Sun protection system heroal VS Z EM
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heroal VS Z EM

Reversible sun protection system with solar-powered drive

The sun protection system heroal VS Z EM (Easy Mount) represents the clamp-on variant of the textile zip screen system heroal VS Z. It can be installed without drills and, if required, be removed without any leftover marking of the structure. Thanks to its integrated solar-powered drive, this system is perfectly suited for a retrofit, and can be installed in listed buildings, rented property and existing buildings without much effort. With a range of different clip holders available, this system can be used for almost all conventional types of window made of aluminium, PVC or wood.

  • R+T Innovation award 2021 (Gold)
  • suited for rented property and existing buildings (retrofit)
  • wide range of textiles

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    Sun protection systems provide for healthy living and working conditions. They create a pleasant room climate on hot days and help to save air conditioning and heating costs, as the heat flow can be individually controlled as needed. Sun protection systems from recycled aluminium and high-quality textiles are resistant to the elements and stand out for their high material stability and extreme durability.


    The sun protection system can be fitted in the window frame without much effort and the need for special tools by a specialist company or the final customers themselves. The installation is done from inside the building, so that no scaffolding or cranes are needed for higher floors. As no structural alterations become necessary, tenants are not required to obtain a permission from the landlord and owners do not require the consent of the assembly of owners.

    The heroal VS Z EM sun protection is an addition to the zip screen system heroal VS Z (system items), which means that the fabrication of the system heroal VS Z is similar. The difference is that the motor of the heroal VS Z EM is supplied as prefabricated assembly group. The cable for the solar-powered drive has been installed and a baffle plate mounted. The guide rails are mitre-cut at the bottom, and connected to the end rail with corner connections.


    As it is driven via an integrated solar-powered drive, the heroal VS Z EM does not require an additional power supply. If the sun doesn't shine sufficiently, the battery holds a charge to lift or lower the sun protection for approx. 10 times. The motor can also be charged via an integrated battery using an additional interface. The heroal VS Z EM can be controlled at the push of a button on a remote control or via a manual switch on the wall.


    The aluminium parts of the heroal VS Z EM are coated with the highly weather-resistant heroal hwr powder coating – for perfect colour uniformity with heroal systems for windows, doors, sliding doors, curtain walls and roofings. The standard portfolio of more than 250 different textiles offers a great freedom of design. With the heroal VS Z EM, elements up to 2,200 mm high and 2,000 mm wide, with a maximum area of 4.4 m² can be created.


    The heroal VS Z EM offers ideal protection from glare, prying eyes, heat and UV radiation; and it can also be used instead of an insect screen. the clamp-on sun protection withstands strong winds up to 60 km/h (wind speed 7). As opposed to a rope guidance or guide rails, there is no gap between the textile and the window reveal, so that the heroal VS Z EM, in combination with heroal blackout textiles, provides for 100% room darkening.

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