Our mission

Optimal systems for our partners' success

The heroal brand stands for premium quality „Made in Germany“.
Our products are certified and produced exclusively at our production locations in Germany. The high level of vertical integration in the company ensures optimal product quality and durability over the long term. Furthermore, we are setting standards for the entire industry with our comprehensive service offering.

One outstanding feature of our systems are individual components which are perfectly matched to one other. The system solutions combine the best material characteristics of aluminium and aluminium-composite materials with economic assembly and high quality design -- sustainable and flexible. The interplay of heroal system solutions makes energy conservation easier, building safer, and they make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of buildings. This counts for industrial, commercial and private areas.


Reconciling economic efficiency with sustainability is a challenge that heroal gladly accepts. This is the path we have chosen and we will continue to pursue this path in the future. Numerous examples of this can already be found in the company – starting with our choice of materials and how we conserve energy during production through to how we distribute heroal products in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Using resources responsibly is part of heroal’s corporate philosophy. Because of this, we use recycled aluminium in our products. We use resource-efficient materials wherever possible; for example, in the heroal W 72 window solution : The thermal break used as insulation is made from 62 per cent renewable resources.


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Premium quality products and service
The heroal brand stands for premium „Made in Germany“ quality. All systems and components are certified in accordance with ISO EN 9001 and are manufactured exclusively at German production sites – using special machinery developed by heroal.

Complete in-house production ensures optimal product quality and compatibility on a lasting basis. heroal’s extensive range of services also sets new standards in the industry.

GSB-Certificate Sea Proof


Individual design
Outstanding quality: In addition to window, door, façade, roller shutter, roller door and sun protection systems, heroal also offers a wide range of solutions for all kinds of special systems. Besides manufacturing louvre systems and insect protection , heroal also offers systems for carports and terraces roofs.

Security, convenience and design are combined to create custom solutions that meet the requirements of users and building contractors.

heroal’s high quality aluminium carport constructions are easy to assemble, economical and simple to process – the extensive range of system accessories guarantees a wide variety of design options and the highest system security.

First choice for covering terraces is the modern Softline design system for a wide variety of roof shapes. High load capacity, targeted improvement of soundproofing properties thanks to additional side cladding and maximum impermeability can be integrated into the system when realising heroal terrace roofs.