Efficient, robust and quiet

Custom-built roller doors for individual installation requirements

Nowadays, roller doors are more than just practical solutions in private homes and for industrial and commercial spaces: They are also visually sophisticated components of modern architecture.

With heroal roller door systems , large openings can be closed with an eye to design and with minimum space requirements. All heroal roller doors are manufactured from high quality aluminium alloys. The industry-leading heroal quality is ensured by the strip thicknesses of the roll-formed profiles, the material thickness of the extruded profiles and the highly weather-resistant surface coating . A newly developed S lock for handling wind resistance also improves stability. RD 75 considerably reduces noise levels compared with doors without soundproofing. Other advantages are high functional reliability and easy operation.

All heroal doors are certified by the german institutes TÜV and GS. A comprehensive colour palette ensures perfect optical integration into the facade: Planners can choose from 25 standard colours and the complete range of Renolit foils for the slats.

The innovative, custom-built roller door system is now complemented with custom-built, pre-assembled roller doors. This new generation is entirely pre-assembled and comes with all accessory parts – roller door curtain, drive and box – and is available for quick delivery.

The new generation of heroal roller doors already meets with future requirements for door systems: Considering speedy opening and closing, low-wear operation, maximum energy efficiency, service life and convenience, these doors set the standards for tomorrow.