Lifting-sliding systems

Flexible systems for individual requirements

heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems stand out for their great flexibility and efficient fabrication. A wide range of different systems for external and internal use and additional components make it easy to meet individual customer needs and special design requirements, as well as different technical requirements, for example on thermal insulation, accessibility and burglary resistance. A low manufacturing complexity, well-thought-out design details of frame and sash profiles, as well as matching accessory sets, enhance process reliability and provide for a reliable and efficient manufacture and installation.

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Your advantages

Efficient fabrication

The machining of the profiles of heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems can be done with just a few drill templates and punches, which might already be at hand. Just a few millings are required, and a profile machining centre is almost not needed.

Thermal insulation

Thanks to the modular system platform, different insulation variants can be created with one system, reducing inventory cost. If there is no thermal insulation requirement to be met, non-insulated (all-glass) sliding systems can be used.

Full accessibility

If the bottom frame is integrated in the structural connection, heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems can be designed with flush, barrier-free thresholds, including a zero barrier. The combination with the patented drainage system heroal DS provides for effective protection against moisture damages.

Electric drive

The motorised drive system heroal SF Drive can be fully integrated into the profiles of heroal S 77 and heroal S 77 SL, and provides for an extremely comfortable operation at the push of a button, with a remote control, or via connection to a smart home system.

Comfortable door retraction

For a reliable and comfortable opening and closing of the door, we offer retraction mechanisms matching the weight of the door, the concealed slide damper Easy Move, and fittings with Soft-Close technology.

Smooth operation

Durable, robust stainless steel running rails and the tried and tested heroal fitting technology provide for a permanently smooth and silent operation.

Burglary resistance

Lockable handles, anti-lift devices and multiple locking points enhance security. The systems heroal S 65, heroal S 77 and heroal S 77 SL can be designed to meet the requirements of resistance class RC 2.


Depending on the system and the required type of opening, it is possible to install heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems with fixed elements and one-, two- or three-track frames with up to six moveable sashes.

Freedom of design

heroal sliding and lifting-sliding systems are coated with the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating, providing for a unique variety of designs and colour uniformity with the heroal portfolio.

Which system is right for me?

Here you can see an overview of the different systems. You can also compare their dimensions and features (tightness, soundproofing, burglary resistance, etc.).

Lifting-sliding systems

System comparison:

heroal S 77 SL
heroal S 77 HI
heroal S 77
heroal S 57
  • System dimensions

    Profile depth [mm]
    Frame profile
    heroal S 77 SL 202 heroal S 77 HI 178/279 heroal S 77 178/279 heroal S 57 125/193
    Leaf profile
    heroal S 77 SL 77 heroal S 77 HI 77 heroal S 77 77 heroal S 57 57
    Bar profile
    heroal S 77 SL 72 heroal S 77 HI 72 heroal S 77 72 heroal S 57 57
    Visible profile width [mm] [mm]
    Frame profile
    heroal S 77 SL 40 - 52 heroal S 77 HI 35 - 52 heroal S 77 35 - 52 heroal S 57 30 - 48
    Leaf profile
    heroal S 77 SL 104 heroal S 77 HI 104 heroal S 77 94 heroal S 57 90 - 100
    Bar profile
    heroal S 77 SL 74 - 104 heroal S 77 HI 74 - 104 heroal S 77 74 - 104 heroal S 57 84 - 104
    System properties
    Glass filling strength [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL 52 heroal S 77 HI 52 heroal S 77 52 heroal S 57 42
    Max. leaf weight [kg]
    heroal S 77 SL 300 - 400 heroal S 77 HI 150 - 400 heroal S 77 150 - 400 heroal S 57 150 - 250
    Max. leaf heights [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL 3.000 heroal S 77 HI 3.000 heroal S 77 3.000 heroal S 57 2.100
  • System properties

    Thermal insulation [Uf in W/m2K] / Profile width [mm]
    heroal S 77 SL > 2,1 heroal S 77 HI > 2,1 heroal S 77 > 2,8 heroal S 57 >3,2
    Air permeability
    heroal S 77 SL 4 heroal S 77 HI 4 heroal S 77 4 heroal S 57 4
    Resistance to driving rain
    heroal S 77 SL 9A heroal S 77 HI 9A heroal S 77 9A heroal S 57 5A
    Wind resistance
    heroal S 77 SL C3/B3 heroal S 77 HI C3/B3 heroal S 77 C3/B3 heroal S 57 C3/B3
    Soundproofing class
    heroal S 77 SL 1 - 3 heroal S 77 HI 1-3 heroal S 77 1-3 heroal S 57 ---
    Resistance to burglary
    heroal S 77 SL RC 2 heroal S 77 HI RC 2 heroal S 77 RC 2 heroal S 57 WK 2
    Operating forces
    heroal S 77 SL 1 heroal S 77 HI 1 heroal S 77 1 heroal S 57 ---
    Impact resistance
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI --- heroal S 77 --- heroal S 57 ---
    Load-bearing capacity of safety equipment
    heroal S 77 SL - heroal S 77 HI - heroal S 77 - heroal S 57 -
    Continuous function
    heroal S 77 SL --- heroal S 77 HI --- heroal S 77 --- heroal S 57 ---

Sliding systems

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