Glass Design Curtain Wall for Maximum Transparency

Glass posts for a visual reduction of the face width of curtain walls

heroal C 50 GD is a design study which represents a true highlight when it comes to curtain walls. The concept benefits from the idea of reflection in two ways: the view width of the mullion is visually reduced on the inside while the installation depth of the mullion is decreased on the outside. This effect is possible thanks to the use of a glass fin which takes on the static tasks of the traditional aluminium mullion. Architects and planners gain access to a world of new possibilities for creating maximum transparency – even on large surface areas up to a height of 5 metres. Almost limitless design choices are created by the optional lighting of the glass fin with LED, the design of the fin with individually decorated panels, the coating of the aluminium components with especially durable and highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating in all RAL colour shades, the colours of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier and heroal SD surface finishing.

Advantages for fabricators using glass posts for curtain walls

For fabricators, the advantage lies in the system’s reliability: heroal C 50 GD is based on the established curtain wall system heroal C 50. The fabricator orders the modular glass to measure, which heroal delivers to ensure that fabricator can continue working with the products as usual. Consequently, a seal certification is no longer required for the fabricator. The glass fin can be reversibly removed through the clear separation plane, for example in order to change the design. Apart from advantages of design due to optimized interior views, there is also the advantage of being able to integrate textile sun protection.

Unlike other comparable systems, a controlled ordering process is planned for heroal C 50 GD. No individual production for provided dimensions are required for single construction projects, which significantly reduces delivery times.

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The heroal brand stands for premium quality "Made in Germany". Our products are certified and manufactured exclusively at our production sites in Germany. An outstanding feature of our systems is that the individual components are perfectly coordinated. The system solutions combine the best material properties of aluminium and aluminium composites with economic assembly and high-quality design – sustainable and flexible. In combination, heroal system solutions make energy saving easier, building safer and make a valuable contribution to the sustainability of buildings.


The responsible use of resources is part of heroal's corporate philosophy. Recycled aluminium is therefore used in our production.


All systems and components are certified according to ISO EN 9001 and are manufactured exclusively at the German production sites, using a machine park specially developed by heroal for this purpose.


Safety, comfort and design are combined individually – depending on the wishes of the client or the user. In addition to windows, doors, curtain walls, roller shutters, roller doors and sun protection, heroal also offers a variety of solutions for special systems of all kinds.