Production sites, administrative locations and showrooms

As a family business, heroal has been developing and producing at its headquarters in Verl for 150 years and has grown into a leading international company for aluminum system solutions. In addition to the production sites in Verl and Hövelhof and the administrative headquarters in Verl, there are branches in France and the Netherlands as well as a showroom in the Czech Republic. Internationally, heroal is also represented by sales teams throughout Europe, North America and Australia.

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Head office in Verl

Offices, bistro and showroom

The head office is based in Verl and is located directly next to Plant I. The building with its glazed façade offers ample space for bright offices and the heroal training center. In addition, a showroom with the highlights of the heroal portfolio has been set up on 440 m² of exhibition space in the administration building.

The heroal Forum directly opposite the administration building houses the heroal bistro as well as office space, training and meeting rooms.

  • Showroom
  • Training center
  • Direct proximity to factory I
  • heroal Bistro

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Showrooms & training center

In modern showrooms in Verl (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic) and a training center, heroal presents its product portfolio in a pleasant atmosphere. Customers, architects and interested parties can see the quality of the products and services for themselves on site. The showrooms offer vivid exhibits of heroal systems, insights into the diverse design possibilities and provide information on the latest technologies and trends. The training center in Verl (Germany) offers practical training for fabricators and their employees and provides comprehensive knowledge about the heroal systems, their processing and installation.

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heroal showroom Verl
Head office
Showroom Verl

  • 440 m² exhibition space
  • Exhibits and samples of heroal systems
  • Presentation of the product and service portfolio
  • Virtual 360° tour
  • Customer and employee events

Showroom Verl > Virtual tour >

heroal Showroom Prague
Kotelna Park II
Showroom Prague

  • 190 m2 exhibition space
  • Exhibits and samples of heroal systems
  • Presentation of the product and service portfolio
  • Office & meeting rooms
  • Customer events

Showroom Prague >
heroal training center Verl
Head office
Verl training center

  • Practical training for heroal systems
  • heroal tool and machine range
  • Training courses offered by the heroal Academy
  • Specialist partner and employee training

Production in Verl and Hövelhof

Our aluminum profiles are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Factory I in Verl is located directly next to the head office. Roller shutter and roller door systems are manufactured here. Factory II and factory III are located in Hövelhof, just a few kilometers from the head office. Factory II manufactures aluminum profiles for windows, doors, façades, sliding doors, roofing and sun protection systems. Factory III houses the logistics center with a high-bay warehouse.

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heroal plant 1
Production, test center
Factory I in Verl

  • Roller shutter and roller door systems
  • Small parts production
  • Prototyping and test center

heroal plant 2
Production, packaging, coating
Factory II in Hövelhof

  • Window, door, sliding, façade and roofing systems
  • Coating system
  • Quality control and packaging

Logistics and show house
Factory III in Hövelhof

  • High-bay warehouse
  • Order picking
  • Own fleet of trucks
  • Show house

International locations

heroal is also represented internationally with sales offices and a showroom. A branch was opened in the Netherlands in 2015, followed by a branch in France in 2017. In 2021, a new showroom was set up and opened in Prague (Czech Republic).

  • Netherlands (Helmond)

    In 2015, the first sales office in the Netherlands was opened in Mill with its own showroom.

    In April 2021, the Dutch branch moved to a new location in Helmond, around 35 km away. With this move, heroal has realigned its sales activities in order to optimally combine targeted customer support for heroal partner companies with deliveries from Germany.

  • France (Mommenheim)

    The branch in Mommenheim (France) was opened in 2017. However, the company's entry into the French market goes back much further: heroal has been active in France since the 1970s.

    The branch in France coordinates heroal's sales activities on the French market as well as in Belgium and Luxembourg.

  • Czech Republic (Prague)

    heroal has had its own showroom in Prague since the end of 2021 and is now also present in the Czech Republic. In the Kotelna Park II building complex, the showroom offers the opportunity to experience heroal's system and service portfolio live on around 190m2. Customers, architects and interested parties can obtain first-hand information about the wide range of solutions here. The showroom in Prague is a further important step in the company's international expansion and underlines the importance of the Eastern European market for the company. heroal thus offers a central point of contact for customers in Eastern and South-Eastern European countries, with which it has had close relationships for decades.

    The Kotelna Park II building is fully equipped with heroal aluminum system solutions for windows, doors and façades and is therefore ideally suited as a location for a heroal showroom.

    Property report Kotelna Park II >

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