Aesthetic Looks in Perfect Harmony with Sustainability

heroal aluminium systems underline a modern campus look

In the north-west of Paderborn – also known as “Germany‘s Silicon Valley“ as a lot of high-tech companies can be found in this attractive location – a campus with ideal working conditions for the IT sector has been created. The building, designed by Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects, combines exceptional architecture with sustainability and energy efficiency. As their requirements were to be met by high-quality building elements, the curtain wall system heroal C 50, the window system heroal W 72 and the front door system heroal D 72 were chosen.

In the birthplace of the German computer pioneer Heinz Nixdorf, the headquarters of the IT service provider Lira Service GmbH was built as an architectural eye-catcher, situated on spacious grounds. On an area of 868 m², the single-storey office building provides the perfect working conditions for about 60 employees. The convenient location with good connections into both the public transport and the motorway networks offers a significant advantage.

Object details

Project: IT-Campus, Paderborn

Owner: Argali Real Estate GmbH

Architects: Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects

Fabricator: Scheffer Metallbautechnik GmbH

Completion: 2020

Wave-shaped roofs as a symbol for IT

In order to symbolise the agility of the industry and to build surroundings that support the creative work process, the client, Argali Real Estate GmbH, attached great importance to modern architecture with open spaces in creating this campus at this place. In the automated lobby of the elliptical-shaped central building, there is a self-check-in where visitors can enter the centre of this campus. The multifunctional building also houses a big room that can be used as an auditorium, various meeting rooms and an activity room for organising breaks. Slightly offset from each other and placed around the central building, there are two wings that are mirror images of each other. Inside, open-plan work spaces with modern work stations, a clean desk policy and varied designs ensure that work processes always remain in a state of flux. The constantly moving nature of the industry is symbolised by the unusual shape of the roofs: their wave form is designed to replicate the characteristic oscillations of electromagnetic signals and becomes a symbol both of information transmission itself and of the company working within the campus.

Designed for sustainability

The IT campus meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. “The design of the building was consistently adapted to the evolving environmental standards and designed to reduce CO2-emissions through a variety of measures,“ describes Maria Nickel of Argali Real Estate GmbH. heroal’s solutions also make an important contribution to the sustainability of the building at the IT campus. Due to their high durability, they can remain in the building for decades until they are recycled without any loss of quality. They are returned to the material cycle and replaced. A total of around 120 m² of the curtain wall system heroal C 50, 126 heroal W 72 window elements and 16 heroal D 72 door elements were installed.

Andreas Auf der Landwehr, Managing Director of Scheffer Metallbautechnik, which was involved in the project, explains: ”The client’s high requirements for energy efficiency and thermal insulation were fully met with the help of these solutions. The involvement of heroal early in the planning phase also proved to be a great advantage – for example, through the joint preparation of an offer including different cost and profitability variants – and contributed to the smooth implementation of the agreed design. From the concept to the finished building, the cooperation was trusting and very goal-oriented.“

The IT campus in Paderborn meets the highest requirements in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The curtain wall system heroal C 50, the front door system heroal D 72 and the window system heroal W 72 make a significant contribution to achieve this. © heroal
Aesthetic Looks in Perfect Harmony with Sustainability

At the IT campus, heroal’s system solutions combine the highest standards of energy efficiency and sustainability with the designs and straight lines of modern architecture. With its clear design, the curtain wall system heroal C 50 combines great freedom of design with first-class thermal insulation. Thanks to an innovative concept with foam-filled insulators and continuous seals, the heroal curtain wall profiles used on the IT campus achieve the best thermal insulation values and offer perfect ventilation and drainage.

The challenge in the construction of the elliptical entrance building on the IT campus was the construction of buildings with an extremely rounded horizontal contour. In accordance with the architect's specifications, this was achieved with the help of a segmented curtain wall. The fine grid dimensions of the elements make the curves look almost perfect. The particularly durable, highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating with its versatile design options also turns the building into an architectural eye-catcher. While the coating in RAL 7016 (anthracite grey) on the outside emphasises the functional aesthetics of the building, the pure white in RAL 9010 on the inside matches the open, light rooms.

Clear and with straight vertical lines, the curtain wall system heroal C 50 on the IT campus emphasises modern architecture and pure design, and combines it with the best thermal insulation values. © heroal
Window system heroal W 72 adapted to the wavelike shape of the roof

The curtain wall system was combined with the window system heroal W 72, which is sustainable and energy-efficient and fully meets the high requirements for this office with its exceptional work space. Thanks to its unique insulating strip geometry, heroal W 72 achieves Uw values which fulfil contemporary thermal insulation requirements and meet the client's high sustainability requirements, while at the same time offering a design depth of 72 mm and a subtle look. The high energy efficiency of the window system also contributes to cost reductions over the entire life cycle of the building.

As with the construction of the curtain wall, the adaptation of the upper row of windows to the wavelike design of the building was achieved by segmenting the elements. Assembly was carried out with the help of specially tailored variable connectors. Processed with diagonal cuts, they guarantee first-class results for the buildings on the campus, both visually and in terms of energy.

The top row of windows from the window system heroal W 72 was adjusted to the wavelike design of the building. The segmented elements were installed with the help of specially tailored variable connectors. © heroal
Front door system heroal D 72 integrated into the fire protection concept

With the modern, slim design of its door profiles, the commercial front door system heroal D 72 further emphasises the extraordinary appearance of the building wings. Designed as insert elements with a glass door panel, the elements harmoniously blend into the curtain wall system and ensure maximum transparency in the rooms. In the lobby of the elliptical central building, two elements flank the centrally positioned revolving door; in the adjoining office wings, they are used as individual elements. To meet fire regulations and fire protection standards, the designs of the front doors qualify as escape and rescue routes in accordance with DIN EN 179. The lever handles of the escape route locks ensure unhindered passage to the outside even when the door is locked.

The front door system heroal D 72 also achieves the best insulation and sound proofing values. This is thanks to its sealing technology with modular design and the innovative insulating strip geometry, combined with its reduced heat conduction from the inside to the outside. With its excellent thermal insulation, it contributes to the energy efficiency and quality of the campus and makes a significant contribution to greater sustainability.

With the slim, modern look of its door profiles, the commercial front door system heroal D 72 underlines the exceptional design of the building wings. © heroal

heroal aluminium systems installed:

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