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  • House Hermann, Germany © 2019 Katrin Lübs Architekten Innenarchitektin © Fotografie Silke Paustian
  • Day care centre Wiesenzwerge, Deutschland © 2021 winter-bauconcept
  • Fire department Verl – Fire station Kaunitz, Germany ©2020 Csaba Mester Fotografie
  • Fritz Henssler vocational college, Germany ©2020 Jörg Hempel Fotografie
  • Kotelna Park II, Czech Republic ©2019 Hr. Štěpán Látal
  • Phoenixwerk Dortmund, Germany ©2021 Christian Eblenkamp
  • Polo Technologico, Italy ©Arkpabi
  • Factory of the Pergande-Group, Germany ©2020
  • Residence Green Street, Germany ©2020 Gnädinger Architekten, 2020 Christian Gahl Architekturfotograf
  • Car showroom Mercedes Beineke in Holzminden, Germany ©2020
  • Vacation home on the island of Ruegen, Germany ©2020 DOMUSimages, Peggy Kastl
  • Revaler Spitze, Germany ©2020 VARENTA Holding GmbH
  • Residential house near Wuppertal, Germany ©2021 Stefan Schilling
  • IT Campus Paderborn, Germany ©2021 LIRA/Heine Warnecke Design
  • Residential house Mesh, Austria ©2021 Kerstin Ordelt
  • Aalborg University (AAU), Denmark ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • Office building Kolding, Denmark ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • City Hall Vejen, Denmark ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • the niu Tab Duesseldorf, Germany ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • Stellinger Höfe Hamburg, Germany ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • Day care centre Dinslaken, Germany ©2021 Christian Weinrich Fotografie
  • Assembly hall Friedensschule Hamm, Germany ©2021 Berendt Architektur GbR Hamm
  • DB Trainingcenter Leskan Park Cologne, Germany ©2022 Atelier Fouquez
  • Architectual house Varnsdorf, Czech Republic ©2015 Visualisierungen SHA Scheffler Helbich Architekten
  • Residential house near Hürth, Germany © 2022 BENJAMIN VON PIDOLL ARCHITEKTUR
  • Apartment building, Germany © 2022 Johann Philippi GmbH Rolladen- und Fensterbau
  • 1. Private house in Yorba Linda, US © 2022 codyburkhardt
  • 2. Private house in Yorba Linda, US © 2022 codyburkhardt
  • 1. Private house in Houston, US © 2022 Patrick Bertolino
  • 2. Private house in Houston, US © 2022 Patrick Bertolino
  • All Suite Resort Paznaun, Austria © 2023
  • Hotel Bütgenbacher Hof, Belgium © 2023 Hotel-Restaurant Wellness in Bütgenbach, Hotel Bütgenbacher Hof
  • Analytics lab Weinsberg State Winery, Germany © 2023 Roland Halbe | Instagram: @rolandhalbe | social Media: #rolandhalbe #rolandhalbephotography

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