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Seamless digital working from configuration to order

Sales support

You can integrate the appealing 3D configurators directly into your website, show them in your exhibition or use them in sales talks.

Efficiency and safety

With the heroal Business configurator, you not only have all projects at your fingertips, you also benefit from faster offer generation, order entry and product ordering. With the help of standardised processes and programmed plausibility checks, the error rate during data entry is reduced.

Seamless digital working

Using the configuration ID, which is created for every 3D configuration, you can seamlessly continue your work in the heroal Communicator, finalise the configuration and place an order online.

Features of heroal configurators

3D configurators for final customers

With the 3D configurators for patio roofs, sun protection systems and roller shutters, self-builders can configure their desired product on the heroal website or directly on your website. Via the heroal website, interested self-builders are shown a selection of specialist partners in their area who offer the required product. They can send their configuration directly and ask for a quote. Each saved configuration is given a configuration ID which can be used to call up the configuration again at any time. It is also possible to download the configuration as a PDF.

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heroal Business configurator

In the Business configurator in the heroal Communicator, configurations for all heroal products can be started or configurations from 3D configurators for final customers can be called up and edited via IDs. After the product configuration, a quote is generated for you directly. As your personal sales conditions are stored, you can create an offer for your customer with just a few clicks. In the next step, you can place the order online. The Business configurator thus ensures faster offer generation and order entry. It also gives you planning reliability with regard to the available technical options, thanks to the integrated feasibility checks.

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Ordering in just a few steps

Configurators for website, exhibition and sales talks

Use the 3D configurators described here on your website, in sales talks, or in your exhibition, and profit from a seamless digital processing of your configuration in the heroal Business configurator.

More configurators

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