heroal VS Z sun shading system
heroal VS Z sun shading system with FME 45°
heroal VS Z sun shading system with FME 90°
Sun shading system heroal VS Z guide with zip insert
heroal VS Z Ready sun shading system
heroal VS Z with AC Hydraulic in detail
Interior view of heroal VS Z with AC Hydraulic
heroal VS Z as a plastered design variant

heroal VS Z

Textile sun protection system with zip screen technology

heroal VS Z is an innovative zip screen system that is installed as external sun protection and is suitable even for very tall buildings. The curtain is guided in the aluminium guide rails by a zip attached to the fabric. With a view width of just 25 mm, the guide rail of the heroal VS Z is one of the pioneers on the market. A range of different guide rails are available, which, depending on the version, are characterised by their particularly narrow view width or can be completely plastered if desired. The high-quality textile selection consists of translucent and opaque fabrics, which allow solar radiation to be reduced by up to 100%* through reflection and absorption of sunlight. At the same time, the UV radiation is filtered by up to 100%*.

* depending on the chosen textile

  • Extremely wind resistant (up to 145 km/h)
  • Suitable for tall buildings
  • From almost transparent to blackout (up to 100 %)

    Product Details

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    Sun protection systems provide for healthy living and working conditions. They create a pleasant room climate on hot days and help to save air conditioning and heating costs, as the heat flow can be individually controlled as needed. Sun protection systems from recycled aluminium and high-quality textiles are resistant to the elements and stand out for their high material stability and extreme durability.

    System compatibility

    The heroal VS Z sun protection has a low winding diameter and can be combined with the curtail wall system heroal C 50 either as surface-mounted or partly integrated variant. The design of the partly integrated heroal VS Z sun protection is compatible with the system and offers a particularly easy and efficient installation of prefabricated panel boxes directly on the pressure profiles of the curtain wall. In addition to this, shading elements can also be surface-mounted on the curtain wall, using a visible framework. This design is suitable for modernisation or the installation of sun protection as a retrofit. A full integration of the sun protection can be created with heroal GR 25 guide rails and special integration profiles. As opposed to an integration into the curtain wall by means of traverses serving as spacers, the fully integrated heroal VS Z sun protection is very close to the curtain wall element and invisible when in lifted position.


    The heroal VS Z offers ideal protection from glare, prying eyes, heat and UV radiation; and it can also be used instead of an insect screen. Thanks to its innovative zip technology, the heroal VS Z runs very reliably in its guide rail, withstanding wind speeds of up to 145 km/h. As opposed to a rope guidance or guide rails, there is no gap between the textile and the window reveal, so that the heroal VS Z, in combination with heroal blackout textiles, provides for 100% room darkening. The heroal VS Z can be controlled at the push of a button on a remote control, via a manual switch on the wall, or via an app. Also, the textile screen can be integrated into smart home systems.


    The aluminium parts of the heroal VS Z are coated with the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating – for perfect colour uniformity with heroal systems for windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls and roofings. The standard portfolio of more than 250 different textiles offers a great freedom of design. Elements up to 6 m high and 5 m wide, with a maximum area of 18 m², can also be created in combination with a small box. Thanks to different end strips, a perfect textile tensioning can be achieved even for very unusual textile sizes. With a width of just 25 mm, the heroal GR 25 guide rail is one of the narrowest guide rails on the market and ensures a particularly elegant look. A fully plastered look can be achieved with the heroal GR 37 guide rail.

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    Box type
    FME, FMB*
    Box shape
    45°, 90°, HC N
    Box size [mm]
    85**, 95, 105, 125


    Max. Elementwidth [mm]
    Max. Elementheight [mm]
    Max. area [m2]
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