Effective Sound Insulation Meets Modern Design

heroal systems for windows and doors for “the niu Tab” hotel in Düsseldorf

Inspired by the “Little Tokyo“ district, famous painters, and Düsseldorf’s traditional “Altbier“, the hotel is a cosmopolitan and unique place, presenting a mix of street art paintings, Asian furnishings and modern industrial design. The functional and design-oriented heroal aluminium systems create the perfect link between the cultural highlights, of the metropolis on the river Rhine, and at the same time achieve high sound insulation levels.

If you are looking for the liveliness of an Asian metropolis in Germany, you will find it in Düsseldorf: In the hotel the niu Tab, completed in 2021, Japanese culture meets the undeniable “joie de vivre” of the Rhineland. The colour-coordinated lifting-sliding door systems heroal S 77 SL, window systems heroal W 72 and door systems heroal D 72 set the perfect scene for urban life, emphasising the international mindset of the city on the river Rhine with their timeless design, great flexibility, perfect functionality and visual appearance. The versatile aluminium system solutions from heroal fit perfectly into the concept of a high-quality, yet restrained building architecture of the Hamburg-based architects SKAI, Siemer Kramer Architekten Ingenieure Partnerschaft mbB. While different styles and materials merge and create room for creativity inside, following the individual interior design concept of the international specialist for hotel furnishings Bachhuber Contract, the aluminium systems from heroal coated in pearl beige (RAL 1035) blend perfectly within the overall design concept.

Object details

Project: Hotel

Architects: SKAI, Siemer Kramer Architekten Ingenieure Partnerschaft mbB

Fabricator: Wigger Fenster + Fassaden GmbH

Management company: Novum Hospitality

Owners: Citygrove, London (UK)

Completion: 2021

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Modern city hotel with unique design concept

Thanks to its functional architecture, the hotel building with 438 rooms on 13 floors blends into the urban surroundings, not far from Düsseldorf’s central railway station. The u-shaped hotel complex with a gross floor area of 22,000 square metres rises almost 40 metres into the sky in the highest part of the building, flanked by two flatter building wings with six and seven floors respectively.

Large glass surfaces create an entrance area flooded with light and provide for a view of the green spaces beyond. From the terrace, guests have a nice view of the public park, while the rooms on higher floors offer a view of the city.

With upholstered furniture, cushions and decorative accessories, the open lobby feels like a cosy living-room, inviting guests to linger a bit. Here, a mix of industrial design, street art and Asian furnishing elements welcomes all guests – a concept that is also reflected in the common areas of the hotel as well as in the design of the rooms. And this concept ideally matches the location and the zeitgeist.

The niu Tab – a young, creative and modern hotel: In its co-working space with free high-speed WLAN, USB ports and power supplies, guests have every opportunity to surf and work. Asia-inspired elements encourage guests to take selfies for their own social media channels or the hotel’s Instagram wall. Regional snacks and drinks such as beer bites and Düsseldorf’s traditional “Altbier“ are served in the bar.

heroal window systems meet individual sound insulation requirements

Due to the central location on a main road, special sound insulation requirements had to be addressed during the planning of the hotel, so that the hotel guests would not be disturbed by loud external noise. For this purpose, the required weighted sound reduction indexes were determined, accounting for potential component fluctuations. The company Wigger Fenster + Fassaden GmbH relied on the window system heroal W 72, which provides for an identical look for windows with different soundproofing classes from 1 to 5. On the side facing away from the street, towards the inner courtyard and public park, heroal soundproof windows with an Rw,R index of 30 dB were installed. The building parts exposed to more noise were fitted with heroal soundproof windows with Rw,R indexes of 40, 43 or 44 dB, as required. In addition to the foam-filled heroal soundproof profiles, heroal sound insulation seals no. 18801 were inserted, and different types of glass with sound insulation values ranging from 36 to 49 dB were used. In this way, it was possible to fulfil the sound insulation requirements for the building’s approximately 600 windows, so that the hotel guests are not bothered by noise from outside and can have a restful sleep.

Barrier-free systems for doors and lifting-sliding doors

The barrier-free lifting-sliding door system heroal S 77 SL is used in the highly frequented passage area from the hotel bar to the terrace outside. Frames with fixed glazing combined with moveable monorail sashes create a light-flooded ambience and a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor space. The lifting-sliding doors also fulfil the sound insulation requirements and are equipped with silver-coloured fittings for heroal sliding doors. From the inside, the doors can be opened using stainless steel turning handles, while stainless steel shell-type handles are flush-mounted on the outside. Thanks to the tried and tested heroal fitting technology and the robust, smoothly running stainless steel sliding rails, operation of the doors is very easy. The hotel management very much appreciates this, as the hotel staff open and close the lifting-sliding doors several times each day.

The tested and certified commercial door system heroal D 72 has been approved for use in emergency exits and escape routes according to German standard DIN EN 179/1125, and offers many different applications in project construction, thanks to its functional versatility and numerous design options. Because of the public traffic, the door system heroal D 72 in the hotel the niu Tab has been designed as a panic door. It also offers special burglary resistance to protect against break-ins. The uniform design depths of the frame profiles (72 mm) of the heroal window and door systems W 72 and D 72 offer ideal combination options with a consistently appealing look.

Colour-coordinated design for high-quality surfaces

At the niu Tab hotel, the challenge of colour design lay in the fact that the windows, doors and lifting-sliding doors had to both blend in with the rather restrained building shell and match the interior design concept. For the extruded aluminium components of the heroal systems, the RAL colour 1035 pearl beige was selected. This colour is classic and timeless, looks elegant and high-quality and can be easily combined with other colours and designs. It blends in with the natural stone façade harmoniously and also goes particularly well with the sometimes strong wall colours in the hotel rooms.

With heroal’s in-house powder coating facility, a high surface quality is guaranteed. Additionally, the highly weather resistant heroal hwr powder coating ensures long-term excellent colour stability, gloss retention and weather resistance, as well as colour uniformity for heroal systems. All parties involved in the construction of the hotel profited from a high level of planning reliability, as well as from perfectly coordinated systems in terms of design and function.

heroal aluminium systems used

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