New Construction of Childcare Centre

Durable and reliable aluminium system solutions from heroal

The Hagenstraße childcare centre in Dinslaken, Germany, with its open-plan spaces was planned by ProZent GmbH, Dinslaken. The company Metallbau Funke equipped the building with heroal systems for windows, doors and curtain walls. The coordinated heroal systems do not only stand out for their easy and fast fabrication, but also fulfil all current requirements in terms of security, durability and design.

Five groups with a total of approx. 80 children are cared for in the childcare centre on Hagenstraße in Dinslaken, covering 1,200 m² of floor space and an adjacent outdoor area of around 2,700 m². The entrance area of this building, completed in 2021, is a modern foyer with a parents‘ café. Via a large corridor for playing, the light-flooded group rooms can be reached. A canteen with a covered outdoor area is also part of the new building. A multi-purpose room, staff rooms and offices face the street. Thanks to the unobtrusive colour design in white, black and grey, heroal systems for windows, doors and curtain walls blend in perfectly with the building and emphasize the modern and timeless look of the childcare centre.

Object details

Project: childcare centre

Architects: ProZent GmbH

Fabricator: Metallbau Funke Inh. Sebastian Habrock

Completion: 2021

Location: Dinslaken, Germany

High safety and fire protection requirements fully met

Childcare centres must comply with special structural and specific fire protection requirements laid down in applicable building regulations. These include, for example, specifications for escape and rescue routes, smoke detectors and smoke removal during a fire.

In addition to the door system heroal D 72, the fire protection door system heroal D 82 FP and the smoke protection door system heroal D 65 C SP were installed in the Hagenstraße childcare centre. The design of the smoke and fire protection doors seamlessly fits the design of the other heroal systems, so that both types can be ideally combined, whether with our without fire protection. Also, all fire and smoke protection requirements and applicable standards for door systems used in childcare centres are fully met. The profiles of the fire protection door system heroal D 82 FP can be supplied with or without insulation strips and insulation boards, so that the fire protection doors can always be flexibly adapted to the different project requirements.

The tried and tested commercial door system heroal D 72 offers a permanently fail-safe, reliable solution for highly frequented entrance areas, which can also be perfectly integrated into the curtain wall system heroal C 50. “With heroal door systems, all standard opening variants can be created, including automatic door systems, doors with finger guard, and burglary-resistant doors – also with escape door function. The Hagenstraße childcare centre put the focus on doors for escape and rescue routes, in order to ensure a safe evacuation of the children in an emergency. To prevent children from leaving the building unnoticed in the direction of the street, we installed individual door guards on all external doors and escape route windows, as well as an escape door control. At the same time, access to the building is checked by an access control system,“ explains Sebastian Habrock, owner of the metal construction company Metallbau Funke, Wadersloh, Germany.

Process-reliable fabrication and highest flexibility

In order to make the best possible use of natural daylight, and create a healthy environment for playing and learning with an unobstructed view of the outside area, the rooms of the childcare centre were planned to provide for open spaces, and equipped with aluminium windows including transom windows and bottom panels, as well as elements with fixed glazing. When designing the building, the architects of ProZent GmbH also relied on organic curves, which can be seen in the segmented curtain wall, for example. By integrating the window system heroal W 72 and the door systems heroal D 65 C and heroal D 72 into the post-transom curtain wall system heroal C 50, several heroal systems were combined indoors and outdoors.

The executing metal construction company Funke took advantage of the high flexibility of heroal systems, their well-thought-out design and easy fabrication.

“We use a double mitre saw and a profile machining centre, or individual punching tools, for the machining of heroal profile systems. In production, we also use a notching saw for the profiles, which are then put together in assembly groups,“ says Habrock.

Best fabrication efficiency with heroal tools and services

heroal offers its specialist partners a wide range of tools and machines, including complete workshop concepts. Many of the tools and machines have been specially developed by heroal, to make the fabrication of heroal systems even more efficient, easier and more reliable, and to offer the best possible service for heroal specialist partners - regardless of company size, workshop equipment or employee qualification. The machining of rafter and post profiles, for example, can be done extremely efficiently and fast with the heroal universal punch. Thanks to a total of 13 different functions, almost the entire profile machining can be done with just one tool and by one person. Instead of inserting the seals on the building site, the seal insertion device from heroal provides for complete prefabrication in the workshop. Additional punching tools also make the fabrication of heroal window and door systems much easier. For example, the machining of all variants of the door system heroal D 72 can be done by just one punch.

If a tool needs repair or requires maintenance, heroal Services support you on site. If required, tools can be rented free of charge in order to prevent loss of production.

“Profiles, accessories and fittings of heroal systems have been individually tested, can be easily combined with each other, and meet all requirements applicable for childcare centres like the one on Hagenstraße in Dinslaken. The use of system tools and machining centres makes fabrication extremely efficient for us, and heroal supports us in every phase of a project, if required. We mainly use heroal systems in our fabrication, and are very satisfied with the products and services,“ summarises Sebastian Habrock the long-standing partnership with heroal.

heroal aluminium systems used

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