) allows you to adopt paperless operations, which ultimately increase production efficiency. For pre-defined areas of work, this software provides for the right information at the right time and in the right place. Your employees automatically receive the documents that are relevant for the production step they are responsible for. There is no need to print out work orders any more, because they are shown on display screens on the shop floor. LogiKal MES makes in-house production control much easier and facilitates the search for CE data, which is usually rather complex to create. Thanks to an interface to the heroal Communicator, all relevant production information can be retrieved.

    In this context, the Data Matrix Code offers an additional feature. Scanning this code allows you to clearly identify the profile; profile information, such as article no., length and colour, are retrieved, thanks to the interfaces to the Communicator and LogiKal MES. An automated plausibility check is run during the scanning process.

    • paperless manufacturing through digital control of the entire production
    • enhanced quality management thanks to transparent production processes
    • ideal capacity utilisation of machinery and manpower
    • less tied-up capital due to reduced inventories
    • shorter processing times

  • heroal Element ID

    heroal Element ID
    Digital document collection

    The heroal Element ID is a QR tag that can be attached to heroal windows, doors and façades. There is no need to search for the relevant documents because the QR code is simply read by smartphone and provides all the important information and documents, such as CE certificates. Thanks to the link with LogiKal, all information can be uploaded from LogiKal. Information on maintenance and repairs, for example, can be called up and spare parts orders can be processed. The QR code can also be read by the end customer directly on site.

Explore the heroal Communicator now

The versatile and convenient functions of the heroal Communicator optimally support your work and help you to save time. Ask for your personal access code now, and benefit from updated documents and current product information as well as heroal news and personal support.

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Your customers will know about your commitment to quality thanks to the “powered by heroal” label. Take advantage of targeted support for your company. As our partner, you will become an important part of the heroal brand, which means maximum support for your business. You will be able to purchase products from the entire heroal range and not just single components. You will therefore benefit from the highest level of system reliability.

  • Individual system and software training
  • First-class technical support
  • Individual marketing support, including website building
  • Personal support by responsible field sales team

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