Roller shutter systems

Greatest flexibility, security and energy efficiency with aluminium roller shutters

As the inventor of the foam-filled aluminium roller shutter slat, heroal supplies high-quality, efficient and innovative roller shutter systems, standing out for best values in terms of security, sound insulation and thermal insulation. The extensive product portfolio for in-wall, surface-mounted and top-mounted roller shutters, available as system items, finished curtains and finished elements, offers the perfect solution for every installation situation and all technical requirements and customer needs. Standardised machining and well-thought-out design details of the different roller shutter systems provide for an easy and efficient fabrication.

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Aluminium roller shutter slats

Roller shutter slats made from aluminium provide for ideal sound insulation, stability, wind load resistance, thermal insulation and burglary resistance. Thanks to the high-quality aluminium alloy, they are also extremely durable. A wide range of different covering widths offers the best solution for every application.

Stainless steel roller shutter slats

Stainless steel roller shutter slats stand out for their extreme durability. heroal roller shutter slats with RC 3 classification are made from a high-quality stainless steel alloy and filled with a very durable two-component foam, offering perfect stability and burglary resistance.

Roller shutter panels

Roller shutter panels with different wall thicknesses, designs, box sizes and inspection openings offer a wide range of installation options. Roll-formed panel systems are lightweight and can be installed more easily and fast. Extruded panels offer additional stability and security because of their stronger wall thickness. Coupled elements with one continuous panel create elegant looks.

Guide rails

heroal offers a wide range of extremely robust, extruded guide rails with rolled-in inserts. Hollow chamber guides provide for an excellent connection of the panel box with the guide rails, can be used as a concealed pathway for cables, and provide for an easy and fast installation. A design variant for the integration of insect screens is also available.

End strips

The extruded heavy-duty heroal end strips ensure that the roller shutter closes tightly, and also provide for effective sound insulation and thermal efficiency. The stop function makes sure that the roller shutter curtain moves freely when winding down. If required, flat bar steel can be inserted in order to increase burglary resistance.

Small box sizes

The well-thought-out geometry of the roller shutter slats provides for a perfect winding behaviour, so that even large element widths require only small boxes. The processing features are identical for all box sizes, which makes them easy to customise and install.

Security roller shutters

The RC 2 and RC 3-tested heroal security roller shutters offer certified burglary protection. The end strip with a latch against tilting, reinforced guide rails with security stop, an integrated anti-lifting device, roller shutter boxes with security hook and panel caps made of steel provide for the extreme durability and robustness of heroal security roller shutters.

Effective protection against heat and cold

heroal roller shutters are genuine energy savers: in winter, they minimise energy losses, in summer, they prevent the rooms from heating up. This way, temperatures in interior rooms can be kept at a constant level, saving heating and air conditioning cost.

Great ease of use

heroal roller shutter systems can be operated with motors from different manufacturers. The free choice of product allows for flexible planning and an easy installation. The integration and connection with smart home systems is also very easy.

Installation variants

heroal roller shutters are available as surface-mounted, in-wall and top-mounted roller shutters, thus providing perfect solutions for a variety of installation situations and technical requirements. Another advantage is the standardised machining of the different roller shutter systems.

As system items, finished curtains or finished elements

Depending on requirements and fabrication capacities, heroal roller shutter systems can also be ordered as system items, finished curtains or finished elements (heroal Ready). heroal Ready finished elements are customised by heroal, and then supplied as certified roller shutter systems that are completely made of heroal components.

Variety of colours

The roll-formed parts are coated with the extremely durable heroal 2-layer thick paint, which is available in a wide variety of colours. The surface coatings ideally match heroal hwr powder coatings for extruded parts – for a unique variety of designs and colour uniformity with the heroal system portfolio.

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Roller shutter systems heroal Ready

Roller shutter finished elements

Front-mounted roller shutter

Here you will find heroal Ready front-mounted roller shutters for installation in front of the window.

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How do I put my roller shutter system together?

Here you can see the individual components and select the appropriate roller shutter slats, panels and accessories for your property.

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