28 Jan 2019

Maximum, Systematic Comfort

Accessible, Smart Solutions from heroal - Comfort is a very individual concept, covering a wide range of different facets: for some it means feeling snug inside their own four walls, while for others it means an improvement in the quality of their workplace or even an environment that mitigates physical limitations on the basis of smart solutions. heroal offers innovative system solutions for all facets of residential and commercial construction, with the intention of enhancing personal comfort.


Accessible Housing

Accessibility means significantly and perceptibly increased comfort, because it enables people to take part in social life independently and without any limitations. Accessible solutions not only benefit people with physical handicaps but also those who want to get a buggy or a walking frame over the threshold, for example.

To make a room freely accessible, you not only need a wide enough doorway but also a ground-level threshold. For this application, heroal has developed products such as the drainage system heroal DS which can be combined with heroal door systems, window systems and lifting-sliding systems. Thanks to its especially low height, it runs below the frame profile, which makes it virtually invisible.

Self-opening elements such as window or door systems make a further contribution to accessibility. They can be easily controlled by the press of a button, by a sensor or by a smartphone app, so they can be opened and closed even by disabled persons with no difficulty.

For unrestricted access to the garden or patio, heroal lifting-sliding systems, such as the heroal S 77 SL system, can also be automatically controlled. In the case of the frequently large and hence heavy lifting-sliding door systems, heroal offers the option of using the fully integrated heroal SF drive. It ensures that casements can be effortlessly opened by means of a motor.


For a Snug Feeling

A feeling of snugness, of security, of intimacy – these are all sensations that significantly influence domestic comfort. The heroal system portfolio includes solutions with which this comfort can be achieved in all different areas of the building shell.

One aspect of comfortable living is a pleasant indoor climate. This is achieved by means of an external sun protection system, such as the heroal VS Z textile zip-screen. As the sunlight is intercepted before it hits the window glazing, less heat gets into the building. It this way the interior can be effectively prevented from warming up. The motorised heroal W 72 VF ventilation flap, which can be harmoniously and unobtrusively integrated into the curtain wall, ensures the automatic supply of fresh air.

Particularly in workplaces, the issue of glare protection also plays an important role. Thanks to individually controllable slats in the heroal LC daylight system, the light can be directed to precisely where it is needed. This increases the feeling of well-being at the workplace considerably.

Even though bright spaces with large transparent areas are highly valued in the daytime, more intimacy and security are frequently required at a later hour. heroal roller shutter systems offer visual privacy and also ensure enhanced burglary resistance. The heroal RS 37 roller shutter system alone achieves resistance class RC 3. In combination with the heroal W 72 or heroal W 77 window systems, this can be increased to RC 4. And heroal also offers an effective tool against those little uninvited guests: heroal’s high-quality insect protection solutions. Available as roller blinds or tenter frames, they can be fitted with a variety of fabric types, which even protect against pollen.

The front door’s fittings also contribute to security and hence the feeling of well-being. When the front door closes, it can be automatically locked. Its locked status can be checked at any time on your smartphone – including when out and about. heroal front door systems can also be equipped with a fingerprint sensor. This way, security is maintained even if you lose your keys.


Smart Living with Clever Solutions

A smart building control system maximises domestic comfort. heroal offers smart solutions for the entire building shell in residential and commercial construction. The system which best meets the requirements of the developer can be chosen from a large number of wired and wireless smart home systems flexibly and from a variety of manufacturers. The control system is easily and conveniently used, for example via smartphone, voice activation or remote control. The possibilities of the automatic control system are virtually unlimited, so architects, planners and processors can respond to individual requirements. heroal offers numerous solutions to meet everyone’s personal desire for comfort and convenience.

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